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LAST UPDATED: September 7th, 2021

Master Your Rush (formerly known as Koomi POS) is a cloud-based point-of-sale system, specifically created for quick-service restaurants. The majority of Master Your Rush (MYR) clients are owners of various types of restaurants: coffee shops, sushi bars, food trucks, ice cream shops, burger bars, bakeries, pizzerias, and salad bars.

The system is a monthly subscription service ($79 per month), billed annually. Regular subscriptions include basic POS features like sales reporting, technical support, terminal integration, and gift card integration. Three modules are included in the basic subscription: punch clock, inventory tracking, and ingredient tracking.

Additional features can be added at a monthly rate: 

  • Employee Management
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Multi-location and Franchise Management
  • Mobile App
  • Line-ups App
  • Phone Ordering System

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The Good

  • Simple Interface
  • Easy Training
  • Integrates with UberEats, Intuit, Piece Meal, Etc.

Simple Interface

While many quick-service restaurant owners want more extravagant features, MYR focuses on the basic, simple features. MYR calls it, “no bells and whistles––only the features you need.” If a client is in need of additional features, add-ons are available. Clients can pick and choose the features they do and do not need. The simple interface helps owners, employees, and customers navigate the system with ease. MYR’s system is intuitive and simple.

Easy Training

Because of the simplicity of the POS system, MYR’s programs are easy to train new employees on. One of the most common reviews from restaurant owners was the ease in training employees to use the system. The intuitiveness of the program promises more productivity and ease, rather than stressful technological difficulties.

Integrates with UberEats, Intuit, Piece Meal, Etc.

As the quick-service restaurant is evolving, so are point-of-sale systems. MYR has joined the wave in innovating and evolving its programs to better serve its clients. Many restaurant owners express a need for one program to track online, third-party, and in-person orders––all in one. MYR system includes both online and in-person orders, in addition to several third-party services:

  • UberEats
  • Intuit Quickbooks
  • Shopify
  • 7 Shifts
  • Ackroo
  • Wisk
  • Piece Meal
  • Skip the Dishes

The compatibility between MYR’s basic system and these third-party services help clients sync all of their data in one place. Business owners can sync accounting information, employee schedules, food deliveries, loyalty programs, and more in one place.


The Bad

  • Missing Features
  • Lacking Effective Analytics

Missing Features

According to multiple clients, MYR’s simplicity can sometimes be a weakness. Clients with more complicated menus or inventory might have difficulty keeping accurate records. Some clients also wish that the transactions could handle separate bills, void transactions, and other more complicated tasks. 

Lacking Effective Analytics

MYR clients also expressed dissatisfaction with the analytics and reporting software. Many clients referred to the simplicity of the program — which might be a benefit to some customers. However, many clients need more intense tracking and reporting tools for their business.


The Bottom Line

Master Your Rush (MYR) point-of-sale systems cater towards quick-service restaurants. MYR provides clients with a cloud-based service with basic POS needs: employee management, inventory tracking, and ingredient tracking. Add-on features are also available if needed. MYR works with third-party companies, like UberEats, to condense all their clients’ tracking needs in one place. 

MYR’s system is simple, causing positive and negative consequences. Because of the simplicity of the interface, it’s easy to train new employees on the system and utilize each feature. However, the system often lacks certain desirable features and analytic tools.

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