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LAST UPDATED: February 4th, 2021

PeopleSmart is a people search tool that can help you reconnect with friends and family, learn more about your next date, see who's been calling your number, and more. 

You can even look up your own information to see what others can find out about you. 

Peoplesmart is not a Consumer Reporting Agency, and therefore cannot be used for purposes that require FCRA compliance. If you are searching for consumer reports to make a decision related to employment, credit, housing, insurance, or benefits eligibility, you will need to find an FCRA-compliant resource.

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The Good

  • Legality
  • Easy to Use
  • Opt-Out Option
  • Confidential Searches


To be clear, PeopleSmart is a database that gathers public records and aggregates all the information into its system — allowing you to easily search and find whomever it is you're looking for. 

Generally, people use PeopleSmart to find general contact information. However, you can also use the site for finding someone's social networking profiles, personal background checks, criminal records, and any other publicly available information. 

That being said, PeopleSmart is not shy when it comes to stating what you can and can't use its service for. You cannot use PeopleSmart to determine a person's eligibility or suitability for employment, insurance, credit, loans, education, housing, or other similar purposes.

This is due to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The FCRA is a federal law designed to prevent discrimination through a series of guidelines and procedures. 

On PeopleSmart's website, the company clearly states, "Peoplesmart is not a Consumer Reporting Agency, and thus cannot be used for purposes that require FCRA compliance."

We recommend visiting PeopleSmart's website for more detailed information. The company includes a page that is entirely dedicated to answering any questions you might have about the FCRA. 

Easy to Use

When using an online resource to find someone, most people expect the process to be quick, easy, and effective. PeopleSmart does a pretty good job at all three of these things. 

All you have to do is input a few pieces of information, and PeopleSmart does the rest. Generally, the search takes about one to two minutes, and if you have all the correct information, you shouldn't have to sift through too many reports. 

Opt-Out Option

Those concerned with their information being on PeopleSmart can have it removed. To opt-out, you will need to contact PeopleSmart's customer support team for instructions on how to remove your information. 

Keep in mind that while PeopleSmart does allow you to remove your information from the site, it's not perfect. The company further explains that new and different information may appear over time and you will need to have that removed separately. 

Confidential Searches

All of your searches with PeopleSmart are confidential. No one is notified that their information is being viewed.


The Bad

  • Cannot Buy 1 Report
  • Limited Searches
  • No International Use
  • Case-by-Case Refunds

Cannot Buy 1 Report

Unfortunately, PeopleSmart does not allow you to purchase just one report. 

If you want to get any information, you have to sign up for a membership plan. You can take advantage of the seven-day trial but just remember to cancel before your seven days are up. If you fail to cancel, you will be charged the monthly rate of $29.99 plus any applicable sales tax. And after you are automatically enrolled, your membership will renew every 30 days. 

The fact that PeopleSmart requires you to sign up for a membership (even if you just need some general contact information) is quite frustrating. There are plenty of other sites that allow you to pay for the information you need and don't require you to be a full member. 

Limited Searches

Even with a monthly membership, PeopleSmart limits your search queries to 100 reports per month. It is unclear if you can upgrade your membership or pay to increase your search limit.

No International Use

Currently, PeopleSmart only provides information on those living within the United States. 

Case-by-Case Refunds

PeopleSmart does not have a satisfaction guarantee, and all requests for a refund are determined on a case-by-case basis. 


The Bottom Line

Overall, PeopleSmart is a legitimate company that is simple to use and offers various information on those you're looking to reconnect with (or possibly connect with in the future). All searches are confidential, and we appreciate PeopleSmart's transparency and compliance with the FCRA. 

However, there are a few things we think consumers should consider before making a purchase with PeopleSmart. 

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a single report. To view any information, PeopleSmart requires that you sign up for a membership plan. As we stated earlier, you can take advantage of the seven-day trial for $1. However, if you don't cancel the trial, you may find yourself being automatically charged the monthly fee.

PeopleSmart is not the best choice if you only want one or two reports. We recommend using another people search site (one that allows you to purchase a single report separately) without having to worry about canceling within a short timeframe. 

Additionally, PeopleSmart does not offer any sort of satisfaction or money-back guarantee. All refunds are determined on a case-by-case basis. While PeopleSmart does its best to ensure all its customers are satisfied and offers to look into each scenario, there is no guarantee you'll get your money back. 

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