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LAST UPDATED: December 17th, 2021

Brookside Pomsky is a puppy adoption service that raises Siberian husky and pomeranian mixes, called pomskies. Brookside Pomsky is located on a family farm in Plymouth, Utah.

According to the Brookside Pomsky website, the company is not a mega breeder or puppy farm; rather, the family owns only a few dogs.

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The Good

  • Puppy Obedience Training
  • Pomsky Owner Association Approved
  • Included Services with Purchase
  • Price

Puppy Obedience Training

Brookside Pomsky offers obedience training for the puppies it sells. For $1,450, Brookside Pomsky provides a basic four-week training for the puppies, beginning at eight weeks old. For $5,300, the dog breeders offer a more advanced obedience training that takes six months. Brookside Pomsky also begins potty training each pomsky puppy at five weeks of age.

Pomsky Owner Association Approved

Brookside Pomsky is a Pomsky Owner Association-approved breeder. All Pomsky Owner Association members are verified and have to abide by a strict code of ethics.

Included Services with Purchase

Each pomsky puppy sale includes a microchip, the puppy's first vaccines, a report from a veterinary exam proving the puppy's good health, a one-year health guarantee, the puppy's pedigree, and a puppy care package. Each puppy is also dewormed and DNA tested to prove it is clear from more than 160 genetic disorders prior to the sale.


The price for Brookside Pomsky's puppies ranges from $1,600 to $4,000, which is in the average range for reputable pomsky breeders. Certain puppy features, such as blue eyes, increase the price, while returning customers are offered a $200 discount.


The Bad

  • Limited Breeds Available
  • Shipping Costs

Limited Breeds Available

Brookside Pomsky only breeds pomsky puppies, so buyers who are interested in other breeds or older dogs will need to look elsewhere.

Shipping Costs

Because Brookside Pomsky is located in Utah, customers who live outside the state will either have to travel to pick up their puppy or pay to have their puppy shipped to them. Shipping starts at $375 for flying a puppy to another U.S. location via cargo on a plane, and the price rises for shipping to other countries, as well as for having a nanny fly with the puppy in the airplane cabin.


The Bottom Line

Brookside Pomsky is a family breeder that goes to great lengths to ensure the safety and health of its puppies. The breeder’s credentials and included services are worth the cost of its dogs, for those who are interested in pomsky puppies.

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Melissa Minneapolis, MN

These Breeders lie, don’t “provide lifetime support,,” and never sent our dog’s certification or registration like they state on their website. Our Pomsky was aggressive and scared of men for 6 months, and gave stage 3 bites for the first 3 months, and that was with their “obedience training” from Mischa’s husband the trainer, (Johnny.) Find a reputable breeder or go to a shelter if your heart is set on a Pomsky and have older children, are well versed in dog training, and work from home . These folks are liars and only care about money. We purchased our puppy almost a year ago in February 2020 and paid the additional money for “training.” Our puppy arrived mid April, and was not only aggressive but fearful of everything. When our trainer told me it would be best to re-home the puppy after the first week through 4 months living with us due to giving stage 3 bites for no reason I attempted to reach out to Mischa and her husband Johnny(the trainer.) They only responded once and hung up quickly after regardless of my on going attempts to reach them. When I asked if I could return her to them during the only 3 minute call Johnny made to me, he said that he wouldn’t take back a puppy that’s biting. Clearly their promise to help with all their puppies for the dog’s “Lifetime,” as indicated on their website is a complete lie. Despite the intensity of our puppy’s aggressive and painful behavior, my thirteen year old begged me to continue to attempt to train our puppy 24/7, because he felt she’d be put to sleep since no one would take her in due to her behavior. After having multiple trainers and being involved in puppy groups for the last 6 months we couldn’t be happier with our dog’s progress and new temperament, but her aggressiveness was horrific for the larger part of the year. I reached out to Mischa again almost 3 months ago, because I never received our puppy’s certification and registration as promised in our contract after I paid them nearly $7,000 dollars for our puppy. That price tag included “training” which obviously I DO NOT recommend. Mischa responded a week later and said only that she was unsure why she didn’t receive it either and would look into it. It’s been almost a year since I paid for our puppy, and STILL, she never sent the registration and certification. The reason I’m writing this review is not only to expose these horrible “breeders” for what they are, but let families with young children know Pomskys are a tough breed for a younger family. Brookside Pomsky knew my children were 11 and 13, but never told me the amount of exercise ( at least 4-5 miles a day) and playtime necessary for this breed to thrive. Our puppy is very loving now, athletic, loyal, and playful, but I was dedicated 24/7 to training her. The first 3 months we had her she ripped skin off every family member in our home for no reason on a consistent daily basis. As a result my youngest, the 11 year old who loves animals, became scared of dogs. Since Pomskys are a hybrid breed, they are like a box of chocolates. Even though they are totally chargeable with compassionate, dedicated, and stern boundaries when they are young, the amount of painful days and nights were many for our family. Having said that, for our household, it was worth all the work and physical pain, but younger families should be very cautious of this breed. In addition, I think a family member should be home all day to play, walk, and be around to address this breeds’ anxiety and fear of abandonment. Our puppy follows me everywhere and I love it, but needs to stay active and have multiple interests in order to remain happy. After enough consistent reassurance, I’m sure your dog will trust that you will protect and be there for them like our puppy has. If you have the time and are versed in dog training, Pomskys are an amazing breed, BUT go to a shelter, so many are sent away due to their behavioral issues and need for attention.

1 month ago