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LAST UPDATED: May 13th, 2021

OxyGo, LLC manufactures two oxygen concentrators: OxyGo and OxyGo FIT. OxyGo FIT is known for its extremely light weight at 2.8 lbs with a single battery. OxyGo is best known for its battery life, which can go for 10.25 continuous hours. The company also makes extra batteries, external chargers, and backpacks, all available for purchase through local distributors.

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The Good

  • Warranty
  • Features
  • Battery Life
  • Mobile App
  • Financing


The OxyGo has a 5-year limited warranty. The concentrator is covered for five years and the sieve beds and battery are covered for one year.

The OxyGo FIT has a 3-year limited warranty. The concentrator is covered for three years and the sieve beds and battery are covered for one year.


OxyGo has an AC/DC power supply and comes with a wall charger, car charger, and carry bag with shoulder strap.
The control panel is easy to use and offers five pulse flow settings. Users can buy additional accessories such as a desktop charger, carrying backpack, and replacement sieve beds.

Battery Life for OxyGo

Depending on the flow setting and battery size, the OxyGo units can run from 1.3 hours to 10.25 hours. The maximum 10.25 hours of battery life can be obtained only with the OxyGo (not the OxyGo FIT) using the double battery.

OxyGo’s products have an LCD display which shows how much time is left to the minute, rather than just a percentage of battery left, so you know exactly how much time is left on the battery before it runs out.

Mobile App

The free mobile app lets users check the device battery life, monitor column life status, perform column resets when replacing columns, get maintenance reminders, get discounts and promotions, access troubleshooting tips, and access the user manual.


If you want to buy a unit to own rather than renting it through your insurance, you can get financing to help cover a portion or all of your OxyGo purchases up to $10,000 through OxyCare Total Advantage PLUS. Term contracts are between 24-48 months and you can set up automatic payments.

To qualify for financing, have your oxygen provider complete an online credit application and you’ll know within minutes if you’re approved. Then, e-sign your contract and get your equipment.

This is different than many other portable oxygen concentrator companies who require customers to pay in full.


The Bad

  • Pricing and Return Policies Vary
  • Only 3 Flow Settings for FIT
  • Short Battery for FIT

Pricing and Return Policies Vary

OxyGo, LLC is the manufacturer of the OxyGo oxygen concentrators but does not sell the products directly. Instead, users buy from local distributors nationwide. Therefore, both pricing and return policies vary by distributor. After filling out a form on the OxyGo website requesting distributor information, make sure you understand your distributor’s terms prior to making a purchase.

Only 3 Flow Settings for FIT

While the standard OxyGo has five flow settings, the Oxygo Fit only has three. If you want the FIT, you'll have to check to see if this concentrator is best for your prescription despite its limited flow settings.

Short Battery for FIT

The OxyGo FIT can only last 2.7 hours on a single battery, which is short compared to many other concentrators. You'll have to use keep double batteries handy if you plan on using the FIT for an extended period of time.


The Bottom Line

OxyGo oxygen concentrators have the battery life, portability, and size competitive with other oxygen concentrator companies in the industry. Plus, OxyGo concentrators are Bluetooth enabled, offering greater insight into your machine’s functioning via your phone. We recommend OxyGo portable oxygen concentrators because of their ease of use and ergonomic design.

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