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LAST UPDATED: July 18th, 2019

Founded in 2011 in Birmingham Alabama, Pymt was created using extensive data with the intention to provide a lower priced POS system to merchants who need it most. Pymt works hard to provide full-featured, affordable point of sale systems for both small and large businesses, quick-service restaurants, retail stores, etc. No matter what you do, Pymt is there to provide you with the tools you need to focus on the other key ingredients to your success.

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The Good

  • POS Payment Plans
  • Pymt POS App
  • Invoices and Web Stores
  • Bluetooth Terminal
  • iOS and Android POS Compatibility
  • Other Perks

POS Payment Plans

As a business owner it can be quite difficult to find the right point of sale hardware and software to be not only the most efficient, but also successful with sales and management. A benefit provided by Pymt POS is the variety of payment plans that are available:

  • Small Business Plan — This plan has a monthly fee of $12 accompanied with transaction fees of 2.4 percent + $.10. In addition, this plan comes with the first terminal included in the package price as well as 24/7 support and a gift card program.
  • Edge Pricing — If you choose this pricing plan, there is no monthly fee or percentage owed for each transaction. The terminal will add a 4 percent transaction fee to each transaction. This is a useful perk for business owners, as it keeps them from having to pay a monthly fee or a transaction fee since the transaction fee is being paid by the customer as part of their purchase.
  • High-Volume Pricing — The high-volume pricing plan is a custom account that can be arranged for merchants/retailers processing over $75,000 per month. For more information about these types of payment plans, you can contact a representative either online or via a phone call.

One other perk to payments made using Pymt is the ability to make global payments. This, in large part, is made possible by the Pymt POS App that includes an online credit card processor to manage credit card payments and other global payments.

Pymt POS App

Retailers in brick-and-mortar retail, warehouses, and online all have the challenge of making businesses transactions seamless for customers. One of the ways to do this is through the use of a POS App which allows businesses to present products or services, process payment transactions, provide excellent customer service, and engage with customers through loyalty programs all without the use of barcode scanners, POS terminals, a card reader, and other POS hardware. Online ordering has never been easier as this App completes payment processing for credit cards and debit cards with the click of a button.

Invoices and Web Stores

One of the new features that Pymt POS is pushing to its online market is the capability to create invoices and facilitate web stores. The invoice service will allow for merchants to create more in-depth invoices for each customer on its point of sale devices. The Web Stores service will facilitate the use of sale software on the web for merchants who prefer to involve online ordering, online customer profile creation, and/or entire online stores/businesses. All credit and debit card transactions will take place online and can even be completed using mobile POS through the Pymt POS App.

Bluetooth Terminal

The Bluetooth feature offered by Pymt POS is not a common service provided by a number of POS providers. The POS terminal that Pymt sells does not require a headset of any sort as you can connect it directly to a wireless headset via bluetooth. This allows employees to work with less distraction and decreases the likelihood of damage to your POS terminal.

iOS and Android POS Compatibility

Many generic POS system reviews included complaints regarding the lack of iOS and Android compatibility. Pymt has dodged that bullet and all Pymt POS Software is completely compatible with iOS and Android mobile phones making retail POS, quick-service restaurant POS, and other POS solutions available to you wherever you are.

Other Perks

If you have the desire to improve the overall management of your business, a number of options can help. Inventory management can ensure that you never run out of product or supplies. Another perk is the ability to send SMS or email receipts to customers. Whether payment is made with a debit card or credit card, contactless payments, or cash, you are able to quickly send digital receipts. One last perk provided with the small business payment plan is the gift card program. This feature allows large and small business owners to process gift cards with credit card processing software.

Some business owners are concerned about finding a solution that will not charge an early termination fee if something new comes along that is better for your business. Pymt does not charge a termination fee and allows users to terminate services with just a 30-day notice. The only other requirement is that customers return the hardware that was given to them for free. Compared to many other POS solutions, Pymt seems to be working to save you money.


The Bad

  • Lack of POS Hardware Options

Lack of POS Hardware Options

One of the major challenges with Pymt POS as a solution is the number of hardware options available to customers. Pymt only sells three products on its website including the POS terminal, the terminal stand, and an Apple iPad (the latest model). The website does mention that Pymt POS software has receipt printer compatibility with a couple of receipt printer providers. They are Star Micronics and Epson.

For those who are looking for a wide variety of hardware options, this is not the best as only one type of hardware is available. Before moving forward with this product, you should ensure that when paired with the POS software, it accomplishes all of the tasks you need from your POS device.

Some individuals may need a couple of hardware items like a cash drawer and a cash register that are not offered by Pymt.


The Bottom Line

Pymt POS is a Point of Sale provider that offers POS solutions for retailers, small and large business owners, and other merchants at a low cost without many of the common hidden fees. With a number of payment options including the option of a monthly fee, transaction fees, and more, Pymt is a great option for those seeking to improve business service to every customer. We recommend that you take advantage of Pymt's customer support and contact a representative to get a free piece of hardware to use during a trial period paired with the POS software provided.

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