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LAST UPDATED: September 28th, 2019

Nobly POS offers hospitality businesses around the world a complete POS software business management system. The company’s front runs on high-speed iPad hardware with fast, intuitive software and seamlessly integrated, industry-standard card payment terminals. The company’s back office system gives clients unparalleled insight into their business's sales, staff, and inventory. A free demo is available to those with an interest in a new Point of Sale solution for their company. Nobly POS has offices in London, Austin, and Montevideo.

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The Good

  • POS System Solutions
  • Mobile/Offline Capabilities
  • Card Transactions
  • Back Office Analytics Suite

POS System Solutions

This company has a good point of sale system option for most every type of hospitality business as well as a mobile system for small businesses — even those without a storefront.

Restaurant POS Software and POS Hardware

This Restaurant POS Software helps restaurant owners to run more efficiently not only on a number of devices, but also in a number of different shops. The following POS features are available to help owners accomplish these things:

  • Kitchen printers, a cash register, and display screens print order tickets or display them as soon as they’ve been rung up
  • Individual ingredient tracking
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Self-serve kiosks
  • Online ordering
  • Tableside ordering
  • Detailed inventory management and inventory tracking
  • Map out restaurant tables and order food directly to tables
  • Customizable POS features for Quick-service Restaurants and cafes
  • Sales Reports

Bar POS Software and POS Hardware

  • Integrated with payment terminal so you can process transactions quickly
  • Can create user accounts with different permissions so staff can only access what they need for their jobs
  • Ingredients inventory and management
  • Fast and intuitive checkout flow

Retail POS Software and POS Hardware

  • Handles custom orders online and in retail stores
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Complex product lists including arranging items by size and color
  • Inventory management
  • Accounting and payment integrations for retail POS
  • Credit card, debit card, and gift card processing
  • Integrates with barcode scanners and digital scales

Mobile Business POS Software and POS Hardware

  • Sleek, modern cash drawers, printers, and card readers
  • Smartphone-only option
  • Loyalty programs
  • App accessibility
  • Offline mode

Mobile/Offline Capabilities

Nobly’s mobile system works especially well for food truck businesses and market stalls. It is generally run on iPads but can run with just a smartphone and card reader if cash is not involved and if receipts are emailed rather than printed. There is an offline mode for when you don’t have access to WiFi. Even without a connection, you can take transactions and use the integrated payment terminals, and the sales data will sync up when you reconnect later.

Card Transactions

Nobly sale systems implement speedy card transactions by integrating the POS system directly through card terminals. Transactions automatically flash up on the card reader, which makes the process faster. Customers can pay with cash, credit cards, Apple Pay, or vouchers. Software features allow business owners to see and manage all of these transactions to ensure that they are accurate.

Back Office Analytics Suite

Nobly’s cloud-based analytics suite shows every sale and compiles all sales data into accessible reports. Stocktake, or tracking what you’ve sold and what you have in stock, is automated. Integration with popular accountancy packages is also available, so you can get your business’s sales data directly from the source instead of manually entering all of the sales into spreadsheets.


The Bad

  • Antivirus and Backup Services Not Included 

Antivirus and Backup Services Not Included 

When you sign terms, you agree to use industry standard virus detection software to try to block the uploading of anything that contains viruses or other malicious code. Nobly isn’t responsible for that content or for any loss or damage of customer content that might be crucial to your business. If a problem arises, the company will try to salvage the lost data, but you should separately maintain up-to-date copies of all material uploaded to the system, including documents, images, personal data, and company databases.


The Bottom Line

With specialized POS solutions for restaurants, bars, retail, and mobile businesses, Nobly POS offers all the features these businesses can expect from one of the top of the line POS solutions. Service comes at an affordable price of $39/month (with a yearly contract). It is also worth noting the customer reports of excellent customer service as found in the reviews below. Each business is assigned a dedicated account manager, the help desk attendants are active and friendly, and set-up support is included. If you are looking for a POS system in the restaurant industry, retail industry, or hospitality industry, we recommend that you give Nobly POS a look.

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Tinkler Winter Park, FL

The system is very flexible. I have a wine shop, deli, cafe and bar. It caters for all the needs of the shop. The customer service is great. I still haven't had the chance to take advantage of all the benefits the system offers, as my initial up load wasn't well completed, so only advice I have is to spend a lot of time at the beginning, if you have it, on your spread sheet of products.

