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LAST UPDATED: December 10th, 2021

Founded in 2020, RIDD Pest Control offers customers in Utah, Florida, and Georgia a wide array of pest control solutions that spans a number unwanted pests. The company promotes quality customers services and eco-friendly products to protect homeowners, their families, and their pets from pest infestation.

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The Good

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Pest Expertise

Satisfaction Guarantee

While the terms of the pest control company’s treatment plans are not as yet disclosed, RIDD Pest Control does offer customers a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee,” implying that should the company’s pest control service not meet customer satisfaction, or should pests return between treatments, RIDD Pest Control will amend the pest problem free of charge. 

Pest Expertise

RIDD Pest Control boasts an expansive pest catalog that highlights all the insects and other pests common to its three-state service area, including ants, spiders, bees, roaches, mosquitos, rodents, and more. 



The Bad

  • No Additional Services
  • Undisclosed Treatment Plans
  • Limited Service Area

No Additional Services

RIDD Pest Control does not appear to offer additional services outside of exterminating pests. In addition to standard pest control, leading pest control companies like Terminix will also provide yard and lawn services that treat the home’s exterior and lawn, attic and crawlspace service that identifies and eliminates pests in hard to reach spaces, and animal control that assists in the humane removal of larger animals. 

Undisclosed Treatment Plans

While the standard in the pest control industry is to provide four seasonal treatments throughout the year, some companies provide supplementary service packages that support the standard pest treatment. This includes specialized treatment options covering bed bug and/or termite control. Homeowners interested in RIDD Pest Control’s services will need to contact the company directly to determine the exact terms of the company’s service plans and, if any, additional treatment options.

Limited Service Area

RIDD Pest Control operates solely in the areas surrounding Lehi, Utah; Atlanta, Georgia; Tampa, Florida; Orlando, Florida; and Miami, Florida. As RIDD Pest Control is a relatively new company working in a small, yet competitive pest control market, customers will need to rely on verified RIDD Pest Control reviews from actual customers to get a true sense of how the company conducts business in those communities.


The Bottom Line

RIDD Pest Control provides standard pest management services and advertises eco-friendly products and top-notch customer service. Given the relatively young age of the company, more time may be needed to determine whether the company can follow through on these claims. The lack of detail on the company site will require customers to reach out directly to the company or consult first-hand reviews from real RIDD Pest Control customers. Potential customers in search of additional services may find better luck with a more established pest control provider.

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Russell Dull

For the first service, the service was fine. They came out, cleaned out the wasp nest from my soffit and spider webs and cocoons from inside my pool enclosure, and did a good job. After that, the service became bare minimum and I ended up with a wasp nest on my soffit for 4 months and they didn't come to my house for two months saying the service appointment was canceled even though I never talked to them. On top of that, THEY CHARGED ME FOR THE 2 MONTHS THEY DIDN'T EVEN SHOW UP. What's more, there is a $199 cancelation fee they don't tell you about upfront (They tell you it's in the contract when you try to cancel) that discourages you from canceling even though they are providing mediocre service.

1 month ago

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Lee Arrowood Melbourne, FL

Rudd is new to Central Florida. Logan stopped by the house to introduce himself. We have struggled with Big Head Ants since building this home in 2015. Very few companies will cover them and very few commercial insecticides will affect them. I told them we would give them a try if they could get rid of the ants and check the attic for bees. Mason showed up to provide service that Saturday morning. Note that typically we spray and kill the steady stream of ants but they return within an hour or so. Mason introduced himself and circled the outside of home then added a few touches inside. 3 weeks later and no sign of these pests!! Service was prompt, courteous, professional. We could not ask for better. Logan later climbed up and searched attic for bees and found no sign of pests in the attic. We rate them "Absolutely Wonderful".

