Many of the Petco reviews (read below) show that customers are happy with Petco's product selection, fast delivery time, and easy-to-use website. With over 50 years of experience in the pet industry, Petco is a reliable company that pet owners can depend on for their pets' needs. 

Here's how Petco is doing today:

Petco is guided by its vision to have healthier pets, happier people and a better world. Petco is a leading pet specialty retailer that provides pet products, services, advice, and experiences.

Petco employs more than 26,000 partners and operates more than 1,500 Petco locations across the U.S., Mexico and Puerto Rico, which includes more than 80 Unleashed by Petco locations. Petco boasts that Petco’s prescription services and supplies are from the leading veterinary-operated pet product supplier, Drs. Foster and Smith and the health advice is delivered through PetCoach and 

The Good

  • Repeat Delivery
  • Pals Rewards
  • Shop By Pet
  • Petco Services
  • Exclusively From Petco

Repeat Delivery

Petco’s Repeat Delivery service now includes nearly all your pet supplies including top food and treats. Pet owners can experience how a regular dog or cat food delivery and other pet supply shipments can help take care of your furry family members. Members can enjoy and save up to 20% on select brands on qualifying orders with Repeat Delivery.

Members can choose from thousands of eligible items including dog food, cat litter, flea and tick medication and more. Simply select “Save with repeat delivery” on the product or in the shopping cart, then choose the quantity and frequency. Another benefit of Repeat Delivery? Add-on items ship for free, even if the items have to be shipped separately. Also, members can pause or cancel this feature at any time. 

Pals Rewards

Petco offers the Pals Rewards program which allows customers to get 5% back. There is no purchase necessary to become a Pals Rewards member, only an email address. Members will get 1 point for every 1 dollar spent. When a member reaches 100 points, they will receive a $5 reward to spend on anything in the store or online. To redeem points members can:

  • Load it onto their account for automatic redemption at in-store checkout
  • Print reward voucher and present it at the in-store checkout
  • Add to shopping cart or edit payment when checking out online

For members who chose to save up their points, Petco will issue the $5 Reward Dollars to the account. If a member earns 200 points in one transaction, $10 Reward Dollars will be added. However, customers should be aware that Reward Dollars can’t be used on same-day purchases. 

Shop By Pet

Petco’s extensive selection of pet products is beneficial for pet owners. Petco offers products for the following animals:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Fish
  • Small Pets (gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits, etc.)
  • Reptiles
  • Birds

For dogs and cats, pet owners can find products such as wet and dry food, toys, collars, leashes, apparel, bowls, crates, carriers furniture protection, treats, as well as health and wellness supplies. For fish, customers can find fish food, aquariums, pumps, heaters, decor and more. For those with small pets, reptiles and birds expect to find, cages and habitats, specialized toys, and other products. 

Petco Services

Petco offers a variety of services. Pet parents can get their pet groomed, attend pet training classes, sign their pet up for sitting and walking services, receive veterinary care and services, as well as attend pet adoption events. 

With the pet grooming services, Petco offers customers to set up a grooming appointment online. Customers can log in to their Petco account, select the grooming location, what kind of grooming service they would like their pet to receive, and select the time and a particular stylist. 

The veterinarian care offered by Petco can be a simple vaccination to a full-service consultation. Customers can visit the Vetco Vaccination Clinic or a Vet Hospital. 

Vetco Vaccination Clinic

  • Evening and weekend hours
  • No appointment necessary
  • No visit fee
  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite Prevention
  • Infectious Disease Screening
  • Microchip Placement
  • $19 microchipping and registration for dogs and cats

Vet Hospital—includes all the services provided by the Vetco Vaccination Clinic plus the following:

  • Routine Blood Work
  • Simple Skin and Ear Problems
  • Diagnostics for Lumps and Bumps
  • Travel Certificates
  • Spay/Neuter and Other Surgeries
  • Mass Removals
  • Dentistry and Oral Surgery
  • Chronic Illness Management
  • Complete Diagnostic Testing

Exclusively From Petco


Petco offers a monthly box of various products and training information for new puppy owners. Inside the box can be toys, treats, chews, and other accessories all handpicked based on the puppies age and physical characteristics; every month the contents of the box will change as the puppy grows older, and if the customers are not satisfied with a product Petco will replace it. 

