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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
People Search Now is a simple and pain-free way to find out who people are, where they are and what they’ve been up to. Founded in 2006, People Search Now has been helping people everywhere find people and conduct background searches. It is an effective way to keep up with anyone you know or what to know more about. 

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The Good

  • Easy, convenient, and fast
  • Cost
  • Cancelation policies
  • Opt-out policy
  • Customer service
People Search Now is a trouble-free way to find people anywhere in the U.S. and an ideal method of learning about a person's background. The site is one of many you can use to search for individuals. As you decide which one is right for you, consider the following positive aspects you'll find with the site:
  • Easy, convenient and fast. The last thing you want to do when tracking down a person of interest is to be forced to devote a great deal of time and energy to your efforts. You want to go somewhere where little digging is necessary. Fortunately for you, People Search Now can yield you results literally in a matter of seconds. Searching is simple, and it done right from the site's homepage; you don't have to hunt all over the place, as the search bar is displayed prominently as soon as you land on the site. Just plug in the information you have on the person, and you can soon have access to a great deal of contact information.
  • Cost. In comparison with other people search sites, People Search Now is quite inexpensive. There are three different membership plans you can purchase: Unlimited People Reports, $7.99/month; Unlimited People Plus Phone, $12.99/month; Unlimited Background, $19.99/month. Other sites routinely charge $35 a month or more for comparable information. So don't worry about having to pay an arm and a leg for the information you desire. The cost versus the benefits is a pretty good value.
  • Cancelation policies. People Search Now realizes that not everything is going to go perfectly for everyone all the time. It's possible you will become dissatisfied, for whatever reason. If this is the case, you can cancel your membership at anytime during the month without any penalty and no questions asked.
  • Opt-out policy. If you are concerned about having your information online, don't worry: it's easy to opt out and have your name, address, phone number, etc., remove. You just have to fill out a form, mail it in, and your concerns can be wiped away.
  • Customer service. People Search Now has a FAQs page as well as reliable customer service. Questions can be directed via phone or email.

The Bad

  • Inaccuracy
  • No free search
  • Time in business
People Search Now is far from perfect. In spite of the good aspects discussed above, there are things to be concerned about. Here are some shortcomings, weaknesses and lacking features on the People Search Now site.
  • Inaccuracy. People Search Now has a very low accuracy rate in comparison with other people search sites. Your imputed information will often yield many results-so many in fact that it can be very difficult and annoying to sift through the data. The site, therefore, is not nearly as reliable as one would expect. Other times, no results come at all, even when plugging in multiple bits of data. Some of the addresses and phone numbers searches provide are years old, far from valid or useful. The inaccuracy issue is a huge black hole for the site. After all, you are using the resource with the hope and confidence that what you will find is up to date and accurate. But you can't rely on this with any degree of certainty with People Search Now.
  • No free search. While the prices, as mentioned, are favorable, it is disappointing that there is no free search option. Initially, you can plug in a name and address, and it will spit out possible matches. But in order to get more information about that match or matches, you have to pay, even for the basic information.
  • Time in business. There is nothing inherently wrong with a young company. Many newcomers and start-ups are successful from the get-go and can provide fresh new ideas and approaches. Sometimes a newer company can outpace a more established one. But generally speaking, more experienced companies simply have more resources, skills and tools than one that is newer. In the people search business, there are a number of old players that appear to be more trustworthy than People Search Now, which is still younger than many at nine years of age.

The Bottom Line

People Search Now stands out as being simple, fast and pain-free. When you want to find someone, you want the information to come quickly without any hassle. You could be trying to find out where you old neighborhood buddy is, and Facebook hasn't turned up anything. You might want background information on a nanny, babysitter or someone else who will be spending time around your children. In both cases, you want the information readily available. People Search Now can give it to you, and it does that at a low cost, compared to others in the industry. The biggest flaw with People Search Now is the inaccuracy. Yes, you want information quickly, but it has to be accurate and reliable. Otherwise, what value does it have? If your search turns up nothing or it gives you addresses or phone numbers that are a decade old, you have accomplished nothing, and you'll move on to another source. There are more efficient, consistent searches that you can put your trust in far more than People Search Now. Your best move is to try someone else.
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