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LAST UPDATED: November 14th, 2021

NuVet’s ultimate mission is to provide natural ingredients and the best nutritional pet supplement. The company is full of “pet people” who are driven to create products that are rich in vitamins and nutrients that are safe and will help every pet to live a long and happy life. All NuVet products are made in an FDA registered laboratory with completely natural, human-grade ingredients that are compounded to deliver the most effective nutritional health benefits. 

NuVet’s pledge to the millions of pets and their human families is to continually produce nutritional supplements that support pets’ health and keep them living their best life. 

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The Good

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • NuVet Plus®
  • NuJoint Double Strength (DS)
  • Nutrient Rich Products
  • How The Products Are Made

Satisfaction Guarantee

NuVet stands by its products with a 60-day, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

NuVet Plus®

NuVet Plus® was developed by NuVet Labs® to replace the nutritional benefits that so many commercial pets foods lack. NuVet Plus® is a high-quality supplement that has a precise formula of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, and other healthy ingredients. Introducing the NuVet Plus® into your cat or dog’s diet is a great way to add more than just vitamin replenishment, the formula also focuses on boosting the immune system and keeping both cats and dogs happy and healthy for many years. 

Dog owners can expect to see natural ingredients like Blue Green Algae, Evening Primrose Oil, Pine Bark, Papain, Alfalfa, Chicken Liver, Vitamin B1, and more for canines. While cat owners will see Whey Protein, Taurine, Brewers Yeast, Cat's Claw, Shark Cartilage, Oyster Shell, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and more.

NuVet Plus Powder and wafers were designed to combat the different toxins and chemicals that are often found in dry pet food and treats. The ingredients in the powder and wafers can help dogs and puppies build a strong immune system, keeping them healthy and happy. 

Shoppers can purchase the NuVet Plus® for dogs as wafers or powder, and there is a NuVet Plus® powder for cats. 

NuJoint Double Strength (DS)

NuJoint DS is a natural hip and joint supplement. While the product is great for dogs of all ages, this supplement is especially beneficial for older dogs. 

NuJoint DS comes in a chewable wafer that is flavored with chicken liver and is easy for dogs to digest. 

Both NuVet Plus® and NuJoint Plus® can be given at any time of day, with or without food. However, pet owners should know that this is not a meal replacement and should replace your current cat or dog food. 

Nutrient Rich Products

Shoppers can find a variety of natural, human-grade pet products that pet owners can purchase to give their pet a better quality of life. Some of the available products are:

  • NuJoint Plus®
  • NuJoint DS®
  • NuVet Ear Cleaner (routine ear cleanser for dogs and cats)
  • NuVet Sooting Skin Spray (help ease irritating skin conditions)
  • NuVet Pet Stain & Odor Remover
  • NuVet Conditioning Oatmeal Shampoo
  • NuVet Puppy & Kitten Shampoo
  • NuVet Tea Tree Shampoo 
  • NuVet Odor Control Pet Shampoo
  • NuVet Oatmeal Pet Spray (promotes healthy skin and coat)

How The Products Are Made

According to the website, NuVet products were developed over a span of eight years by three veterinarians, a nutritional scientist, and a physician, all were disappointed with the sub-standard nutrition and nutritional supplements in the pet industry. The team decided to create a holistic natural supplement that provides the nutrients our pets need. 

Using a "cold processing method", NuVet products contain natural, human-grade ingredients, so the nutrients are quickly absorbed by a pet’s metabolism. 

NuVet Labs® supplements are made in an FDA registered human pharmaceutical laboratory. This is rare in the pet food industry as many pet food and supplement companies are well-known for being unregulated and having issues with the purity levels of their products. 


The Bad

  • Returns Process
  • Must Have An Order Code
  • Not Available In Retail Stores
  • Limited Product Selection

Returns Process

If a customer is not satisfied with their purchase, NuVet does have a 60-day return policy. However, the return process does seem a bit time consuming and excessive. Customers have to call the NuVet office and receive a return authorization number before returning the product. If an item was tested and a customer was unsatisfied with it, they can return it—but they will only receive in-store credit. The customer is responsible for the return shipping charges, and customers will receive a credit for the amount of purchase, less shipping & handling, and a 20 percent destruction fee. Due to the safety regulations, the destruction fee applies whether or not a bottle has been opened. 

Must Have An Order Code

NuVet does not sell to the general public unless referred to by a vet, breeder, groomer or other pet professional. Since NuVet is a wholesale company, a 5 digit order code is needed to make a purchase. 

