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LAST UPDATED: July 25th, 2019

Founded in 2010 by Andy Lim, Lavu Point of Sale (POS) has now been on the market for over nine years. Lavu POS was created when the lack of a restaurant POS solution was recognized by Lim and some of his associates. Focusing a POS system on the restaurant industry has provided opportunity for online ordering options, customer support, customer management, inventory, loyalty programs, payment, product management, and much more all from a basic POS software on an iPad. Lavu works everyday to empower restaurants to do more of what they love with solutions that work.

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The Good

  • Restaurant POS Options
  • POS App
  • Restaurant POS Integrations
  • Lavu POS Pricing Plans
  • Features

Restaurant POS Options

Choosing a restaurant POS solution is no easy task as many solutions are currently available in the POS industry. One advantage that Lavu has is that it focuses primarily on restaurant POS therefore narrowing your search. Not only does the software offered by Lavu cater to the needs of restaurant owners in general, but it also can be used for a wide variety of different restaurant business models, like bars, ice cream shops, food trucks, wineries, or coffes shops.

Though these are the listed types of restaurants that Lavu works with, other quick-service restaurants can use this software to run their businesses as well.


The POS app has been a solution for a wide variety of restaurant types. It is largely compatible with iPads. A great advantage of having an app is that business owners with an iOS device can access their business's information virtually anywhere that they have an internet connection.

Restaurant POS Integrations

In order to make running your business easier, the Lavu software can integrate seamlessly with a number of third-parties in order to manage your entire business in one place. A list of key integrations Lavu offers includes:

  • Lavu Accounting
  • Avero
  • Bar Vision
  • Bar-i Liquid Accounting
  • Beer Saver
  • Bridgepay
  • Checkmate
  • Chowly
  • Compeat
  • Lavu Customer Facing Display
  • Customer Management
  • Deliver and Routing
  • Digital Pour
  • Dolce
  • EKOS
  • Epson KDS
  • ERS
  • Evo Snap
  • FoodBAM
  • Heartland Payment Systems
  • Lavu Hold and Fire
  • Inventory
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Lavu Gift
  • Integrated Payments
  • Lavu KDS
  • Customer Loyalty App
  • Lavu Pilot
  • Lavu ToGo
  • MarketMan
  • Movi2Go
  • Moneris
  • Open Dining
  • PayPal
  • Pizza Creator
  • Restaurant 365
  • Sacoa Debit Card system
  • Square
  • TapHunter
  • Vantiv Integrated Payments
  • Weissbeerger

Lavu POS Pricing Plans

It is important to Lavu to keep things simple, including pricing of available packages. Currently three different pricing options are available to consumers.

  • Single Lavu Terminal — For this plan, a $69 fee is billed each month. The bill is only charged annually.
  • Multiple-Terminal Plans — The pricing for these plans is not advertised as each plan is specific to each client. The purpose of these plans is to offer tiered pricing for larger businesses.
  • Enterprise Plans — For businesses with multiple locations, this plan will help to best provide services to all facilities without having to have a plan for each.

Each of these plans is accompanied with many of the over 300 Lavu POS features including the following:

  • Real-time sales and labor reporting
  • 24/7 U.S.-based customer service
  • Inventory Management
  • Menu and layout customization
  • Lavu Pilot to track reports regardless of where you are
  • FOH and BOH cost-saving technology


Lavu POS for restaurants provides a number of amazing features as part of the software package.

  • Tableside Ordering — Press a few buttons and a simple touch screen to take orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Tickets — With the press of a button, the ticket appears in the kitchen with each order either on a screen or in a printed format.
  • Payments — Each customer paying with a credit card or debit card can watch the transaction take place using the portable POS terminal and credit card processing hardware and software.
  • Receipts — Each customer can choose whether to sign electronically or to have receipts emailed to them.
  • Reports Access — Business owners and other authorized employees can access thorough reports without having to enter any data.
  • Reports Data — Generate easy-to-analyze reports on everything from sales to labor and management all in one place.
  • Inventory — Ensure inventory is accurate and products, stock, ingredients, etc. are available at all times from your iPad or iOS mobile device.
  • Online Ordering — Create a menu allowing customers to order online saving time for both the business and customer.

The Bad

  • Occasional Software Glitches
  • Android Incompatibility

Occasional Software Glitches

Lavu POS system reviews have mentioned occasional software glitches that have caused frustration among customers. Though this has been a challenge, Lavu staff have worked hard to ensure that the software is updated regularly to catch these bugs and improve service.

Android Incompatibility

Lavu was created to be used on iOS devices. This is a challenge to a number of people since the software is not compatible with Android devices. For those who do not use iOS or want to use iOS products, this is not the product for you.


The Bottom Line

Though it has not been in the industry for very long, Lavu has proven to be a very successful and reputable restaurant POS system and solution. With hundreds of special features, business owners can run their entire business from the palm of their hand with this incredible software. We recommend reaching out to a Lavu representative to see which of the plans would best fit your company before giving Lavu a try. After agreeing upon a payment plan, it would be advantageous to sit down and have someone walk you through all the features to ensure that this product will provide the service that you need.

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