1. The Naughty and Nice Pet Gift Guide

The Naughty and Nice Pet Gift Guide


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Written by: Carlee Linden | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: February 24th, 2020

A wrapped present
This holiday season, be sure to tell Santa Paws to place a few extra gifts under the tree for your pet. After all, they are family. And when your cousin asks if your pet really needs that holiday sweater the answer is yes, always yes.

To make your holiday shopping easier, here are our favorite holiday gifts for pets on the nice list this year:

Pamper your pet

Pet Rover Prime dog stroller

Pet Rover Prime
“A luxury pet stroller for small to medium-sized pets! A great gift for pet parents who want to easily transport their pet in style. Perfect for older dogs and cats, as well as, other unique pets.”

Available on Pet Rover USA

Catit grooming kit
Catit Grooming Kit
“Give your princess the TLC she deserves with Catit’s Grooming Kits. Available for longhair or shorthair cats, the bundle features tools for daily use, organized in a chic, white container for easy storage.”
Available on Amazon

cat walks up a kitty box ramp to do its business in the litter box
Kitty Box Ramp
“Kitty Box Ramp allows arthritic, senior, and disabled cats to get in and out of the litter box comfortably. Veterinarian approved and made in the USA.”

Available in blue, lavender, and gray.

Available on Kitty Box Ramp

Fauna Care Protect and Condition Spray bottle
Fauna Care’s Protect & Condition Spray
“Our skin feels the effects of cold, dry weather in the winter and so does our pet’s. Fauna Care’s Protect & Condition Spray is perfect for moisturizing and protecting all types of skin. The no-touch application provides long-lasting, invisible protection. This spray will help with friction and soothe raw, irritated skin.” 

Available on Fauna Care

Have the most fashion-forward pet in 2019

Dog wears a Django reversible puffer dog coat

DJANGO Reversible Puffer Dog Coat
“DJANGO's Reversible Puffer Dog Coat is an insulated, durable, and adventure-ready winter dog jacket designed for muddy trails and snowy sidewalks. Oversized arm holes ensure maximum comfort and range of motion, and the 100% cotton interior lining offers additional warmth for your adventure dog.”
Available in Lava Red, Matte Navy, and Sage Green.

Available on DJANGO and Amazon

A jefe leash with a diamond pattern
Jefe Leash
“If you're looking for a fun and colorful leash that won't fade over time, this is it! Colorfast nylon webbing is both strong and durable, and hardware is crafted from anodized steel.”

Available on Hunter & June

Small dog wears a camo fleece hoodie from Zoo Supply
The Camo Fleece Hoodie
“Dogs living in colder climates will love these plush, breathable layers, which fit so they can play and maneuver without getting dirty.”

Available on ZOO SUPPLY

A swiss dots chambray collar from Hunter and June
Swiss Dots Chambray Collar
"Both elegant and playful, this collar is perfect for the stylish pet. Featuring durable fabric, luxe gold hardware, and a strong nylon core, these are beautiful AND built to last.”

Available on Hunter & June

Treat your pet to something nice

1.6 ox package of RedBarn Naturals Protein Puffs

Redbarn’s Protein Puffs
“These tasty treats, available in flavors for cats and dogs, are light and crispy and have a unique combination of protein and natural ingredients. Protein Puffs are also made without any artificial preservatives, flavors or colorings.”

Available on Chewy.com

Benebone Pawplexer chew toy
“The best part about the Pawplexer is its versatility. There are many chew options that you can insert into the Pawplexer. As shown below, we recommend bully sticks that are spiral and circular in shape to give your dog’s mind as much exercise as his/her mouth. Other options include: chicken’s feet, straight bully sticks, braided bully sticks, etc. The possibilities are endless.”

Available on Chewy.com and Amazon

Cat inspects a Kit Nip Box delivery
“KitNipBox is a monthly subscription box for your cat, and is full of fun toys and treats. You can even order a 1, 3, 6, or 12-month subscription as a gift easily from their site.”
-Suggested by Emily Parker from Catological.com

Available on KitNipBox

Give them the gift of entertainment

A happy dog holds his Biff The Dog toy

Biff The Dog
“Say hello to your dog’s new best friend! Biff the Dog is a character-based brand with a PAWSitively lovable vibe. Your furry friend will fall head over paws for the Biff Sr. furry toy, sporting Biff the Dog's signature plush spiked collar. Along with a supersized squeaker, you’ll find added fun with sliding hind legs — perfect for tugging!”

