is a website dedicated to helping people find friends relatives or other contacts, even when they have but little information to go on. With ThatsThem, you can find people simply by typing in a name, phone number, address or other information. It’s a simple process, and it’s one that won’t cost you a dime to use. 

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The Good

  • Several search options
  • Cost
  • Simple to use
  • Personality test
  • Popular searches

ThatsThem boasts some effective tools and user-friendly elements that will bring a smile to your face as you attempt to hook up with a person or people you might not have heard from in years. If you have exhausted your efforts elsewhere, ThatsThem is a great place to turn. Here's what you'll like about this site:

  • Several search options. You probably have a name to go on, and sometimes that's all you'll need with ThatsThem. Type in a first name, middle name, last name or all three, and the site will bring up results that match. Of course, some searches might yield a massive amount of names. If so, it's no problem. You can make the search more specific by inputting other information such as address, phone number and birthdate. You can even enter these other bits of information if you don't happen to have a name. In fact, you can even search by social media ID, VIN or IP address. All of these and any combinations thereof will give you results that match your search. You can even do a reverse phone search to learn who has been calling you.
  • Cost. Nobody is going to complain about free. And let's face it, finding any no-cost service is a rarity to be sure. But is a free site. You can search for anyone using any of the above-described parameters without paying a dime. There are no fees or no surprise charges to using the site. ThatsThem is one of the few people search sites that you can use for free. While some offer basic searches for free but must pay for more detailed information, ThatsThem never charges. So you don't have to worry about wasting any money on fruitless searches; if your search gives you nothing, you haven't lost anything.
  • Simple to use. You don't need to sift through meaningless data, jump through hoops or provide complicated data. All you need to do is type in the information you have to learn more about the person in question, and you're in business. It takes a matter of seconds for the search to yield results, so don't worry about having to spend a lot time waiting.
  • Personality test. An interesting feature to the site is a link to a personality test. Though it may seem out of place, it might be a useful tool for.
  • Popular searches. Also of possible interest is a list of popular recent searches by name and phone number. The site contains a live feed of those individuals recently searched.

The Bad

  • Nothing beyond basic searches
  • Weak website
  • Customer service problems

The above-noted features are certainly appealing and would be enticing to anyone looking for friends, family or colleagues. But be advised that the site has a number of limitations and weaknesses as well. Here are some things that the site doesn't have or that it should improve:

  • Nothing beyond basic searches. When you type in a name, phone number, address or other information, as discussed, the site will spit out possible matches. It will show you information such as spouse, income range, phone number, language and religious preference. These are all well and great, but what you really miss out on with ThatsThem is background information. Many people search sites will give you details such as financial dealings (liens, bankruptcies, judgments) or criminal records, but ThatsThem provides none of this at all. You can purchase a background check for people, but this is done on a different site outside of ThatsThem.
  • Weak website. The website itself is nothing to rave about. It's basic and bland. One can't even find out much about the company itself or the people who lead its endeavors. The site has sparse customer service information as well. The navigation is clunky, and the site as a whole is simply subpar.
  • Customer service problems. ThatsThem has a nice FAQs page and provides information about privacy, but its customer service is virtually nonexistent. If you have a question or concern, you won't easily find an answer, especially if you wish to talk to a person. There might not be much of a reason to need customer service but having the option just in case would be nice and comforting.

The Bottom Line

The recommendation on whether you should use ThatsThem for your searches is a difficult answer. On the one hand, the site is fast, easy and does what it says it will do. You won't have much trouble at all putting in a name or other information and getting resulting matches. You will also find interesting information such as wealth and income. The fact you can use ThatsThem without paying anything is especially alluring, especially considering most other sites will charge a monthly fee.

The problem is, ThatsThem itself will not give you the background information you might be seeking. For this, you are taken to an entirely different site outside of ThatsThem, and you'll pay for this just as most searches require.

The answer comes down to what you seek in your people search. If you want details in order to learn more about someone's history, ThatsThem is not recommended; however, if simply want to know who owns a particular phone number or where so-and-so lives, the site is excellent and is definitely one to use over and over.

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Sally F.

August 21st, 2019 Charlotte, NC

I accidentally fell upon this company when quickly trying to verify a friend's address. It appears to have an affiliation with "Been Verified". What I couldn't believe was the wrong information it offered! So I typed in my address, and got some correct info, an e-mail address I haven't used for YEARS, incorrect financial info, etc. It said I lived in a household of ONE. Last I checked my husband was still living here. Then I saw his name come up as living here. They could not verify his age range and next to "Education" they wrote "did not finish high school". OK, we got a good laugh about that, except it's not funny. Aside from graduating high school, he also completed college, a military academy and was a career officer. This website could be a danger to people and must be shut down!


Melanie A. Miller

January 9th, 2017

Website states that a VIN search will; "We will display all relevant information associated to that VIN number including the owner's name, phone number, email address and more. ThatsThem also provides information on the VIN number itself, indicating make, model and year of the vehicle searched." It revealed the year, make & model of vehicle ONLY which I already had... waste of time & bogus advertising!


Jane Doe

November 1st, 2016 Chandler, AZ

You are 100% correct about customer service: I cannot get an address or a phone number for this company. I have been sending them emails in regards to my opt-out. Although they say that I have opted out on the live page, the URL/snippet has my phone number on it and the rest of the information is in the cached version available using Yahoo or Bing on a computer. A man at the company sends me emails stating, I can remove that for you in 48 hours, but it hasn't happened yet and it has been a whole month! I wrote to the Better Business bureau about this.

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