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    What Is Alternative Credit Reporting and How Does It Affect You?
    When you apply for a nontraditional loan, alternative credit reporting agencies (CRAs) are often used. But what is an alternative credit reporting agency exactly? And where do they get your information? Let's start with what ...
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    Establishing First Time Credit with Credit Builder Loans
    For underbanked Americans who can't get approved for mainstream credit, it can be hard to find opportunities to build credit. Credit builder loans We asked Zara Mohidin, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Fig Loans,...
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    Why Am I Invisible to Mainstream Lenders?: Understanding Credit Access
    Why can't I get a credit card? If you can't get approved for a mainstream car loan car loan or credit card, it is likely due to your credit history, or lack thereof. Certified Financial Planner Patricia Russell from FinanceMa...
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    Unlock Your Credit Potential: Easy and Practical Expert Advice
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau suggests establishing first-time credit with the following products: Retail credit cards Secured credit cards Credit builder loans If establishing credit for the first time seems lik...
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