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Using 411.com is a breeze, and it’s free. This alone should entice just about anyone to check it out to find friends, relatives or associates. 

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The Good

  • Free
  • Search options
  • Strong company

You may be used to simply browsing through social media sites, such as Facebook, to track down colleagues, family members and anyone else. Indeed, these are exceptionally useful and easy. But believe it or not, not everyone in the world is on Facebook. Plus, the popular social media medium can't give you all the information a people search site can. 411.com has the following likeable features to offer:

    • Free. It's hard to imagine anyone complaining about a free service, no matter what it is. In an age where it seems costs are going through the roof on just about everything, it's a breath of fresh air to know that some things still come at no cost. When you use 411.com, you can get a wealth of information without paying a dime. Simply type in whatever pieces of information you have about a person-be it address, phone number, first name, last name, or any combination of these-and you can find the match you desire in a few moments' time. The vast majority of people search sites require a monthly fee to get the information you desire, but 411.com will come through without you having to fork out a dime. This alone helps the site stand out from the competition.
    • Search options. Sometimes all you have to go on is a name; sometimes maybe it's just a phone number. Either way, you can locate people with minimal amounts of information. Of course, the more you have, the better chance you have of finding the person or people you are looking for. You can even search by business. And once you have some yielded names, you can look at the person's social media profiles or online profiles. You'll also be able to see background information such as criminal history, financial data, property information, and marriage and divorce history. This is perfect if you want to make sure your neighbor, or someone else with close proximity to your family, doesn't have a sketchy past.
    • Strong company. 411.com has been around for 17 years, making it one of the more experienced and longstanding people search companies in the business. But it also has the backing of its parent company, The White Pages, which has existed for decades. The company has the expertise and know-how to provide you with the tools you need to find the people you seek.

The Bad

  • Search time
  • Accuracy issues
  • Site confusion
  • Customer service

411.com does have some lacking features and reasons why you might want to shy away from using it. With so many other options out there, it's important to consider not only what the company offers but what it doesn't offer or what it doesn't do as well as you might like it to. Take into account the following negative elements of 411.com:

        • Time it takes to search. Somewhat surprisingly, perhaps, is the fact 411.com takes longer to perform its searches than other sites. Other people search sites give you in-depth information within seconds, but 411.com is often a little slower, sometimes taking up to two minutes to give you the information you seek. Everyone knows that people today want information here and now; patience is a dying virtue. So the slow search is an obvious knock against 411.com, especially when competitors give the same information much faster.
        • Accuracy issues. You won't find a people search site that is 100 percent accurate; that is simply unrealistic. So if that is your aim, you will be disappointed with any service. But it is reasonable to expect a high degree of reliability that the information you get is going to direct you to the end you desire. 411.com misses the mark here, as far too many phone numbers and addresses are old and invalid. This will ultimately leave you feeling frustrated and upset. And if you are feeling this way, chances are, you're going to go elsewhere, even with the free service aspect of the site.
        • Confusion of site. Frankly, it's a little challenging to navigate the site. There is too much information, and you are taken to too many places. For instance, if you want to know more about the company, you are redirected to another website; if you want to do a background search, you are taken outside of 411.com somewhere else. Pretty soon, you're far from where you've started. It's quite easy to become lost or sidetracked. The site is also clunky and not very intuitive.
        • Customer service. Perhaps this should be called customer disservice. It is painfully difficult to find answers to any questions from a live person. Hopefully, the site and tools are easy enough to use that you won't have any issues.

The Bottom Line

Not all people searches are created equally. It's just like any other product or service in any industry in society. It's important to decipher the pros and cons and determine for yourself what you want, what you're willing to overlook and deal with, and what your expectations are when enlisting the help of a people search site.

411.com has some great benefits, namely, the fact that it's free. You can learn quite about a person's contact information and background through a simple search. On the other hand, the site is a slower and not as user-friendly as others. Accuracy is a problem as well, but 411.com is not alone in this problem.

Overall, however, 411.com is a safe bet. You'll be pleased, for the most part, about what you get. There's wisdom in trying it out today. There will be some times when you frown and shrug, but ultimately, it's worth the effort you'll spend.


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Karla V Hornbeck
October 2nd, 2017 East Alton, IL

411.com might be a nice way to search for people. But I tried it a couple of times, and I believe this site gave my computer a virus. I don't think that it is very secure. Beware!