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LAST UPDATED: October 18th, 2021

Starkey Thomas started Arrow Exterminators in 1964 as a family owned business. Today, the company remains family-owned with 94 service centers operating in 11 states. They are the sixth largest pest control company in the U.S (rivaling national brands like Terminix) and the second largest privately owned. They offer customized, eco-friendly treatments that are backed by guarantees.

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The Good

  • Full-Service Company
  • STEPS Total Protection System
  • Unique Services

Full-Service Company

Arrow is a full pest control service company specializing in a number of household pests: Termite Control, Mosquito Prevention and Control, Stinging Insects, Fire Ant Control, Wildlife Control (including snake iss). Arrow also provides Exclusion Services, Handyman Services, Insulation Services, New Construction Treatments and providing documentation for Real Estate Transactions. They offer these services for both residential and commercial customers.

STEPS Total Protection System

Arrow's premier feature is their free home evaluation for residential customers. They also offer a flagship program called the STEPS® Total Protection System™ which is backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The STEP system has three components:

  • Free inspection of the pest problem by a qualified Arrow technician
  • Identifying not only the pest but the real cause of the problem
  • Treatment in the most environmentally responsible way to alleviate current issues and help prevent any future recurrence.

Arrow treats a thorough list of pest species, including:

  • Ant control (fire ants, carpenter ants, and white-footed ants require special services)
  • Cockroach control
  • Termite inspection
  • Spider control
  • Bug control (silverfish, earwigs, house crickets, pill bugs, millipedes and centipedes).
  • Mice and rats
  • Scorpion
  • Bed bug control

Unique Services

Another highlight is Wildlife Control. Some companies stick to the traditional rodent and insect pest control Arrow goes farther to control animal infestation problems like raccoons. In addition to handling unwanted pests, Arrow Exterminators offers specialized residential services. These services include:

  • Lawn Care Services
  • Moisture Control
  • Handyman Services
  • Insulation Services

An integral part of the STEPS® Total Protection System™ is the Sentricon System with Always Active™, a termite treatment system used in the White House, Statue of Liberty and other national landmarks. Sentricon is the gold standard for termite colony elimination.


The Bad

  • Lacking Information
  • Pricing

Lacking Information

It is great that Arrow Exterminators has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee; however, they do not explain what that means. Most companies detail the benefits and features of their Guarantees. Other details that should be disclosed are contracts, pricing, re-treatments (follow-up treatments in the event of a recurring pest issue) and cancellation fees.


Like most companies in the pest control industry, Arrow Exterminators does not make pricing options available to prospecting customers. Arrow also does not disclose the details of any of its contracts. Customers have to contact the company directly to learn any contract details.


The Bottom Line

Consumers with rural properties or who have gardens that are vulnerable to animals and common pests would benefit from Arrow's Wildlife Service. Regarding preliminary details on contracts, pricing, and their satisfaction guarantee, it would be nice to see Arrow Exterminators disclose this information.

We suggest looking more into Arrow exterminator services before choosing to use them for your pest control needs.

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Colin Gwin Luling, LA

These review systems need to start allowing CUSTOMERS to leave a zero star rating. Maybe that would help to give a more accurate review rating. Only allowing us to leave a minimum of one star already puts them to an advantage. With that said, here is my zero star review. I have been an Arrow customer now for one year. When they first came out to my house house to asses it and give me an estimate I decided to go with their service. I wrote the representative with the company a $700 check and let him do his initial spraying at my property. They scheduled a day to come back and install their traps which they came out at a later date and done so. Fast forward a month or so later, someone in the billing office called me looking for $700. I told them that I wrote the first guy that came out a check. Looks like he lost it. I then had to pull out a credit card and pay over the phone and then proceed to call my bank any PAY them to stop the payment on the check they lost. Fast forward a year later. Arrow is suppose to come to my house for there yearly treatment and we pay ahead of time and they cancel that scheduled date. They then rescheduled a later date just to cancel a second time again. I called and raised hell with them and they offered me a free visit when they were to come out again. They finally came, and now I am receiving a bill for the services we already paid for. I am about 2 seconds away from canceling my service with them and the service that my mother in law has with them too.

3 months ago

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Rosita Jupiter, FL

I live in North Palm Beach County and made the mistake of getting fooled by the sweet talking, kindly man who came out to give a quote. To keep it short..after getting my money the 'salesman' became " unavailable". The office says each salesman is responsible for "their own customers"and they can't say or do anything. Make sure they write on the contract EVERYTHING that you are paying for and don't let them tell you it doesn't matter. This is a well rehearsed con game-plain and simple. Oh , and ladies-watch out for the man who wants to give hugs to show he's a great guy--it's an act and he doesn't do what he promises.

2 years ago

star star star star_border star_border

Dave Reynolds Lake Wales, FL

Be sure you understand what you are signing up for. I wanted a 1 or 2 visit to rid us of some ants. I got a contract for 4 visits over a year to the tune of $305.00. I feel that's poor work on their part. I won't recommend them.

3 years ago

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Jim Knocke Atlanta, GA

Arrow was the first choice because I wanted a local company, not some telemarketer. The technician came out and sprayed only windowsills in the house ignoring most everything else. He did spray outside. When we had roaches three weeks later, I was informed that the warranty was only good for 30 days! The label on what they did spray was scariest ever with the most chemicals harmful to humans - I only noticed this after he had sprayed. Folks, geta detailed copy of any chemicals used on your property. This is deadly to humans, but not the roaches - they are back.

3 years ago


Review Source

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Angelina Hamilton Jackson, MS

They do the pest control where I work and are very good. They are always nice and professional. Every time we have a problem we call them and they always come right out to help!

1 year ago

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Melvin C Herren Anderson, SC

Arrow with their $45.00 termite letter is a con. I charge $100.00 min. to $150.00. I have checked crawlspaces after Arrow who were trying to get the customer to do something that needs not be done. Getting a Termite letter should not be a way to make a sale. Hence the $45.00 termite letter.

2 years ago

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Sarah Geismar, LA

They’re dishonest! They show up whenever they feel like and start spraying the exterior of your home without any advance notice then charge you. The house reeks of chemical fumes once they leave. We decided to cancel.

2 years ago

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Steven Coleman Gilbert, AZ

They are reliable, affordable, and have good customer service

4 years ago

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Zoe Robison

It totally sucked yeah it got rid of some of the bugs but when I came home the place was trashed beds torn up blankets all over the living room

4 years ago