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LAST UPDATED: September 9th, 2021

Spokeo is a people intelligence service that helps people search and connect with others.

In fact, Spokeo is a useful resource for finding old friends, identifying unknown callers, and researching those around you. To do this, Spokeo organizes over 12 billion records from thousands of data sources. From this information, the company collects this information and puts it into one easy-to-understand report.


The Good

  • Subscription Benefits
  • Simple Website
  • Accuracy
  • Legality
  • Customer Care Team

Subscription Benefits

If you're looking for someone, a subscription membership with Spokeo is extremely beneficial. A membership gives you access to a variety of information. 

For example, a simple Name Search (with a membership) can reveal the following information:

  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Age
  • Addresses
  • Relatives
  • Marital status
  • Education level

Another example, a Reverse Address Search (with a membership), will reveal the following information:

  • Names of current and past residents
  • Owner information
  • Estimated value and building statistics
  • Phone numbers, email addresses, social network profiles of owners and/or tenants
  • Neighborhood information
  • Depending on the information you need, a membership with Spokeo might be the perfect solution. 

Simple Website

Using Spokeo is extremely simple. The website is incredibly straightforward and even purchasing a report is a breeze. All you need to do to search is put in a name, email address, or some other form of personal information, and Spokeo does the rest. Even if you don't remember everything about a person, Spokeo will create a list of possible matches. 


The majority of Spokeo's information is accurate. The company cross-references over 12 billion licensed public records and uses thousands of sources to generate its reports. However, some information may be outdated or incorrect. To combat this issue, Spokeo has recently added a "Show Sources" feature that can help you determine which results are from older sources. 


While many people question Spokeo's methods, the company is legal and compliant with all laws. 

Spokeo clearly states that it only collects information from thousands of public sources. This includes phone books, real estate records, census records, mailing lists, surveys, public social media profiles, and more. However, the company can't access private information such as text messages, call history, or emails. 

Additionally, Spokeo makes it clear that it is not a consumer reporting agency. This means that people cannot use the data to decide on employment, housing, or any other purpose covered by the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). 

If you are uncomfortable with the information available on Spokeo, you can opt out. To do this, we suggest visiting Spokeo's Help Center and searching "Removing my information from Spokeo."

It is important to understand that this isn't a permanent removal. Spokeo states that removing Spokeo's directory listing does not remove the information from the original source. Therefore your information might still appear on other directory sites. If you have multiple listings on Spokeo, you must remove each listing individually. Also, since the company continually receives new and updated records, you'll need to regularly check the website for additional listings that pop up.  

Customer Care Team

Spokeo's Customer Care Team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact the team by calling, emailing, or through the live chat feature. 

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The Bad

  • Multiple Purchases
  • Limited Number of Searches

Multiple Purchases

If you choose not to purchase a subscription plan, you may find yourself going down a spending rabbit hole. When you first search a name Spokeo will pull up an initial report. This provides you with some general information such as phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, and more. If you click on a home address, Spokeo will search for more information regarding that particular address, such as current residents or a full tenant history. The same thing goes with email records or cell phone records. 

If you're a paid subscriber, all this information will pop up automatically when you click on the link. If not, you'll have to pay for each additional report. 

Limited Number of Searches

Unfortunately, Spokeo limits the number of searches you can do each month. However, this information is only revealed when you get to the purchase page and click on the link to the plan's specifications. Once you've hit the maximum number of searches, you can wait until the next month (and the number resets), or you can upgrade to a larger number of searches. 


The Bottom Line

Spokeo is a legitimate company, is compliant with all laws, and provides you with an assortment of information — whether it be an email address, phone number, home address, marital status, and more.

If you're uncomfortable with the accessibility of your information on the site, you can easily remove your listing from the site. The Customer Care Team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

However, there are a few drawbacks that you should consider. If you don't have a paid membership, you may find yourself making lots of small payments for multiple reports. While this may not seem like a big deal at first, it will add up over time. Spokeo also limits your number of searches. If you need more than the maximum amount, you'll find yourself having to upgrade your plan.

Spokeo does offer a free trial period; however, if you don't cancel before it's over, you can expect to be automatically charged the monthly fee. 

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E Jester Baltimore, MD

I like Spokeo. I only used it a couple of times but I located everything I was looking for. The best part was, I was only charged $.95 for a trial for 7 days. This was a decent price for what I was looking for and it gave me days to enjoy it before I canceled. Great service if you need information on someone quickly. The only setback is, you need their full name or address and I had the address. It gave me a list of names and I found what I was looking for. Spokeo is the easiest process I found to help me with what I needed. Thank you, Spokeo!

2 months ago

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carole abel Palm Coast, FL

i used spokeo when i worked at SSA to locate people. it was a nightmare- a rabbit hole that constantly asked irrelevant questions and kept asking for subscription or payments to get more information. The data they did offer was outdated or useless. it is a waste of time

2 months ago

star star star star star_border

Julia UP Southbury, CT

We are using Spokeo a lot, it will search for anyone by name, phone number, address, email. This is could help you to reconnect with lost friends and family members. Would recommend

3 months ago

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Susan Stewart Salt Lake City, UT

I used Spokeo to track down my niece's deadbeat baby daddy. I know how this sounds, but the product worked well! We were able to get his most recent address, which helped my niece in filing her case for child support. Now he has to finally pay for his child after six years of hiding.

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Ginger Attaway Claremore, OK

Spokeo has no right to list people's private information. It's up to me to give out my cellphone number and my email address. What a sleazy way to make money.

4 years ago