ResMed provides products to aid with sleep apnea, restrictive lung disease, and other health challenges. Its oxygen therapy solution is Mobi, a lightweight portable oxygen concentrator that is available through online stores and brick-and-mortar medical equipment providers.
ResMed formerly offered the Activox portable oxygen concentrator line, including the Activox 4L and LifeChoice Activox 4L.

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The Good

  • Battery Life
  • Efficient Operation Technology
  • Simple to Operate
  • Travel Friendly

Battery Life

ResMed’s Mobi portable oxygen concentrator weighs 5.5 lbs and can run up to 13 hours continuously on its lowest setting when operating with an external battery. With the internal battery alone, it can last up to 8.6 hours in between charging. This is a long battery life for a portable oxygen concentrator and makes it ideal for COPD patients on the go.

Efficient Operation Technology

ResMed utilizes a unique feature called pulse-wave technology which efficiently delivers a selected dose of oxygen each time you inhale. As your activity level changes, the Mobi senses the breathing and switches between active and rest mode. This prevents too much oxygen from being provided and makes it an ideal supplemental oxygen device.

Simple to Operate

ResMed’s clear LCD display screen is user-friendly with a one-touch startup and simple setting changes. The display shows the battery life remaining as well as each dose of oxygen delivered.

The Mobi will automatically shift between active and rest oxygen delivery modes when a patient's activity level changes. The flow adjusts to the user's breathing.

Travel Friendly

ResMed’s oxygen concentrators are approved for use on commercial flights and are compatible with both U.S. and international AC power supplies. They also come with a 12V DC adaptor that can be used in cars and boats, making ResMed’s oxygen concentrators perfect for travel and leisure.

The Bad

  • Battery Indicator
  • Variable Pricing and Returns
  • Continuous Flow not Available

Battery Indicator

ResMed’s Mobi oxygen concentrator has a display that indicates the battery percentage left before the battery dies, but does not display the minutes left.

Variable Pricing and Returns

As the manufacturer of oxygen concentrators and not the distributor, ResMed does not lay out a specified price or return policy for its products. Pricing and return policy may vary among distributors.

Continuous Flow not Available

The ResMed Mobi has pulse flow settings 1–4, but it does not offer continuous flow. A patient that needs a continuous flow setting will have to look for another device.

The Bottom Line

The ResMed Mobi oxygen concentrator has an impressive battery life, a simple operation display, and pulse-wave technology that makes it deliver oxygen more efficiently than other concentrators.

ResMed’s warranty is five years for the oxygen concentrator and one year for the sieve bed, battery, and accessories. Regardless of the distributor you purchase from, the company recommends a full servicing once a year and regular cleaning of the fan vents and nasal cannula.

For those with chronic respiratory conditions such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), ResMed's Mobi might be ideal for maintaining quality of life with its convenient ease of use.

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