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Intelius is an information commerce founded in January 2003. While Intelius is not without controversy, they have won several business awards over the last decade. These include recognition from Inc., Washington CEO, C-Net, and Puget Sound Business Journal. The company has been recognized for product innovation, community service, business growth and expansion, and industry leadership. Intelius was one of the first companies to allow consumers to remove their information if they didn’t want to be included in a search and has some of the best apps in the industry. Intelius has helped a lot of customers during its time in business. Services offered include people search, reverse phone lookup, background checks, and identity theft protection services. Since 2003, Intelius has sold over 50 million reports, reports that are drawn from over 20 billion public records from a large network of publicly-and commercially-available sources. Logo ›



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The Good

  • Transparent Policies
  • Identity Protection
  • Opt-Out Policy
  • Wide Variety of Services
  • Customer Support

Transparent Policies

Intelius offers one of the most transparent platforms for people searches and background checks in the industry. Terms of service and privacy policy are clear, easy to find, and provide information on billing practices and different subscription levels. In addition, Intelius clearly states that background checks and people searches are different services. However, prices are not as easily accessible on their website.

Identity Protection

Individuals who are checking out their individual background check or people search have the option of purchasing identity protection. Intelius will provide up to $1,000,000 in coverage of insurance to protect a person's identity. Intelius was one of a few companies in the industry that provided clients with identity protection.

Opt-Out Policy

Another great feature of Intelius is the opt-out policy. Intelius has an online form that you can fill out that will remove your search information from the database. While your information is not totally "deleted," it is blocked from the search tool online. If you opt-out of Intelius, clients will not be able to search for you. Intelius also offers a mail-in format for their opt-out service. Typically, the service takes 7-14 business days to complete and costs nothing. We appreciated that Intelius made an effort to protect a person's identity and privacy and also provided a time frame for removing a person's information from the search tool.

Wide Variety of Services

We also liked the wide variety of service options available with Intelius. Single purchases as well as memberships are available. Customers can pay for a people search subscription or day pass without purchasing a full background check. There are also a wide array of reverse searches possible. Some companies in the industry only give you the option of searching with a name and location. We found that clients using Intelius could search with just a phone number, an address, or another piece of information that partially identified an individual.

Intelius, unlike many competitors, also offers a mobile app. The app allows customers to perform reverse phone lookup and people searches.

Customer Support

We also liked the customer support options offered by Intelius. We felt that they truly want to ensure the best customer support experience possible. With other companies in the industry, we often couldn't find a phone number or email address and were at the mercy of the online email form. Sometimes, during our review process, Intelius's competitors would not respond if we used on their online email tool. With Intelius, we were immediately put into contact with a customer support representative who answered our questions about prices, the opt-out policy, and some of the reverse search functions of the website.

The Bad

  • Pricing
  • Third-Party Sharing


Intelius' prices are more difficult to find than some competitors. We also found that Intelius had slightly higher prices for some products when compared to their competitors.  However, we like that they provide options for single purchases for customers who want a onetime purchase, rather than a monthly membership.

Third-Party Sharing

After using your credit card to purchase a service, you have to let them know that you do not want your information to be provided to third-party services (for Internet advertising, etc.). In addition, when customers register using Facebook login credentials, or other similar processes, they also authorize Intelius to gain information from Facebook, or the other associated account.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we recommend Intelius for their people search and background check services.  Also, we feel that Intelius does a good job with making the opt-out process easy for individuals who do not want to have their information accessible via a people search company. We would like to see Intelius make its pricing information easier to find. We also recommend that customers carefully read Intelius' privacy policy.


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