Spokeo was founded in 2006 as a people search engine. They now have over 100 employees in their Pasadena, CA offices. People can use Spokeo to do the following:

  • Reunite: Spokeo lets people find classmates and other colleagues for get together events and reunions.
  • Browse: Some functions of Spokeo let site users read about the famous people who have shaped current trends in culture in society.
  • Discover: Some functions of Spokeo let small businesses and non-profits reach out to potential investors and donors.

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The Good

  • Reputable
  • Policies

We felt like Spokeo was one of the "cleaner" search engine sites to use in terms of reputability. We liked that Spokeo explicitly states that their product is not for credit/insurance eligibility, employment opportunities, and violating the fair credit act. We also like that Spokeo has been featured in periodicals, such as Reuters and the Huffington Post.

We found that Spokeo also had some of the best policies when it came to protecting children. Spokeo does not collect information from people aged 13-18 due to the age limits of social media. There is also a customer care email address provided by Spokeo that lets customers ask questions directly.

The Bad

  • Terms
  • Search options

We had a little bit of frustration with the Terms of Services. They mentioned that getting a subscription was essential, but the prices, revealed later in this review, were not easy to find. Also, we didn't like that some search features didn't include an unlimited number of searches option. We also felt that "education level" was a bit too personal of a search to yield on individuals.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we felt that Spokeo had the cleanest reputation of people search engines online. This, in and of itself, is a good reason to recommend Spokeo. We also liked that Spokeo specifically listed what its website was not to be used for. We also really liked Spokeo's easy opt-out option. We found that Spokeo's opt-out was the best in the industry and that we wouldn't have to sit around for days on end waiting for our information to be pulled from the website.

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Ginger Attaway

October 18th, 2017 Claremore, OK

Spokeo has no right to list people's private information. It's up to me to give out my cellphone number and my email address. What a sleazy way to make money.


Susan Stewart

June 6th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

I used Spokeo to track down my niece's deadbeat baby daddy. I know how this sounds, but the product worked well! We were able to get his most recent address, which helped my niece in filing her case for child support. Now he has to finally pay for his child after six years of hiding.

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