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LAST UPDATED: November 4th, 2021

Pet Valu brings over 30 years of experience to the pet industry. The company provides a wide selection of pet supplies to meet the needs of a variety of animals. These animals include dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and small animals. Pet Valu offers over 7,000 products including a large selection of food and treats as well as other pet care essentials. These products can be purchased in one of their over 670 stores in North America and Canada. 

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The Good

  • Large Selection of Products
  • Return Policy and Exchanging Products
  • Provides Information for a Variety of Pets

Large Selection of Products

Pet Valu offers over 7,000 different products in their stores for a wide variety of animals including dogs, cats, reptiles, wild birds, companion birds, fish, and small animals. Their selection of dog and cat food alone includes canned, dry, dehydrated, or wet pet food and can be filtered by name brand, natural/holistic, gluten-free, and grain-free food options for pets in all different stages of life. Customers can also find a large selection of pet care essentials and accessories including health and wellness products, toys, treats, habitats, collars and leashes, and cleaning/maintenance supplies.

Return Policy and Exchanging Products

Exchanging or returning items can be done reasonably easily at Pet Valu. Items can be returned/exchanged up to 30 days after the item has been purchased. Customers who have lost their receipt, do not need panic. Pet Valu will allow you to exchange the item or provide you with a refund in the form of a gift card to their store. This same policy applies to items that are returned with the packaging opened. There are a few exceptions to this policy:

  • Clearance Items
  • Litter Pans
  • Muzzles
  • Sanitary Products (Pet Diapers)
  • Cat Trees
  • Crates
  • Special Orders

Shoppers should also note that all sales of small animals, fish and birds are final. Pet Valu believes in forever homes; the company urges customers to research a potential pet’s health and care before purchasing.

Provides Information for a Variety of Pets

The Pet Valu website has numerous blog posts about a wide variety of pet-related topics. Pet owners can find information blog posts about the following topics:

  • Nutrition & Care
  • Training & Behavior
  • Living & Outfitting
  • Ask The Expert
  • Puppy Center
  • Kitten Center

This is a helpful resource to pet owners as they can find new information about all different types of topics for their pets. While most of the posts focus on dogs and cats, small animal, reptile, bird, etc. pet owners can find several blogs about taking care of those types of pets. The Ask The Expert section is a thoughtful feature because it allows pet parents can submit a specific question via email and receive an answer from an expert. Although, the site recommends that if customers have a question of a medical nature, to consult their local veterinarian or emergency clinic. 


The Bad

  • No Way to Purchase Online
  • No Online Customer Service Support
  • Information Online May Vary Depending on the Store

No Way to Purchase Online

The most disappointing feature of Pet Valu's website is their lack of an online store. Having over 500 Pet Valu store locations in North America is extensive, but an online presence would provide even more value to the shopping experience. While customers can view products available at various Pet Valu locations, they fail to provide the convenience of purchasing products online.

No Online Customer Service Support

In connection with a lack of an online store, Pet Valu provides no means of online customer support. Customers can send emails through the Pet Valu website specific to a store location or product. They also offer a phone number which may be used during business hours to answer questions. Because prices are subject to change, customers should contact a specific store with any questions about Pet Valu inventory.

Information Online May Vary Depending on the Store

Customers may use Pet Valu's website as a resource to view a large selection of products; however, prices displayed on the site are subject to change between stores. Prices viewed on the website should be used as a reference point only. To find the actual cost of a product, customers will have to contact their local Pet Valu store.


The Bottom Line

Pet Valu has a large selection of products to meet the needs of a variety of pets. They provide education on proper pet care both through their website and pet experts in each of their store locations. Although Pet Valu caters to the needs of their customers through their numerous store locations, they fail to provide the convenience of an online store. This makes specific product information difficult to obtain through their website, let alone making purchases from the comfort of your home.

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Brenda Neuls Wind Gap, PA

I have a hamster, a ferret, and a puppy. I've been to PetSmart and PetCo but I'm now a loyal Pet Valu customer. Our local store has the friendliest staff who are more than willing to lend a helping hand and/or to answer any questions I may have. I purchase all of my pet supplies there now because I've found they are way cheaper than the other big name pet stores. And they have everything I need. The loyalty rewards program is an added bonus! Not to mention the sample packs, Halloween pet parade, Christmas pet photos with Santa Claus, and so much more! I love, love, LOVE Pet Valu!

