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LAST UPDATED: July 17th, 2019

Bluestore Live was developed by a team with a background working on enterprise software projects for retailers. The desire was to use web concepts to provide independent retailers with enterprise level systems for significantly lower prices. Not only does this company seek to provide retailers with top of the line POS systems, but also a sales platform that will help generate growth for businesses. This takes place by integrating online stores, telesales, kiosks, iPhone apps, and other channels that still have not entered the market.

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The Good

  • POS for Retailers
  • POS Software Features
  • POS Hardware
  • Pricing

POS for Retailers

Business owners in the retail industry are always looking for the technology and methodology to improve sales, customer experience, and much more. Bluestore Live POS is one of the Point of Sale solutions that are catered specifically to retailers with the intention of meeting these needs. Not all POS solutions are alike. Bluestore provides a number of software and hardware features that are not common among all POS systems.

POS Software Features

The POS software offered by Bluestore provides a number of features that the competition does not. The following list provides details on these features and their uses for business owners:

  • Admin Console — This console is the hub for your business management. All of the data you need and that you have collected is stored in a cloud-based system and you have full control over it. Some of the functions available in the Admin Console include creating products, changing pricing structures, checking stock, and running sales reports.
  • Data Imports — The need to itemize costs, earnings, and other business data is no longer an issue with this feature. With the click of a few buttons, you are able to download the data that you have selected in a spreadsheet for further analysis or sharing.
  • Supplier Directories — How often do you have the need to reach out to the suppliers of your products, other small businesses, or important contacts? With this software there is a place for you to store all of the needed contact information for these businesses or individuals.
  • Data Backups and Security — Backups are managed by Bluestore Live as part of your subscription and physical copies are held at a secure facility to protect against hardware failure or malfunction. You are able to access any of your business information at any time.
  • POS Terminal Layout — POS Software for POS terminals is laid out in a simple way allowing employees to be trained quickly with little effort.
  • iOS and Android Capability — This retail POS software is compatible with Apple Macs, Windows PC, Linux PC or a mixture of those. That means that it can be used on iOS and Android devices. If you are unsure if your device is compatible, you should reach out and ask.
  • Customer Relationship and Loyalty Programs — With the POS software provided you are able to create customer profiles and loyalty program IDs. This facilitates excellent customer support and customer relationship management.
  • Payment Options — The Bluestore POS terminal is able to process credit cards as a main method of payment.
  • iPad POS — Bluestore Live has worked to create a software that is easily compatible with iOS devices such as iPads to better allow management and employees to make transactions on the go regardless of whether you are connected to the internet or not. Bluestore has not advertised a specific app or feature only catering to an android device.
  • Inventory Management — This feature allows you to track your store inventory to ensure that you don't run out of products and know when to order more. Automatic inventory tracking saves a number of hours each week for employees in every type of large or small business.
  • Employee Management — Creating schedules, adjusting hours, communicating with employees, and keeping everything else running for a retail business owner can at times be overwhelming. The Employee management features that come with this retail sale POS solution allows you to accomplish all of those things in one place.

POS Hardware

There are a number of different POS hardware options on the POS market. One of the advantages of using the Bluestore Live POS software is that it is compatible with the majority of POS hardware devices. The following key points will help you know what hardware you should use:

  • Recommendation — Bluestore Live recommends that if you are planning on live use in a retail store, you should use a cash register/drawer, receipt printer, and barcode scanners.
  • Screens — This software works best with a touch screen avoiding the use of a mouse and speeding up transactions for business owners, employees, and customers.
  • For Sale — The hardware sold by Bluestore Live has all been tested with this software and is completely compatible. Current POS hardware for sale by Bluestore Live POS include barcode scanners, a receipt printer, a cash register/drawer, touch screens, and a POS terminal for credit card processing.


The pricing for Bluestore Live products is simple — a monthly fee of about $24. The information provided online does not discuss in detail any additional fees about processing fees, etc.


The Bad

  • Inconsistent Features
  • Reseller of Other Brands

Inconsistent Features

One of the downsides of Bluestore Live is that not all offered features are available in every country. For example, only U.K. retailers have access to the integrated Chip and PIN solutions, using YesPay EasyV software to process the credit card payments. Hardware sales and shipping options are also only available to individuals in the U.K.

Reseller of Other Brands

Bluestore does not manufacture its own POS hardware. The items available for sale belong to other companies such as Verifone, Cielo, Honeywell, Epson, and 4POS.


The Bottom Line

If you are a business owner working in retail and are looking for a POS system that caters specifically to the needs of retailers, Bluestore Live is something to be considered. Unfortunately, this company is mainly based out of the U.K. making full usage in the United States difficult. If you are just looking for some great retail POS software, we recommend taking a look at what Bluestore Live has to offer as it is a reasonably affordable POS solution. If you are looking for POS hardware to accompany the software, you may need to look elsewhere.

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