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TinyPic is a photo and video hosting service that started in 2004. The idea behind TinyPic is that people can come together on this website and find pictures or videos that they want to share on their social media sites. TinyPic makes this easy by using a URL shortening technique so small URLs can be copied and pasted onto any social media site for convenient picture sharing. This way, social media users can post links to their social sites that are short and concise; instead of the typical URL which takes up a lot of space on their post. TinyPic has an option to log in to an account; however, an account is not required and anyone can anonymously post a picture to TinyPic. TinyPic is free to use and all posted pictures are considered public domain.

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The Good

  • Free account
  • No storage limit
  • Conveniently uploads to social network websites

TinyPic is a convenient place to find funny pictures or graphics that support your social media efforts. Since all posts are considered public domain, TinyPic allows you to use photos and videos for your social media projects without worrying about copyright issues. Here is what we like:

  • Free to use
  • No storage limit
  • Upload up to 1600 pixels
  • Short URL links
  • No account needed
  • Videos up to 500 megabytes
  • Easy image browsing
  • Search by topic
  • Favorites folder
  • Direct share to major social media sites
  • Free HTML, IMG, and URL codes for every image

Convenience is that best part about TinyPic. If you have a photo that you need on multiple social media sites, you can simply: upload it to TinyPic, copy the URL, and paste the link onto all your favorite sites. This way you don't need to upload the same picture over and over again. Additionally, you can easily share photos with friends since your links can be emailed, messaged, posted, and more.

The Bad

  • Deletes photos
  • No editing software
  • Limited features

There are a few drawbacks to using TinyPic. Since TinyPic allows unlimited posts, they eventually need to delete their oldest photos in order to make room for the new photos that users are uploading. TinyPic deletes any photo that has not been viewed for 90 days. This means if your picture is deleted from TinyPic, your link will expire and redirect to an error message instead of the original picture. Here are a few other things that are missing from TinyPic:

  • No editing software
  • No ability to like or comment
  • No photo syncing
  • No bulk uploads
  • No privacy
  • No customer service available

Although TinyPic has a unique idea, their website doesn't offer as many features that similar websites offer. TinyPic is founded on the idea that people prefer links for the pictures so they can comment with ease. However, most social media sites offer an easy picture uploader right in the comment box. These new features make TinyPic an unnecessary step. Especially since you give your photo to the public domain once you post it to TinyPic.

Lastly, we experienced multiple error messages as we were exploring TinyPic's features. It seems apparent that overall TinyPic is very unreliable.

The Bottom Line

We would not recommend TinyPic for use in photo sharing. TinyPic is designed to be a social host website but your pictures will not be hosted for very long. There are plenty of other picture hosting and sharing websites out there that are more reliable and have more features than TinyPic.

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