ResMed Mobi Review: 8 Things to Know Before You Buy

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Last Updated: October 30th, 2019


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Are you considering a ResMed Mobi? This portable oxygen concentrator is a good choice, but whether it’s worth the price tag will depend on your personal needs. We’ve broken down eight things you need to know about the Mobi before you consider it:

1. Pulse only

If you planned on using your portable oxygen concentrator with a CPAP or BiPAP machine for sleep apnea or another respiratory illness, you’ll have to look for another device. The Mobi is a pulse-only model, meaning it only delivers oxygen when a user inhales and it adjusts to the patient’s breathing. Continuous flow portable oxygen concentrators deliver a continuous stream of oxygen, regardless of the user’s breathing patterns. Continuous flow POC are used with CPAP and BiPAP machines.

The ResMed Mobi has pulse flow settings 1–4 for users who are prescribed these settings. Discuss with a doctor whether the Mobi has the specifications that are right for you.

2. Pulse-Wave tech

Most POC with pulse flow have “pulse dose” delivery, which is not as intuitive as Mobi’s Pulse-Wave tech. Pulse-Wave delivery better syncs with a patient’s inhalation and breathing speed for its active and rest mode. It adjusts for different activity levels.

For sleeping, Mobi employs its rest mode. When a user is awake and breathing is normal, the Mobi adjusts to active mode. If Mobi detects no breathing, it can switch to a continuous delivery until a patient starts breathing again. Pulse flow is ideal for patients who engage in physical activity or who use their POC in a variety of daily activities.

3. 5.5 pounds

Because the Mobi is 5.5 pounds, it’s an average weight for a portable oxygen concentrator. Patients looking to use their oxygen concentrator for exercise and outdoor activities might like a lighter model, but Mobi’s weight is decent for most on-the-go users, and it’s certainly not the heaviest portable oxygen concentrator out there.

As for its physical size specifications, the Mobi is 8”x9.6”x4.5”. This makes the Mobi portable, but not the smallest POC on the market.

4. Long battery life

On pulse flow setting 1, the Mobi’s internal battery can last just over eight hours. This is one of the longest lasting portable oxygen concentrators available.

As with most POC, customers can purchase additional batteries that can extend Mobi’s life around 4.5 hours per external battery. Depending on the flow setting you need, you could use the ResMed Mobi all day without worrying about charging it until you get home.

5. FAA approved

If you are looking for a portable oxygen concentrator for travel, the Mobi might work for you.

FAA approved means the Federal Aviation Administration has deemed it safe for airline travel. You can take the ResMed Mobi on a plane. If you plan on traveling by plane, check with your specific airline to see if they have any rules for handling your oxygen supply. Many airlines liked to be notified of POC equipment.

6. Comes with a 5-year warranty

A three-year warranty is standard in the portable oxygen concentrator industry, so the ResMed Mobi trumps its competition by offering a five-year warranty.

Not only is a five-year warranty extended to the unit, but a one-year warranty is extended to sieve beds, batteries, and accessories.

However, this isn’t the best warranty you can get. Inogen offers lifetime warranties on many of its products for an added fee, so customers should consider how long they plan to use their POC and whether they’re content to pay a lower price for a shorter warranty.

Some medical suppliers might offer a lifetime warranty on the ResMed Mobi, so be sure to ask.

7. Backpack carrier available

While a carrying case comes with the ResMed Mobi, users can also purchase a backpack designed to carry the device.

Buyers should only purchase carrying accessories tailored to their device. Generic bags and backpacks won’t allow access to Mobi’s menu, charge ports, or the mesh for breathability around the concentrator’s air vents.

A backpack carrier means users can take the Mobi on outdoor excursions or longer trips that require more storage space.

ResMed recommends that you keep the Mobi in a carrying case at all times because it can prevent the device from getting damaged.

Many sellers of the ResMed Mobi also sell this medical equipment so patients can purchase the backpack, a nasal cannula, or an additional external battery. Some providers even sell packages with all these accessories included with the Mobi. Shop around and see which equipment provider sells a package that meets your needs.

8. AC and DC power supply

The Mobi has an AC/DC power supply to charge your internal battery from traditional mains or in the car. Most portable oxygen concentrators have cables for both AC and DC charging, but they are sometimes sold separately.

With a long battery life and two charging cables, patients can rest assured that their respiratory equipment won't die at a bad time.

In sum

Be sure to talk to your doctor about your options, and discuss the Mobi if you’d like a portable oxygen concentrator with a long battery and intuitive pulse flow settings. If this ResMed Mobi review has you wondering more about the company, check out our review of ResMed.

If you want a lighter POC or one with a lifetime warranty, you might want to see what other POC companies can offer you another device. You can take a look at other POC companies here.

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