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LAST UPDATED: March 16th, 2020

Upserve is a Point of Sale (POS) software that incorporates additional software features to help restaurants and small business owners with all of their responsibilities from boosting sales to coordinating and evaluating employees. Upserve strives to provide customers with quality service through the proper use of new and improved POS systems. 

As a recognized restaurant POS provider Upserve offers restaurant owners more than just POS software. It is a valuable tool comparable to many other systems that can enhance their efforts to grow their business and ensure a positive customer experience.

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The Good

  • Great Plan Options
  • Quality Hardware
  • New Features

Great Plan Options

Upserve includes its POS services in different formats in order to fit the needs of each entity seeking to find the right restaurant POS system. Upserve recognizes that Point of Sale software should be appropriately palatable for different companies.

Upserve charges a 2.49 percent plus $0.15 sales transaction fee with each of its three packages:

  • Core: The Core plan includes POS, EMV, payment processing, sales and labor reporting, marketing insights, access to the mobile app, Workforce, and 24/7 customer support. This plan costs $59 — plus the terminal which is an added $60. Restaurants can add inventory services for $99 per month and online ordering for $59 per month. These services are included with the Pro and Pro Plus plans.
  • Pro: The Pro plan offers additional value because it also includes frequent customer tracking, loyalty programs, menu analysis, online ordering software, and server performance features. It is $199 and is $50 for a terminal.
  • Pro Plus: The Pro Plus plan includes all of the "Core" and "Pro" services as well as the dedicated success manager, loyalty programs, customized reporting, and a data API. This plan is $359 and the terminal is $40.

Quality Hardware

Upserve’s software works on both Android and iOS. It offers many different kinds of hardware with unique features. Upserve plans also include complimentary updates.

Upserve has hardware that is designed to benefit each part of your restaurant — the kitchen, the hostess, the servers, and customers — and it makes the sales transaction process and other systems easy.

Upserve’s software includes an offline mode that allows sale transactions to continue even if your restaurant experiences wifi connection difficulties.

New Features

Upserve makes an effort to continually improve the hardware and software that it sells to restaurant and small business owners.  Recently it has made available a couple of new features to better satisfy the needs of its software users. These new features include: 

  • Restaurant Inventory Management Software: Restaurant and small business owners are constantly needing to keep tabs on items in their inventory to ensure that they don't exhaust their resources and therefore forfeit sales opportunities. Inventory management can be very time consuming and laborsome. New software now provides these companies with a way to track down to the very smallest of ingredients.  Each time a drink or entree is sold, they will know estimated quantities of each ingredient that have been depleted. This inventory software acts as a major sale solution providing automatic updates upon delivery of goods. 
  • Workforce updates: Workforce is a scheduling feature that allows employers to build and manage employee schedules all in one place. One of the unique POS solutions it provides is that employees are able to clock-in and clock-out from the central terminal and those who try to clock-in early will be prohibited by pre-set restrictions established by managers. This POS software is compatible with both IOS and Android mobile devices and tablets. This caters to the desires of those who wish to practice mostly mobile POS. 
  • Tableside POS: As one of many new features, tableside POS facilitates quicker transactions with portable POS terminals. Tableside POS terminals can accept credit card payments, debit cards, gift cards, and contactless card or mobile device transactions. Hardware is equipped with a belt clip and a hand strap to make transportation simple and business more efficient. Other features included: receipt printer, credit card processing, chip card reader, and card swiper. 

The Bad

  • Restaurants Only

Restaurants Only

Upserve’s POS system is designed to meet restaurant needs. It is not built for retailers and would not fit the needs of a store owner. If you need a POS system for something other than kitchen to table food services, Upserve is not a good option for you.


The Bottom Line

Upserve offers a great POS system designed specifically to meet restaurant POS needs. Its software functions on iOS and Android hardware permitting mobile POS from your mobile device. Upserve also has additional software features, like marketing insights, inventory management, automatic updates, and online ordering. These features can further enhance business growth and smooth business processes. With this 

If you’re a restaurant owner or manager, Upserve is one of the restaurant POS systems to consider. With Upserve's POS software and hardware at your fingertips, great things are in store.

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mbajbearcat Purcellville, VA

HUGE costs, most expensive on the market, short warranty, extremely complicated, NOT user friendly, ALWAYS charges to answer questions of fix hard and software faults. CANNOT TRAIN on your system until you go live. Worst choice i ever made in business.

2 years ago

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Lee Carter Minneapolis, MN

Upserve has a known error that can cause you and your employees to lose ALL of their tips for the day, or the duration of the error. While this known error is their own issue and fault, they have a policy to not be liable for the money they lost. They just literally don’t care. Never use this callous company.

2 years ago