Oxus America manufactures, engineers, and offers medical devices. It was founded over ten years ago and is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Oxus's portable oxygen concentrator is sold on several healthcare product websites; it is not listed for sale on the Oxus website.

Oxus also operates a service called Oxus Travel, which temporarily rents portable oxygen concentrators to patients. Oxus Travel offers two models: the Zen-O and Se-Qual Eclipse 5. Both models were manufactured by other oxygen concentrator companies. Information about Oxus Travel is available on the Oxus website.

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The Good

  • FAA Approved
  • Wheel Cart Accessory
  • Rental Options

FAA Approved

The Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator is approved for airline travel, which means customers can take it on the go. Many portable oxygen concentrator companies create products that meet FAA requirements so they can truly be considered portable and convenient healthcare devices.

Wheel Cart Accessory

Many portable oxygen concentrators are carried in a case similar to a shoulder bag. For the Oxus concentrator, most manufacturers offer a wheel cart accessory that allows users to wheel the concentrator on the ground. This may be a better mobility option for some users.

Rental Options

For customers who temporarily require a portable oxygen concentrator, Oxus Travel presents a convenient solution. Users who need concentrated oxygen can be limited by a heavy oxygen concentrator with a short battery, so Oxus's lightweight, FAA-approved alternatives can allow consumers to use concentrated oxygen on the go.

The Bad

  • Limited Information
  • Short Battery Life
  • Heavy Model

Limited Information

Oxus's website does not include price information but urges consumers to contact Oxus directly if they have questions. The company does provide support manuals for its Oxus Travel oxygen concentrators and facts on how to operate a POC. For consumers who wish to research their purchasing decision, having to contact Oxus for information may be inconvenient. In addition, those wishing to purchase the Oxus concentrator will have to search for distributors and compare their prices.

Short Battery Life

The Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator only has a three-hour battery life. Compared to other oxygen concentrators, this is relatively short. Many modern portable oxygen concentrators have a battery life of over eight hours. This means consumers who want to purchase an Oxus concentrator will have to buy multiple backup batteries for extended use.

Heavy Model

The Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator is ten pounds, which is lagging behind the lightening industry standards. Several portable oxygen concentrator companies have devices that are less than half this weight. Oxus's concentrator is still portable and comes with a convenient carrying handle, but customers might prefer a model that is easier to transport.

The Bottom Line

Oxus America provides a reliable permanent portable oxygen concentrator as well as good temporary rental options for travel. However, the Oxus portable oxygen concentrator's weight and battery life puts it behind several competitors. Oxus would be best for consumers who trust and prefer the brand, but for those looking for a concentrator with the best specs, there are better alternatives.

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