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6 Easy Ways Moms Can Make Extra Money From Home


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Having a baby changes your life more than any other single event. If you consider that life-changing events always have an impact on your finances, you can see pretty quickly what a child can do. And if you plan to stay at home with your little addition, family finances can become even more strained. Fortunately, we've got few great ways that a stay-at-home mom (or anyone else, for that matter) can earn money while bonding with the little one!

1. Unleash the Writer Inside of You

If you have a degree and you know how to write, there are options out there. Think about it: all online businesses need writers, and wherever there is writing, there is also editing. Search for opportunities on message boards, Craigslist, and other sites. You can use social media to put the word out that you're available and to post samples of your work. Make sure you do a bit of research to ensure any offers you see are legitimate, and steer clear of anything that promises to make you rich-it is almost certainly a scam.

2. And the Neighbor's Baby Makes Three

You're already at home washing, feeding, and entertaining a little one. Why not add another child into the mix while you're at it? Good, reliable childcare is always in demand, and you have the best kind going-a secure family home with lots of individual care and attention. It can bring you more than extra cash, too. If the chemistry is right, your little newcomer can play with your child. Everyone wins!

3. Now You're Cooking

People are busier now than ever, too busy to cook proper meals in many cases. If you enjoy cooking and you're good at it, why not start a service providing nutritious homemade meals? You'll need to limit this enterprise to your circle of friends and acquaintances, since a food-services business requires an industrial kitchen and a lot of red tape, but you might be surprised how well you can do within that circle.

4. Make Some Paper With a Paper Route

If you're an early riser, as most stay-at-home moms are, you might consider a paper route in your area. It gets you out and about, which is good for your mental health, and you can bundle junior into a stroller and take him with you. Since you'll be working on a regular schedule, the money will add up fast.

5. Bubbles for Cash

Start a laundry service for your neighborhood. Busy professionals will love the convenience of dropping off laundry in the morning and picking it up fresh, clean, and folded after work! You can advertise your service the old-fashioned way-make a quirky poster and put it up around the area.

6. Research for Fun and Profit

Did your university education leave you with some mean research skills? Why not earn money with them? Check out opportunities online for researchers, or get in touch with your alma mater and make inquiries. Remember that your university still cares about its alumni, and your former professors will be happy to give you any help they can. You may even be saving someone a huge headache just by calling that day or stopping by the office. Share the wealth that is your fine researcher's mind! Even if you didn't go to college, there are still plenty of opportunities out there.

You don't have to let staying at home with a baby drive you into debt. Earning money while you parent can increase your self-esteem, help with your debt relief, and keep you from feeling isolated. Who knows, your entrepreneurial spirit may even teach your little person a thing or two!

Do you have any other great ideas for making some extra dough? Let us know in the comments!

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