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LAST UPDATED: April 7th, 2020
A variety of resources may be found on individuals when using Beenverified’s one-stop background check and people search service. They are an online database company providing information on anyone who has not removed personal data from their site, by simply searching with a name and known state of residence. 

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The Good

  • Unlimited background reports
  • Contact information
  • Feedback
  • Promotions
Comprehensive searches provide unlimited background reports including names, aliases, relatives/associates, addresses and history, property reports, phone numbers, criminal records, etc. We enjoyed the option to have in-person researchers do the challenging leg work to locate records which are unable to be accessed online. These personal researchers will travel to public record offices and gather information for clients, of course at an additional fee. Subscribed members always have the ability to log into their online account and view purchased reports, with the option to purchase additional reports. Even if members cancel their memberships, they have the ability to log into their canceled accounts to view reports they have purchased in the past. We like that this company provides contact information such as emailing and a member services phone number, which other companies we have reviewed lack. Reports on quality customer service have been made and from our experience, representatives are courteous, professional, and answer inquiries in a timely manner. The company claims that customer care is an aspect they are largely focused upon. Located directly on their website consumers will find additional solid selling points such as their focus on education, providing guidance and explanations to where public records came from, as well as a clear outline about the Do's and Don'ts of using people search services. Another positive attribute to this company is they are continually taking member feedback to improve their site and services offered. They provide a specific email address and phone number for these suggestions. Such feedback and progressive ideas have created the launch of free mobile apps for some iOS and Android devices which are included with memberships. While there are no trial period offers, from time to time BeenVerified will offer promotional trial periods and discounted rates.

The Bad

  • Incomplete information
  • Privacy confusion
Some members have made complaints concerning incomplete information in their personal background records, leaving out their criminal records and traffic tickets. It seems as though criminal records are more easily overlooked and left out of reports, and it may be more useful to locate them under a county public records office should a criminal background be what the report is for. We were left a confused when one of their key selling points focuses on respect for privacy, stating they do not collect, share or sell any information given to BeenVerified with third party marketers. However, their privacy statement clearly defines they "...may share information we collect from you with third send you selected marketing offers...not limited to (a)providers of direct marketing services (b)email marketers; (c) telemarketers (where permitted by law)..." They also outline in the privacy policy BeenVerified is not responsible for their information practices. Although they have also made clear, within their opt-out policy, members can easily unsubscribe to any service quickly.

The Bottom Line

BeenVerified is a well known and reputable company. They offer affordable plan options, although we have seen other companies offer lower monthly rates. Contact numbers and address of all kinds are scattered around their website, and based on our experience, information obtained through searches have been more thorough and accurate than some of its competitors. For consumers handling business on the go, we like their innovative approach launching their free mobile app services to subscribers. Overall, this is a well rounded, highly respected and reputable company, providing fair prices for reports which render more accurate results than some of its competitors we have reviewed.
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Hannah Sand Springs, OK

In the ad, it claims to be free, yet when you go to actually access the info (after waiting for it to load) then it makes you pay! They shouldn't promote it as free when it's not. That's morally wrong. And time-wasting. I highly don't recommend them.

1 year ago