Not Available In Retail Stores 

Pet owners will not see NuVet products in their local pet store. NuVet Labs® only distributes its products through educated and dedicated pet industry professionals to maintain the integrity of the products. NuVet wants to make sure the information and recommendations of its products are from an informed and reputable industry professional who is trained on the purity, safety, and effectiveness of the supplements. 

Limited Product Selection

NuVet is not a one-stop shop for pet parents looking for pet supplies. The online store has unique products but the selection is limited. Pet owners looking for products that will help prevent and fight against diseases and hereditary conditions, (cancer, hip dysplasia, arthritis, allergies, heart disease, etc.) will be happy with NuVet’s selection. However, pet parents hoping to find toys, collars, pet beds, and other items, will need to look elsewhere. 


The Bottom Line

As far as wholesale companies go, NuVet is a solid choice for pet owners wanting to purchase a nutritional supplement that provides the essential nutrients that will aid in keeping their furry friend living a happy and healthy life. While NuVet doesn’t offer the most extensive selection of pet products, the available products are high-quality and made to give cats and dogs the nutrients that other commercial pet foods fail to provide. The products are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals that will help boost your pet's immune system and improve your cat and dog's life. Pet parents wanting to improve their dog’s health or provide an excellent quality of life for their feline friend should look at purchasing products from NuVet—typically, NuVet products can be found in grooming shops or veterinarian offices. 

However, don’t expect to find NuVet products in retail stores anytime soon. Due to their high standard for the NuVet products, the company does not allow the products to be sold in stores. So the only way to buy the products is from the website and customers can only make a purchase if a pet professional gives them their order code.

Also, if a customer is unsatisfied with a NuVet supplement or product they can return it, but be aware that the return process seems to be more complicated than other online pet stores. The customer is 100 percent responsible for the return shipping charges and will have to pay a 20 percent destruction fee, even if the bottle is unopened. 

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Beverly Eckert Jasper, IN

I am quality Breeder. IO have been using NuVet for 11 years. I can attest to all the benefits I have witnessed over the years. Dark softer coats, stronger puppies born, and Mother Dogs recovery faster after birth and get their lush dark colors back. My dogs love the taste and think they treats. I have tried many other brands and NuVet is the only vitamins my dogs will willing eat. I have seen OFA hip scores improve to the point where I never have a Breeding Dog fail an OFA hip test. I keep the NuVet vitamins in the cabinet with my coffee mug. When I get my morning coffee, I have three dogs and cat sitting staring at me waiting for their vitamin.

7 months ago

star star star star star

Kevin Anderson

To say we are extremely happy with this product doesn't say enough! If you have a pet who is ill and has received a suggestion for euthanization from the vet, I encourage you give NuVet products a try. We've used NuVet Plus and found that it not only extended the life of two family dogs, but also increased quality of life along the way. We first found NuVet about 5 years ago when our daughter's golden retriever, Winnie, had a stroke at 5 years old. We took Winnie to 3 different vets, including a holistic vet. In the beginning, the vets prescribed her all kinds of things that only made matters worse. We scoured the internet for alternatives because we weren't ready to let her go. We found NuVet and Winnie ended up living to be 10 years old. Her quality of life dramatically increased, she was walking and smiling right up until the end. We ultimately put her down because we'd found cancer had spread through her body and it was getting too painful for her. We also used NuVet with our border collie about 2-3 years ago. We think she got bit by a tick while in her pen. By the time she walked from her pen to the back door, she'd lost whole use of her back end. We put her on NuVet Plus at 11 or 12 and she's still going now, 14 years old! Pets are family and we decided that if there is no cure for what's ailing them, we could at least help give their bodies a fighting chance. The NuVet pill was the only acceptable solution out of everything we checked into, especially in Winnie's situation. It's a wonderful product for ill pets who still have a lot of spirit. The company does offer a quantity discount. there were times we couldnt afford to order it. they do offer qty discount. not out of our reach, but hard to pay for. can talk to them on the phone.

5 years ago


Review Source

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Penny Shadinger Huntsville, AL

Our dachshund has been taking the NuVet chewable vitamin since he was a few months old. He is now 7. His coat is extremely shiny, he is full of energy, no joint issues so far. Very pleased with this product.

7 months ago

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mary corbett Marshfield, VT

I am a professional breeder , When my puppy families come to see my Bernese and Bernedoodles they always compliment me on their shiny coats ,bright eyes and energetic personality , I attest it to Giving NU Vet as Puppies and to my adult dogs , The pride of their visit is when I bring out Katrinette My 13 year old bernese , She steals the show Thanks Nu Vet for such a wonderful product and years of making my dogs healthy and Happy

2 years ago