Publicly available criminal search engines are quickly becoming the most sought after service in today’s uncertain world. Instant Checkmate understands that there is no price tag associated with peace of mind. Since early 2015, that’s just what they’ve been delivering.  

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The Good

  • Services
  • Pricing

Using a convenient and cost effective service like Instant Checkmate you can easily check into the neighbors who are new in your area, check for nearby sex offenders in a neighborhood you are considering and even look into the parents of your children's friends before agreeing to a sleep over. The general public now has the power to check on people before actually meeting them. We all have a member of the extended family that has become estranged for one reason or another. You can now check in on them without having to call directly. Let's not forget about the option to run a background check on a potential date. Whether you watch too many mysteries on television or not, you must be aware that terrible things can happen on the typical dinner and a movie type date.

Using Instant Checkmate may just make the world a little less uncertain. For the bargain price of $19.99 for each Premium search you can gain all of this knowledge for yourself. Running criminal background checks has never been more affordable than it is with Instant Checkmate. What about yourself? With all the technology available to find anything on anyone, what would someone find if they ran a background check on you? That's right. Every traffic ticket, marriage and divorce certificates, the value of the home you live in, and lots more. It all has the potential to be common knowledge now. Check out all the benefits that Instant Checkmate can offer you:

  • Free basic search option
  • Reverse phone number lookup options
  • Find contact information for old classmates
  • Run background checks on buyers or sellers
  • Check the criminal status of late night study buddies

The Bad

  • Personal protection
  • Limitations

While it's true that Instant Checkmate can provide a wealth in knowledge about almost anyone you see, it's not without some downfalls. Namely, the fact that you are unable to protect your own identity and information for free. You can provide the needed facts about yourself in order to "opt-out" of these background checks, but that's not to say that your data is actually sealed. You're also not supposed to use this service in order to make hiring decisions. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, only companies that fall under the category of Consumer Reporting Agencies are to be used to lawfully gain employment.

Also, landlords are not permitted to assign or terminate any tenancy agreements based on the information that they may find using a service like Instant Checkmate. Then there's the whole third party information release problem. Instant Checkmate may use your financial records to determine what goods or services they thing you might benefit from as well as give your personal contact information to other partner companies. If you go through the lengthy process of opting out, you may be able to tighten up some of these security leaks. While the ability to search for people and run background checks has been an internet capability for a while, Instant Checkmate is very new to the game.

Key points to consider:

  • Lengthy opt out process for protecting your own information
  • Free basic search does not include even one third of the information available with a credit card
  • Can not be used to make employment decisions
  • Your info may be released to third parties on occasion
  • Anyone can run a check on you without you knowing it
  • Some info found may be quite alarming

The Bottom Line

Using the information available through Instant Checkmate to spread gossip or rumors against someone is not only unethical, it's against company policy. It can be tempting to use search engines to find out personal data on anyone, but that may not actually be the case. You won't find what you're looking for on most celebrity figures, public officials, and anyone who doesn't actually have any public records. It seems crazy, but it's entirely possible that one can live a complete life without ever having owned property, given birth to a baby, gotten married or divorced or ever been arrested.

Instant Checkmate has some positive qualities, but we recommended doing your full research before signing up.

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