2 years ago

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E Smith Markham, ON

We are striking 100% failure here. We purchased a bark collar…it was not working consistently and then the recharge plug got stuck in the collar. I persevered got a replacement and contacted the company about a new recharging cord. I was made to feel by staff that I just wasn’t using it properly. We bought the soft sided collapsible crate, although well reviewed our little cockapoo quickly learned opened the zippers the first time he was in and on a subsequent occasion chewed his way out the front mesh. Just to clarify we limited the amount of time he was in it so he was not confined for a long period of time. Then we bought a water bottle with the one with the puppy drinking collar. Firstly, the label left a permanent sticky stain not dissolvable by soap or oil. We took it on our trip…it leaked all over the floor of our new car. We were offered 10% off any subsequent deliveries but I am seriously wondering if we are barking up the wrong tree. The sum and total of our experience is between the repairs needed from the these purchases, chasing down replacements, moping up wet carpets, trying to remove labels and still having inferior quality products on our hands, I wonder whether we want any further disappointing products you are offering.

8 months ago

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I got a pup in the summer turns out she was only four weeks old..the staff was incredible..Brittany is amazing help and ruby is doing great thanks to her great advice..I’m deaf so it’s hard for me to communicate she is very patient and heloful

4 years ago

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We bought a cat condo. The staff were friendly and helpful. We needed to put it together ourselves as our cat is fussy and won’t use it if it smells like someone she doesn’t know. The instructions are not very helpful and the parts should be labeled ABC etc.. Step by step for all the people who struggle with vague directions.

3 years ago

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Jean Boileau Spruce Grove, AB

Their new cat litter is beyond horrible. They call it "New Formula" but you'd be better off using mud after a rainstorm. All the company does is tell you they are taking your concerns yet brush them off. After years of buying from Pet Valu, they have lost my business.

6 months ago

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jjang mimo Keswick, ON

This happened at a Keswick branch.. My dog vomited blood and I've already checked with a vet - he suggested me to watch him for few more days and meanwhile provide him soft food.. so I ordered a whole box of royal canin can food online by clicking categories of "dogs -> wet foods" (there was recently viewed items at the bottom and as a product name it only says "royal canin digest sensitive thin slice in gravy") so I clicked it and purchased this one believing that everything was under dogs/wet foods category.. My dad went for a pick up, and when he came home I realized it was for cats. So I called the shop, and explained situation. I didn't make a call to argue or figjt for refund or exchange but to have solution getting proper dog food.. I am a reasonable person and I own a small handmade pet accessory shop too so I know sometimes it's very stressful when dealing with customers.. that is why I always try to be careful with other customer services.. but this woman, just from the beginning out of no reason, reacted extremely sensitively and offensively, telling me that it was my fault (which I admit) but also making unnecessary comments to point out stupidity like "there is a picture of a cat~~ and everybody can see~~" and told me I cannot exchange.. well it was okay not to exchange but the way she spoke was unacceptable.. It was obvious that her tone of voice and attitude were very sarcastic and disrespectful.. going through all that, I still needed to buy food for my dog so I asked her for recommendation.. but she kept treating me like a retard, not providing information to such simple request, but sarcastically pointing out my choice of vocabularies every time I spoke.. I explained desperately 'again' to make her stop being sarcastic and to honestly and emotionally get involved in a customer's situation and literally "help out".. it was okay not to have common human decency or respect but to at least be professional.. but she continued.. (I will write only key words) when I asked for "same food for dog" she's like "no such same food" so I used words "similar food then" and she's like "no such similar food" in royal canin.. I said "other brand" and she's like "no other brand" for easy digest.. it went on and on.. I mean.. you know what she's doing.. I didn't call her to play a riddle or take English vocabulary or debate lesson.. couldn't she just tell me which which products are there for me to choose?? Was that so hard?? she knew exactly what I meant but she just sarcastically repeated my words like a parrot and had fun negatizing it..? I know a lot of people are stressed these days, we all are, but do not pick a customer as your scapegoat to get rid of your own stressor.. please.. I was just a customer who needed some help choosing a product.. While she was playing words, I explained to her again "wet food, can food, soft food, whatever, I need any dog food that is easy to chew or digest" then she said "well everybody's different and I don't know what your dog likes bla bla.." so I finally said "Stop being so sarcastic I told you my dog is sick and I just needed help" and she said "if your dog is sick go to see a doctor".. that last comment made me so upset so I just hung up.. I know a staff working there is very friendly.. and the male owner is nice too.. but this woman.. was horrible.. maybe she is kind to other customers, maybe she had a bad day today.. but that cannot be an excuse.. she was the most terrible business person I've ever met, behaving so cruelly to a customer especially even after knowing someone is desperate thus need some help.. I hope oneday she realizes and apologizes.. Anyway I ordered dog food again and would like to donate cat foods if I cannot exchange as she said.. if anyone needs please let me know. May God bless you all and keep you safe.