Customers have the option to chose between 4 plans (all plans ship free and are paid monthly):

12 Month Plan:

  • $29/mo

6 Month Plan:

  • $32/month

3 Month Plan:

  • $34/month

1 Month Plan:

  • $39/month

Heads and Tails by Petco

Petco’s iOS app where pet owners can win money for taking a selfie with their pet. 

Customers take a selfie with their furry or scaly friend, upload it to the Heads and Tails app, and share with family and friends. If the photo gets 100 likes in 30 days or less, Petco will give users a $10 Petco gift card. 

Visit Site

The Bad

  • Shipping Prices and Exclusions
  • Backorders

Shipping Prices and Exclusions

Shipping costs are determined by the packages weight and shipping method selected. There is Everyday Free Shipping on orders over $49. However, several products are excluded from this feature such as cat litter, dog litter, ice melter, wild bird food, live fish and rock, aquatic gravel and accents; crickets, live food, and frozen food; out-of-stock items, Donations, Petco or Unleashed by Petco Gift Cards and eGiftcards. Also, the items, cat litter, dog litter, wild bird food, live and frozen food, and oversized items may incur additional per-item shipping and handling fees.

Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands or P.O. boxes will result in a surcharge.


If an order cannot be immediately fulfilled, Petco will ship the items in stock. However, the items that are not available will be canceled from the order. Customers will have to go in and reorder the items once they are back in stock. 

The Bottom Line

Petco is a great option for a variety of pet parents. The company offers numerous products for all types of animals, as well as pets themselves. Petco provides the convenience of shopping online but has plenty of stores to select from. Customers looking to order their pets supplies online should be aware of the shipping limitations, as it applies to various pet products, as well as the backorder policy. However, the fact that Petco offers so many services and products makes for a successful one-stop shopping experience. 

Petco or Unleashed by Petco store will gladly accept the return of orders within 60 days of the initial shipment date. Before returning merchandise to a Petco or Unleashed by Petco store, be sure to print the receipt. If customers don't have their receipt, they will be issued a merchandise credit for the listed store price or allowed to exchange the product for something else. Shipping charges are non-refundable, and personalized items and prescription food can't be returned to a store. For returns made after 60 days, customers will be issued a merchandise credit for the paid price or allowed to exchange the product for something else.



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Ms. Joachim
March 6th, 2017

I have always enjoy shopping for my puppy at PETCO as well as taking him there to be groomed. I took my puppy there on yesterday 3/2/2013 to be groomed and when it was time to pick him up from being groomed, I paid for the grooming as well as purchased a new collar for him. I failed to try on the collar while we were in the store, and only realized that it didn't fit when I got home. Having been a repeat customer and Pet Pals member for many, many years, I didn't see any problem in me returning / exchanging the collar for the right size. My only shortfall was that I didn't have the receipt for my purchase. I got to the register and stated my issue to the cashier who called me up to his register. The cashier immediately "We technically don't exchange or refund pet collars w/o a receipt". I said where does it say that? He immediately asked the cashier next to him to hand him the sign reading their return policy. Once I read it, I asked for him to "go get his manager. He left and headed to the back or the store some where". About five minutes later, he came from around the corner asking me if I " had a Pet Pals account"? I said "yes, I do"? I also asked him "Why didn't he ask me if I had a Pet Pals Account in the first place"? He was being escorted from around the corner with the manager of duty (a female) It was around 1pm in the day when I attempted to exchange the collar for the right size. The manager stated that "normally we don't make exchanges or refunds w/o the receipt". I said "I now understand that, however my issue is that I never took the collar out of the package, and the cashier never attempted to provide true customer service to me. He could have gotten my Pet Pals Account which would indicate that I did make the purchase only the day before". This was extremely disappointing to me, because it indicates that if I didn't ask for the manager, this extra step wouldn't have been applied. Could it be that the cashier didn't know the process to provide full customer service to their customers? Tough to say; but the cashier was very stern and rude when I initially told me "I wasn't able to exchange the item". It didn't end there....... I provided my phone number for them to double check my account status and the manager told the cashier to go see if the purchase is listed on my account from yesterday. I repeated my phone number to the cashier twice, because it appeared that he was flustered and unable to write it down correctly the first time. He started to walk off to check on the information, and then stopped in his track to ask me for the SKU!# for the item I purchased. My immediate thought, now you want information from me. WHY!!!!!! I thought your store policy was to not return items w/o a receipt. And in fact, I if I did purchase the item, it would have the correct SKU# listed on my purchase history. So don't ask me for anything else. If your store policy is to provide full support to all customers, I don't feel that I receive that either from him or from his manager; who was on duty. This store has lost a customer and the ability to service my dog in the future. Morale to this story, is to provide equal service to everyone, not pick and chose who will receive what service. A VERY DISAPPOINTED AND DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER..... ANBOUT TO BOUNCE.