3 years ago

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Sarah Vanstone Addison, TX

I have recently taken Nobly POS system and I can definitely say it is very modern and user friendly system. I had taken Nobly after full research for my first cafe and I am very glad with it. Their service is very professional, specially mention of Sam and Andrew, both are very professional and ready to help anytime. I can definitely recommend Nobly to anyone.

3 years ago

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The Durbeyfield Beverly Hills, CA

Thank you for excellent system that allowed us to manage our business efficiently. Nobly pos staff were so patient going through all the stock management set up with me, it took over an hour! We also had ordered wifi printer but it did not work for us because of our on and off wifi and they kindly replaced it with the bluetooth printer with no problems at all. Highly recommended! Nobly Point of Sale

3 years ago

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Mike Demarco Berkeley Heights, NJ

My father and I run a little corner bar in Jersey City, NJ where is the same customers that buy the same drinks at the same times. There was no order as every bartender would charge different pricing for the same drinks. The Nobly POS system fixed these problems and makes running a business so much easier. Everything is easy to use and once you buy a system you should have it up and running within a week.

3 years ago

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Sarah Webster

We found Nobly while seaching for a POS system for our family diner. What a pleasant surprise. From the get go, it has been nothing but a positive experience. The ease of set up has been smooth thanks to Jonathan - has been most patient! They respond quickly and we have never felt like a bother. It is so nice in this day and age to have personal contact rather than press 1, press 2....... :) Thanks again, and we highly recommend this system.

3 years ago

star star star star star

Antonio Passaro Bartlett, IL

Every time I needed some answers, someone was always responding to me if I left a message. The equipment came in quickly and the whole menu adding was not painful. The best was tech support, helped me launch Nobly today without a hitch! My employees were able to adapt to the new system within 15 minutes.

3 years ago

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Will Delaware City, DE

An incredible useful, intuitive and insight providing piece of software that has helped us greatly improve our ordering and stock control while enabling us to better predict stock and staff requirements. Plus, support is super active and friendly and are always there to help! Thanks Nobly

3 years ago

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Joshua Los Angeles, CA

I have a mobile business so I need my POS to be mobile. Using the Nobly application I have my POS with me always. It's very easy to use and the daily sales reports are so helpful in keeping my business organized. The help desk..... "the cherry on top!". Also Jonathan, my account manager, was great. Another thanks to you!

3 years ago

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Bethany Tomlinson

So far our experience has been awful. As soon as you have paid don't expect any support, expect to call the helpline at least 20 times (which by the way times out and hangs you up after a few minutes every time) before you maybe get someone to pick up the phone. So far there has been glitch after glitch, no way to delete already created categories and products, modifiers that mysteriously don't attach to products but do to others etc. The worst part is there is no error code if something within the system has gone wrong or glitched. Leaving you to wonder if you have lost your mind or it's the system that has gone wrong, wonderful. Additionally, we requested a call back with Mike at 4pm, by 4.05pm, nothing. Tried calling a few times with no answer, to receive a text at 4:10pm saying another member of the team would call in around 15 mins called Sam. Not acceptable, if you book in a call at 4pm, I EXPECT a call AT 4:00pm. Not 4:05pm, not in 15 mins past the time, 4:00pm. Sam, at that matter was actually helpful and took my negative feedback into consideration. However, here I am a few days later trying to set my POS system up with problems and glitches and on my 13th time trying to call and get through to someone. Angry is not even the word. However, looking at Lightspeed, Touch Bistro etc they all seem the same. As soon as the sales secured it's onto the next one. Don't be swayed by how helpful they seem before they take your money, typical sales tactics which i should have recognised. It seems unless you have millions to spend like McDonalds who create and build their own POS your screwed either way. So hey what choice do we really have??

3 years ago

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Emilia Turchet Huntsville, AL

From start to finish, they have been so helpful and calling when they promise to call for all information of my products. Feel very safe with these guys and happy we went with this company for my new business venture!

3 years ago

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Tim Golder Coeur d'Alene, ID

A great system, easy to use and great for managing your accounts. Staff work well with the easy to use screens and its great to add in upscale options.

3 years ago

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Nathan Ahamed

Working with Nobly and the team there has been great, the system is very easy to use and the sales and support team are more than helpful.

3 years ago

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Paulo Ladeira

Terrible service. Inexistent Customer Service or Support Team advertised as a 24/7 service. Restaurant full and NoblyPOS stop working. Message: Subscription Trial Expired....despite paid in full. Bad, bad, bad. Software permanently failing. Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish.

2 years ago

star star star star star

John Ward Austin, TX

Nobly was stellar in its help with setting up my bar. yhe apps great and it helps my manage my inventory.

3 years ago