1 year ago

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Joyce Bickerdike

It's August first and at 1AM my dog (Shih Tzu) started choking to death. I had already been to the vet a week ago for this respiratory problem. She was collapsing and I rushed down to the kitchen holding her in my arms to give her a prescribed bronchodilator She survived this attack but I didn't sleep the rest of the night for fear of another episode. As soon as the vet opened I rushed her to the hospital. I didn't care how I looked (no makeup, my paint stained jeans) The vet ordered an antibiotic On the way home , I stopped at PetValu on Lahave Street to get her some healthy food. At the cash, I put her down for a couple of seconds to pay for the food. (I had been so desperate about her breathing earlier, that I couldn't find her leash, so I had just put her into the car without one). The clerk, Jessica, yelled out for all staff and customers to hear "ya might want to bring a leash the next time you come " It was meant to embarrass and humiliate me. I had had a good feeling about this store prior to this nasty event. I guess my question is : why would this establishment allow this behaviour from their employees ? Do they not check to see that their employees are empathetic and kind? They are supposed to care, aren't they? I mean I had carried her throughout the store looking for the food. She couldn't have been on the floor for more than 30 seconds before this clerk decided to humiliate a person who was already in a fragile state. I will never go in there again for fear of another attack.

3 years ago

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Gary Bernstein

I reviewed the store months ago. I got a call from the District Manager who brought a bag of food and the bones the next day. She “claimed” she set it up that the food and bones would be there the last Tuesday of the month. Have not seen a bone for 3 months, and no food yesterday. The manager and now 2 employees had no idea what I was asking about. The manager said he could find a bag of food and have it there this morning. When I arrived, no manager, no bag of food, no clue. They find the manager and he is driving around getting ( or looking for) the food. I can wait for 20 minutes to see if he comes back or come back later. I file a complaint with customer service and the same District Manager calls me to tell me she can handle this now. Why not before? I refuse to have a conversation with her about how she is going to deal with this in the future. Then her boss calls and he tells me they have a bag of food now. He wants to know how to deal with this in the future. I tell him he needs a new District Manager, and for one customer who only spends $100.00 a month this is too trifling a matter for them. He is unaware that the food is not stocked in the store. I tell him even though Pet Depot is smaller it has shelves of it. There is a reason they go through managers regularly and this is just one small example of their indifference and inefficiency.

4 years ago

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Andrea Smith

Pet Valu and its' customer service sucks! They stole my money from me. Over $20 worth... I returned an item in its' original packaging that was opened but clearly unused, and instead of putting the funds back onto my credit card, which was what I paid with, the store would only issue me store credit. I did not pay for the product with store credit, I paid out of my pocket! Therefore, they stole my money. I cannot use the store credit. I will never go and in one of their stores again, not to mention, their prices are outrageous. I'm not sure exactly how they're staying in people continue buying from their stores. You can easily go anywhere else and get their products much cheaper. Too bad I didn't think to research this information before buying their products. They make Petco and PetSmart look cheap... Dara from Customer Service lied to me. She told me that she was going to handle the situation, and to give her just a few days to rectify the situation. This was back in November. That was the last time I heard from her, or anybody from the company....regardless of the 15 times I tried reaching out via email and telephone... I even just emailed them court papers because I'm taking them to small claims court. Thought maybe after seeing the papers, they'd actually respond and finally give in because they don't want to waste their time going to court over $20. Boy, was I wrong. Still didn't get a response! These people are brazing, and I hope they get what they deserve and get put out of business.

5 years ago

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Sue Green Ladysmith, BC

I love Bosleys but parent Pet Valu SUCKS!!!!! Ordered dog food online - they advertise two day delivery - and five days later was still not even shipped. Three calls to "Customer Service" (call center morons) resulted in the information that the "order didnt go through", although they managed to charge my credit card, There is also an order number so I'm finding this whole thing a bit smelly. Will be reporting to card company and will NEVER deal with this incompetent collection of idiots again

1 year ago

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Anna T. Stratford, CT

If i can definitely they will not get any star. The guy from store in Trumbull, CT is so ruth. Before i paid for doog food he said " can you provide me with your inf. And you will get 10% discount...its not take more then few second to do it" and I said ok but after all its no discount and only what i heard " you need to shopping 3-4 times with us until you get discounted. " What a joke! He was ashamed when I told him what I think about this! They are liars!!! Never will go shopping again to this store!!! Not recommend for snyone!!!!!

3 years ago

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Jack Walters

Went into a local store for some Blue dog food. Had to ask the girl behind the desk three times for help before she hauled herself up off of the desk, only to try and sell me a bag of their Canadian food. After five minutes of listening to her ramble, I just found it myself, marked up another $10 above what I pay at PetSmart. When I asked for a price match, the girl got angry and took forever to do that too. Never going back, place is way overpriced and the "help" is a joke.

5 years ago

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Michelle W Coraopolis, PA

Very easy to buy from online and pick up in the store! I loved the life jacket I got my labradoodle from here.

2 years ago

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Dakota Williamsport, PA

so much better than petco/ pet smart for a fraction of the price

3 years ago

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sarang San Jose, CA

the best

5 years ago

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Nancy Gilman, CT

Very over expensive and the staff are rude

2 years ago