ImageShack is an image hosting service that was launched in November 2003. It wasn't until 2014 that ImageShack removed their free image hosting, removed their advertisements, and became a subscription-only webpage. Once ImageShack transitioned to a subscription site, they focused on features such as increased file size, automatic syncing, copyright protection, and more. ImageShack wants to become the top image hosting website for high-resolution photos. Not only is ImageShack a place to store your high-resolution images, but ImageShack also offers a social factor by allowing users to follow other users and potentially become featured on the ImageShack blog.

Top Ranked Companies

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The Good

  • Enhanced features
  • Protects your uploads
  • Mobile app available

Since ImageShack requires a small fee for use, their website offers quite a few enhanced features that you can't find on a free image hosting website. Their top marketed features are: unlimited uploads, unlimited space, and high-resolution photos. However, they offer a lot more than just unlimited space. We especially like their security features. They offer protection for your photos by providing the following:

  • Private albums
  • Right-click protection
  • Download prevention
  • Custom watermarking
  • Copyright protection

Now that you know ImageShack is going to protect your uploaded photos, here is a brief explanation of how their membership program works. They have three membership tiers. The first is a basic membership for every day use. The basic membership is $3.99/ month and includes the following:

  • Unlimited space
  • Direct linking
  • Image stats
  • Automatic backups
  • Mobile app
  • 25 MB file size per image
  • Easy to grab links
  • No ads
  • Easy to share and embed photos to other websites
  • All security features
  • Bulk image management
  • Image titles and tags
  • Convenient customer service line
  • Free 30 day trial

All of these features are also offered in the pro and premium memberships. The biggest difference between each membership is the amount of bandwidth per month. A premium membership includes up to 4Tb of bandwidth, which is equivalent to about 4.2 million views of a 1Mb file.

The Bad

  • Lack of free image storage
  • No free account options
  • Lacking some features

The most obvious complaint about ImageShack is their total lack of a free image storage option. Even though they offer a lot of features, they could still increase traffic flow on their website by including a free option. Additionally, ImageShack doesn't offer features like photo editing or merchandise that would really make them a cutting edge photography website. Here is what we would like to see added to their website:

  • Photo editing
  • Slideshows
  • Merchandise
  • Limited bandwidth

Most customer complaints about ImageShack are complaints about the company removing their free service. Understandably, some users would rather save money and see advertisements on their screen; however, since ImageShack upgraded to a subscription service they are able to offer more features.

The Bottom Line

We would definitely recommend ImageShack as a good place to store your high-resolution photos. The monthly payment might not be suited for the average family photo storage, but if you are serious about photography then you should consider trying out ImageShack as a host for your images.

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