We Heart It is an image based social media network that was launched in 2008. Since then it has become most popular as an app for iOS and Android devices. We Heart It focuses on positive and inspiring pictures for people to browse creative posts by other users. Pictures are shared with other users by following or searching for the users and subjects you are interested in. We Heart It was originally started as a tool between a small group of friends, and it rapidly grew to what is now a host for over 35 million users. Users can upload their own photos, or they can "heart" photos on any webpage to save in their We Heart It profile. Once your images are saved to your profile you can organize them into categories and share them to your favorite social media websites.

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The Good

  • Strict about what is uploaded
  • Mobile app available
  • Great community

We Heart It has a strong message of inspiration and has a high standard for the photographs that users upload on the site. We Heart It does not allow any degrading, violent, explicit or spam content. Any abusive content is reported and taken down since We Heart It has a strong commitment to be a "home for your inspiration". Here are a few other things we liked:

  • Mobile App available
  • "Heart" button for any browser
  • Easy to use format
  • Privacy options
  • Free to use
  • No Advertisements
  • No storage limits
  • Customer service options
  • Easy to share with friends
  • Positive focus
  • Direct messaging feature
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Apple Watch
  • 5 star average rating on iTunes
  • Picture links to original webpage

We Heart It is unique because it allows each user to "heart" any picture on any website. If you are browsing an article online that has a picture of a waterfall you like, simply "heart" the picture to post it to your collections. We Heart It has truly created a way for you to collect images that inspire you all over the web and store them in one place. Additionally, you can connect with your friends or favorite clothing brands and see what images are inspiring them. It's a great way to share creativity on social media.

Lastly, We Heart It has an amazingly positive focus that is noticed by their users. The Huffington Post even cited We Heart It as one of the "10 Happiest Places on the Internet". We Heart It is definitely a good place to visit if you need a creativity pick-me-up.

The Bad

  • Not great for personal images
  • Lacking features
  • Limited file size

We Heart It is not a good venue for personal images. Once you upload an image to We Heart It, any other user can also "heart" the picture-which essentially saves the picture to their profile. So even if you delete your picture, someone else might have it saved on his or her account. This website is great for sharing pictures online that are already public, but anything you personally post will also go public. Here are a few other concerns:

  • No photo syncing
  • Only one photo upload at a time
  • No ability to purchase merchandise
  • Limited file size
  • No photo editing
  • No commenting on photos

Since We Heart It is a photo sharing website, a few conveniences could be offered. We think that adding items such as photo editing or commenting would assist in increasing the creativity of the site as a whole. Additionally, it seems like the webpage has so many pictures that it has a bit of a lag. This is a little frustrating when trying to browse pictures, but its definitely not a deal breaker.

The Bottom Line

We recommend We Heart It as a great website for sharing pictures from the Internet with your friends and family. You can't go wrong with an app that not only has a five-star rating on iTunes, but also is focused on spreading inspiration and happiness. However, we do not recommend this app to people who are looking for an online venue for their personal photos and photography.

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