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LAST UPDATED: May 19th, 2021

Snapfish was founded in 1999 by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to create a service that allowed people to store, share, and print their photos online. Today, Snapfish is one of the most well-known photo service platforms in the industry. The company has helped over 10 million members in over 12 countries manage their photos and create personalized products to share with loved ones. 


The Good

  • Simple Sign-Up Process
  • Modern Interface
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Sharing Your Albums

Simple Sign-Up Process

Snapfish adds over one million new members every month. And it might be because of Snapfish’s simple sign-up process. All you need to do to create an account is enter your email address and your name. After that, choose a password and that’s it — you’re signed up. From here, you can easily create albums, view your photo library, personalize products, and more. 

Modern Interface

Another reason we believe Snapfish is so popular is because of the platform’s modern interface. Once you’re logged in to your account, the platform is clean and easy to use. You can easily view your albums and upload photos. It’s easy to see the albums you’ve shared and the ones that were shared with you. 

Additionally, you can upload photos from various platforms such as Facebook, Flickr, Google, Instagram, and more. 

Competitive Pricing

When compared to other companies within the industry, Snapfish’s prices are fairly competitive. It only costs 9 cents for a 4x6 photo. A 4x4 photo costs 20 cents. And 5x7 costs only 69 cents. 

However, if you get an 8x10 photo, it will cost you $2.99. This is a drawback since you can get a photo this size for cheaper elsewhere.

Sharing Your Albums

Sharing an album is extremely easy. You can share the album by email, with a link, or on Facebook. 

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The Bad

  • Must Create an Account to View Albums
  • Uses Your Information for Marketing

Must Create an Account to View Albums

Although it’s super easy to share your albums with friends and family, there is one thing you need to be aware of. If your friends/family don’t already have a Snapfish account, they’ll have to create one to see the pictures (if they’re sent via email or Facebook). 

The only way to get around this is to share the pictures with a link. 

Uses Your Information for Marketing

Snapfish is pretty upfront about using your personal information for marketing purposes. This means you may receive ads via email, postal mail, push notifications, and SMS text messages. 

While we appreciate Snapfishes candidness, this may deter some people from using the site as they don’t want to receive these marketing messages. That being said, you may manage the cookies that Snapfish uses through the settings in the Privacy Preference Center.


The Bottom Line

Overall, we recommend using Snapfish to store, share, and print your photos. Signing up is easy and free, and you can easily access your pictures whenever you want. You can also create unique, fun, and personalized products in just a few mouse clicks. However, keep in mind that when sharing albums with friends and family, they might not be able to view the pictures unless they have an account. However, you can quickly get around this by choosing the “send with a link” option. 

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9 Reviews

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Benji Schenectady, NY

I ordered an A3 Classic Calendar, to give to a relative at Christmas. Uploading and arranging photos was a bit complicated, but I managed, and placed my order for Christmas Delivery. Though it did not arrive, which was due to a courier fault, Snapfish support was amazing in quickly responding to my help request! They created the calendar on the same day, shipped it out, and it arrived before the est. delivery date!! I am very impressed by the look and feel of the photos, and paper. Everything was high quality, the paper was thick and tough, I could even wipe out a small stain. Also, the design was nice, with many other options to customise and change. I highly recommend Snapfish to all looking for a photo printing business!

2 years ago

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Tammy Shouse Clinton, IL

I have used Snapfish for years! Granted ,when they moved to a new format, I did lose a couple of features, but they are all back now! I make calendars every year for friends and family, I and just did my first photo blanket! The recipient loved it! I'm sticking with Snapfish! Also, the app is easy and convenient to use.

3 years ago

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Shante Reeder Ogden, UT

Snapfish has great quality products, for a great price! The BEST place to get any type of large print! They never look grainy or pixelated. They usually have really great coupons to use as well!

1 year ago

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Ian Gordon Stamford, CT

Unfortunately, when HP 'updated' the site, they lost many, many of the functions that made it so good at organizing and sharing photos. No longer can you: - edit multiple photos at once (moving between albums, rotating to proper orientation, captioning etc all have to now be done, - edit your address book. In fact, you can't even SEE your address book. The list of lost functionality is so long that it would be impossible to list them all. When you ask their online chat help, all you get is "that functionality is not available yet" What once was an exceptional site appears now to be some lost corner of HP, languishing without proper capital support and attention. Just dreadful. Go elsewhere - I will, as soon as I can figure out how to get my pictures out of there.

5 years ago

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Mary Hardy Charlotte, NC

Photobooks have always been my favorite from Snapfish. The quality of their photos are very good.

5 months ago

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Jenni Columbia, MO

I placed my first order with Snapfish recently. I ordered our Christmas cards and got prints wish was a deal they were running. Great deals! However the site wasn’t user friendly and then after I ordered I realized I needed more cards. After going through customer service it turns out that I can’t add to my existing order or place another of the exact same order because it was done through my phone so the order was not saved under my projects. No where was this announced while building the card on my phone. It wasn’t just a simple picture card either. We wrote our Christmas letter on the back. For the $$ I saved it’s not worth having to redo everything. So now half of the family will get a different card because I refuse to purchase with them again.

2 years ago

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CoasterRider Show Low, AZ

Snapfish is one of the best photo developing websites. The quality is good and delivery is timely.

8 months ago

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Lindsey American Fork, UT

I used Snapfish WAY back years ago, and at the time it was one of the only sites out there. Now that there are newer and nicer websites for photo sharing, I've ditched Snapfish.

3 years ago

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Chelsea Stewart Salt Lake City, UT

We used Snapfish for our Christmas cards- they were by far the cheapest option we could find and I loved being able to use multiple coupon codes. But we really got what we paid for. Not very good quality, but great price.

4 years ago

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