7 months ago

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Judy Howell Ogden, UT

We had one of your representatives stop by our house in July of this year. After talking to them for a time, and describing what insects we were dealing with i.e. black widows, ants, wasps, beetles and spiders, we agreed to give them a try because they gave us guarantee that they would get rid of everything. they sprayed once in August and have not been back since, but have charges me 53.00 a month with a start up fee of 106.00. We have survellance in and around our house and know when someone has been here. They have not been here since the first time they supposedly sprayed. The thing is if they spayed why were we still seeing insects. I almost was bitten by a black widow, but lucky I seen it first. we have a child with autisum and can not afford for him to get anywhere around insects let alone a black widow. I guarantee they did not spray the house. Furthermore, they have been charging my bank account since August, Sep and October. The bank has been notified and have put a block so that wont happen. I called and spoke to the so called technician, and told him that I was very dissatisfied with their services and for them to discontinue the services as of August. He acknowledged our conversation and said he would note that on my account. I told him why I wanted to cancel the contract and I told him because of their inability to complete and fulfill their part of the contract. We have been harassed by them several times by email and phone. Again, we told them we no longer desire or want their services. We have hired someone else who does their job and also comes back and sprays again when asked. We have also have pictures of this black widow right after they said they sprayed, this company is a rip off they want the money for services that was never done. I will be contacting the BBB and reporting this company for what they are claiming to do but Not doing. They are preying on the elderly people telling them they will do this and that just to get them to sign and believe in them, but not doing a darn thing.

2 months ago


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cheri jolliffe Melbourne, FL

Ryan was the last to come out last week. Very nice guy. He took time to answer questions and tried to do the best he could for us. All the guts who have come have been nice. However it hasn't really helped a lot. I'm not happy with the money it costs each month and still dealing with wasps, ants..

2 months ago

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Yadhira Blanco Palm Bay, FL

Total ripoff Beware Our home had some ants we sign for their services and it turn into an infestation One day I decided to purchase ant baits at the local store and the ants were gone Worst company ever and you cannot cancel without penalty Stay away

3 months ago

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Josh v Spring Hill, FL

This is the first time I've ever had to call the police on someone. Solicitors came to my house to attempt to secure a contract, I answered the door said "No thanks, not interested." and closed the door. A moment later there's pounding at my door, the same guy...I asked "Do you have money for me? We're not interested and you need to leave." He proceeds to inform me he's not leaving until he speaks to my wife, like some drunken ex-boyfriend determined to fix his past relationship, and I was the only thing between him and happiness. I ask him if he has a contract with signatures, show me some paperwork, anything to validate his refusal. He produces nothing, so, I tell him he needs to leave and if he doesn't I'll be forced to call the police for trespassing, this infuriated him. A heated exchange ensues to which finally, I ask him "Do you want to hurt me or something? You look like you want to hurt me." He answers "Ya know, if I weren't on the job I probably would." I tell him to leave again, probably for the 4th or 5th time. I decide to show him my ID (after being accused of being some random babysitter or something) and let him know that he's "been asked to leave and you must go" -- after a moment and a few more reminders for him to leave, I decided it's best for me to return inside and lock the door. He walks to his truck and sits on the easement for a good 15-20 minutes before returning and pounding on the door again. I remind him several colorful ways that he's not welcomed, and he demands that I call my wife so he can speak to her, to which I pulled up the sheriff's office phone number and proceed to ask for a deputy to arrive and escort him off my property. About 10 minutes later a deputy shows up and tells him that he has no right to act like this and tells him to leave the property. To which he finally obliged and drove off. Definitely a sour taste in my mouth for this company and something to look out for, as I'm 100% positive he was in contact with his superiors multiple times in between interactions. BUYER BEWARE.

5 months ago

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Christine Rinaldi Bradenton, FL

After a long day of taking care of 2 sick kids I finally got my baby to sleep. I have a sign on my doorbell that says “Do not ring bell baby is sleeping” Guess who decides to ring my bell after 8pm and completely ignore my sign? Baylor from RIDD pest control. Needless to say I was not happy to have my baby awoken by a pushy solicitor on a stupid hoverboard. I was disgusted that he didn’t even apologize and instead proceeded to laugh at me. Anyways I’m leaving this review to always remember to never use this company. This is NOT the way you get new costumers.

7 months ago

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kelsie Fort Lauderdale, FL

Awesome team! Did a great job! not a fan of bugs so they made sure I felt comfortable and informed me of whats going to happen every step of the process! very happy with the results I have seen already!

8 months ago

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Sthitaprajna Sahoo Brandon, FL

I wish can give a zero star . They lock you into a contract and provide the service that you didnt wish for. Stay away.

3 months ago

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The Thomas cousins Tv FL

Awful pest product and customer service.

3 months ago