Robert Deck
May 28th, 2016 Baytown, TX

I went into the Baytown Texas store and the aisles were jammed with pallets on what the manager called "freight night" where they stock the shelves. I had to move pallets to get to aisles and when I spoke to the manager he didn't apologize but said it was what the store manager wanted. He didn't even have a name tag. I wrote Petco and then called and was promised a call back that never came. A Petsmart is opening down the road and I am going there. What a bad experience

Elyse C Silverman
April 4th, 2016 Myrtle Beach, SC

I haven't had a problem with the store, but online isn't good at all! It started when I asked to be notified when something I was interested in was back in stock (actually 2 things). Then I placed my order & they had a promotion going on for extra pals rewards that I didn't receive & have been chasing them to give that to me, even though I was told I was going to get it...I'm still waiting. I got my order, tried to call them a few times & had trouble simply getting through. My order was messed up, somethings were opened (seal was open) & other things were clearly used. When I did speak with a rep, I was told the ONLY way I could return to store was by an e-mail but I can't print it & don't have internet on my phone...I couldn't speak with a supervisor then either because call volume was SO high & I have already written asking for a call from a supervisor or manager so we will see if I ever get a call from one now. NOT GOOD!

Teresa Dodson
July 31st, 2015 Seattle, WA

I love the Petco groomers My little dog Lucky has seizures and they take really good care of him. We have had groomers in the past that we took him to and when he came home he would start having seizures. He has not once had a seizure when I would pick him up at Petco.

July 30th, 2015 Cecil, WI

My fur babies favorite store. We shop at the Manitowoc WI store, the people who work there are the best. I also foster for a rescue and they always welcome my fosters with open arms. Thanks Petco

July 29th, 2015 Sherburne, NY

I have been going to Petco in Johnson City, NY for the last 10 years. Each and every time I went in the store, I was greeted by wonderful employees. My lab was treated wonderfully, at the grooming dept. Even got a little report card. I always find what I am looking for in this store. I never once had a complaint about this store and always will continue going there.

Cindy Seidel Hout
July 28th, 2015 Temple, TX

I had the worst employee in the grooming dept here in Temple, Tx. She was rude, really rough with the pet that was on her table. Smart mouth and when I spoke to the manager David, he apologized, but did nothing about it. I have been taking my pet to the groomer at Petco for many years, not anymore. I shop at Petsmart for now on. Thanks

Lyndie Crawford
July 28th, 2015 London, KY

This was my very first visit to Petco. I drove about 75 miles to reach the store in another city. I was there to purchase two aquariums (a 40 gallon and a 55 gallon) which were on sale for $1.00 per gallon. I walked up to an employee who was cleaning the fish tanks, and I asked if he could find someone to assist me with the aquariums. He was friendly and stopped what he was doing to help me. I paid for the two aquariums, and this employee and another one carried the tanks to my car for me rather than making my friend and myself do it. The price for these tanks was extremely fair, and the employees were courteous and helpful! I would definitely shop there again!!

Susie Jones
July 27th, 2015 Beardstown, IL

I live 60 miles away from Petco, but every time I am in the city I go to Petco to get my pet food & cat litter. The prices are right & the employees are very helpful & friendly. It seems like every time I`m in a store they have lots of items on sale.

Sandy Willis
July 27th, 2015 Spokane, WA

I find they are not as helpful or friendly as PetSmart. I also can find more of the products I prefer at PetSmart. I have to travel further, but I still prefer PetSmart.

Sherri Lewis
July 23rd, 2015 Chesapeake, VA

Not thrilled with the brands and amounts of cat food that they are carring. Over the last 2 years I have exspressed concern to store management that they seem to be cutting back on what they carry and often the stock is very low only to be told both times that they are in process of a reset. If this is so it's the longest reset of a store that I have ever seen. I am now so discusted at the inability to purchase what my cats want that after my last visit in June I will no longer shop there but go directly to PetSmart. Sad...Petco had been my go topet store until the last year and a half