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White Pages actually started as a "hobby" for its founder, back in 1997. Alex Algard is the current CEO (and founder). Since its inception in 1997, White Pages has grown to offer a lot of different search features and even has made an app that lets mobile phone users tell who is calling. One of the things we really liked about White Pages was the robustness of their user interface. The sleek web design makes it easy for a user to enter the search criteria that they have and find the person that they are looking for. We also found that White Pages has been featured extensively in the media and has won some awards, including:

  • Business Insider
  • The Seattle Times
  • Time Tech: 50 Best Android Apps for 2013


The Good

  • Search functions

White Pages has a solid basic people search function. Their tool was very easy-to-use and robust search tool that provided the following:

  • People Search, helping find a person's full name, address, and city.
  • A business search function, helping find the contact information for a business.
  • A reverse phone search that let's you find the phone number's carrier and city.
  • A reverse address search featuring all the contact names associated with a particular address.

White Pages also offers reverse phone search, business search and address search in addition to their basic search. Their pro edition offers more searches.

The Bad

  • Outside agencies
  • Opting out

To get a background check on a person, the search engine directs to www.intstantcheckmate.com. In other words, they use outside agencies to support some of their services.

To opt out of White Pages policy of disseminating information for advertising purposes is to must click on one of the third party services that they use, such as a do-not-call registry, to block your personal information for advertising purposes.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a name, phone number, address, or other similar contact information for a person or business, we recommend White Pages for its basic search functionality and its mobile apps. We were concerned though about third party sharing and outsourcing information from other sites like www.instantcheckmate.com and Spokeo. This site, in some situations, reveals just how much personal information is shared across the information commerce industry.


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Bill Brunson
April 25th, 2018 Stevensville, MT DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

All the phone numbers given were worthless. Not 1 of them was a good number for anyone. I called no less 70 phone numbers White Pages came up with and not 1 was a good number for anyone. DON'T WASTE A DIME ON THIS SIGHT.

February 14th, 2018 Charlottesville, VA DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

They are horrible. I keep trying to opt out and they keep sending me these emails saying I am opted out. BUT I AM NOT. I keep sending screen shots showing my still there profile. Then, the woman from White Pages just keeps sending me and email on how to opt out. They are awful.

December 5th, 2017 American Fork, UT

WhitePages.com is a reliable company. I have found anyone I needed to on that website. I haven't paid for the service, just used the free search.

Margi Burtin
September 29th, 2017 Eldon, MO

Don't sign up for this service unless you need it forever. I cancelled it and was still billed for two months with the excuse that I didn't cancel soon enough. It's a rip-off. What's more the info I wanted was not accurate.

Cathy Lawson
August 18th, 2017 Lawton, OK

I was very disappointed in this site. I did find the person that I was looking for, but the info on them was nearly 5 years old. They didn't live at the address given, or have the phone number provided. I cancelled the same day, after accepting the $1 one day trial. Nothing like it used to be. And definitely not like it used to be when you could find people easily!!!

James Kackley
August 17th, 2017 Tampa, FL

quickly found what I was looking for Thanks

Ronald L Wise
August 17th, 2017 Prescott, AZ

I can't even figure out how to use this. I can't ask for help because I can't even find my serial #. I made a mistake ordering this. I am way too old. All I wanted to do was recover some deleted direct messages from Twitter. If I could get a refund, I would take it.

Renee Ward
August 14th, 2017 Ann Arbor, MI

I found it very helpful to track down a bad contractor and his address, and family information to use in court.

Eydie Clement
August 11th, 2017 Lubbock, TX

When I suspected my husband was having an affair, I was needing a source to discover who belonged to the numbers he was calling and texted. I was able to assign names of the women and eliminate the legitimate friends he was communicating with. He refused to go to counseling and he was assuring me he was not cheating. White Pages helped prove he was having one serious affair and multiple sexting/texting with other women. I am now able to file for divorce with confidence that I did everything to salvage the marriage. This was not his first and I would have liked to have had this service 17 years ago when I went through this mess the first time. Thanks!

Joy Gregson
July 12th, 2017 Seattle, WA

basic details on people are very reliable and helpful for confirming relatives details. main reason for high score is when compared to other reverse lookup websites their info is usually accurate and way easier to use

Kenneth Okerlund
June 6th, 2017 Orem, UT

Can't get any information about numbers who are calling me through this site. They force me to pay for anything beyond "landline/cellular" and a rough area of where they are calling from which is easy to find out anyway based on the area code. I refuse to create an account to view public information especially because everyone I know who has made an account with them regretted it after the first month due to cancellation issues.

Susan Stewart
June 6th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

I've used whitepages online when I needed to find my landlords address to mail my rent check. It was super easy to find him. I've used it several times because I just can't seem to remember his address. I guess I could write it down, maybe I will next time. The website was super easy to use and gave me the information I needed.

Patricia Baumann
January 24th, 2017 Saint George, UT

Total Scam - there is nothing free about this site. You can no longer get a quick, free phone number or address on this site like you used to. You are forced to use "premium" and pay a fee, even for your OWN address, landline, or publicly listed phone number. This company should be sued for false advertising and the owner should be arrested.

Lisa Brunner
October 17th, 2016 Grandview, MO

This site is a total scam. I paid for a one month membership, cancelled, was charged the following month, cancelled, then charged a third time. Since I'd already been charged, I tried to get a report on myself out of curiosity. In order to get the report, the only option that came up was to pay for the report, even though I had a premium membership. This site will take you down a rabbit hole, then when you finally think you get what you paid for, they'll try to squeeze more money out of you. Do not use this site.

Rob Kidney
August 11th, 2016 San Diego, CA

they lure you in with low price once you have paid their are extra charges for items that wer not on the initial they listed only a few of my relatives 905 I never knew

Jen Baker
July 21st, 2016 Castalia, NC

My information is all mixed up with other people who share my name. One of them has apparently gotten arrested frequently. 26 arrests and citations show up under my search. There is no way for me to fix this. I can ask to have my information removed, but to do that I have to create an account with them (ie, give them more information!) Terrible violation of privacy!

James Dickson
February 25th, 2016 Miami Beach, FL

I didn't like the way they tricked me into going with their search. I was VERY reluctant, after reading several bad reviews about other companies, but their pitch for a FREE search got me. However, it was NOT free! I hate companies (or anyone) using dishonesty to manipulate; - once they've shown they are willing to operate without integrity, it's OVER for me! Why can't they be HONEST???