Available on Biff The Dog

The Bulldog by Zeus pet toy
The Bulldog by Zeus
“After an afternoon snooze, your pup is ready for some interactive fun. The Bulldog by Zeus barks, shakes and rolls unpredictably around the room keeping him entertained for hours and tuckering him out for his next nap.”

Available on Amazon

Happy dog with a soccer ball
One World Futbol
“While it's designed for human use, our fans, customers and followers definitely love and use the One World Futbol with their four-footed friends. If you have kids (grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc.) and also have dogs who keep stealing the balls, the One World Futbol is great for both and will survive beyond ordinary balls! Just think, long-lasting play for all.”

Available on One World Play Project or Amazon

dog drinks from a Quirky Pawcet drinking fountain
Quirky Pawcet Drinking Fountain
“Pawcet is an outdoor fountain designed to provide fresh, clean water for your dog. To use, connect it to any standard garden hose and turn on the water supply. Your pet will be able to activate Pawcet's water flow by pressing the pedal with a paw.”

Available on Amazon

Outward hound puzzle toy for dogs
Outward Hound - Nina Ottosson Dog Twister
“This interactive puzzle toy is an excellent gift for dogs that need a little extra mental activity in their day. It holds small treats or kibble and encourages your dog to paw, nudge and push the toy to open each of the nine compartments. During the holiday season and after, there is often a lot going on. This can be overwhelming for our pets as we disrupt their routines and put them in unfamiliar situations.”

Available on Homes Alive Pets

Connect with pet family

Embark dog DNA kitEmbark Dog DNA Test
“An Embark Dog DNA Test enables a dog owner to learn about their dog’s breed, ancestry, health, and more with a simple cheek swab. With a research-grade DNA genotyping platform, Embark looks at over 250 breeds and more than 175 genetic health conditions and traits.”

Available on Embark Dog DNA Test

Even if your pet is invariably going to be on the naughty list, you wouldn’t dare face those puppy eyes and not give them a gift. After all, maybe there is a chance that they’ll find their way back onto Santa Paw’s nice list. Here are a few gift ideas for your more mischievous furry friends:

Keep track of troublemakers

Furbo barking app and a dog barking

With Furbo, kids can keep an eye on their dog throughout the day, toss them treats, speak to them through a 2-way audio feature, as well as -- via the new Furbo Dog Nanny service -- receive, 24/7 Smart Alerts, Dog Activity Alert, Bark Alert, Dog Selfie Alert (yes you get a selfie of your pup!), Person Alert, Cloud-recorded videos triggered by activity, barking or people in the frame and Doggie Diaries (a 60-second timelapse of highlights from your pup’s day).

Available on Furbo

Dog wearing a Link AKC smart collar
Link AKC Smart Collar
“Winner of the CES 2018 Best in Innovation Award, features GPS, temperature monitoring and more making the Link x Wagz device one of the best GPS trackers available today. Locate your pup anywhere with the build in tracking device, create an invisible fence anywhere and use the remote sound feature to aid with training.”

Available on Link AKC or Amazon

Clean up after their messes

Stain Fu Stain & Odor remover

Stain Fu Stain and Odor Remover
“Best Stain and Odor Remover for pet parents. Designed especially for furbaby messes. Safely eliminates pee, poo, slobber, spew, and more!”

Available on Stain Fu

The Christmas season is a time for happiness and joy. However, for many pet parents and their pets, the season can be stressful and a bit overwhelming. If you’re stressed about this upcoming holiday season, take a look at these humorous pet gifts and celebrate Christmas relaxed and happy.

Be the life of the party

Dog wearing Humping K-9's Dog Sweater

Humping K-9's Dog Sweater
“The Tipsy Elves want your dog to feel included in the inappropriate Christmas sweater trend. So, now there's a raunchy design made just for canines.”

Available on Tipsy Elves

three packages of Canna-Biscuit dog treats

Canna-Biscuit Dog Treats
“Canna-Pet’s 100% American-made bite-sized biscuits are perfect for any size pet and are super convenient to bring along when traveling. The biscuits are all-natural non-GMO and organic CBD pet supplements for dogs made from industrial hemp, not marijuana so it won’t get your pet high. Perfect if your pet suffers from pain, allergies, anxiety, seizures, cancer and more, Canna-Pet is a great thing to have around the house over the hectic holidays! Canna-Pet’s biscuits come in PB&A (vegan), Turkey Dinner and Maple Bacon flavors!”

Available on Canna-Pet

The Top Online Pet Stores Companies

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#1 Chewy chevron_right
9.9 Overall Score
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