OneLogin was founded in 2009 and strives to provide simpler and safer data/app access solutions to both small and large organizations. The company offers multiple business package options, including a potential custom solution. OneLogin also provides a 30-day free trial and offers several advanced features like VPN integration, multi-factor authentication, and more. Potential customers should keep in mind, however, that OneLogin only provides password management solutions for businesses and organizations.

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The Good

  • Multiple Business Package Options
  • Advanced Features
  • Helpful Online Resources

Multiple Business Package Options

OneLogin offers multiple identity and password solution packages for small businesses to large enterprises. According to OneLogin’s website, businesses can choose from the following package options:

  • The Starter Plan — The Starter Plan costs $2 per month per user and requires a minimum of 25 users. This plan includes “single sign-on for all apps with standard support.”
  • The Enterprise Plan — The Enterprise Plan costs $4 per user per month and requires a minimum of 10 users. This plan provides “policy-driven security, MFA, and advanced user management.”
  • The Unlimited Plan — The Unlimited Plan costs $8 per user per month and requires a minimum of five users. This plan offers “total identity management for the complex enterprise.”
  • Potential Custom Option — OneLogin allows companies with 5,000+ users to ask for a custom solution. Those interested in this custom solution option must directly contact the company’s sales team.

Businesses that are interested in the company’s package options can visit the company’s website and/or directly contact OneLogin for more information.

Advanced Features

OneLogin offers the following advanced features:

  • Cloud directory
  • Password reset
  • Desktop, mobile, and social single sign-on
  • Directory integration
  • Standard and custom reports
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • VPN integration
  • SIEM integrations

The features mentioned above are not all of the features that OneLogin offers. Businesses can choose the package options they want based on the features offered in each package.

Helpful Online Resources

OneLogin provides several helpful online resources on its website. These resources include a blog, toolkits, reports, whitepapers, infographics, ebooks, videos, training resources, and much more. OneLogin customers have around-the-clock access to these online resources and can contact the company for additional help/resources.

The Bad

  • Business-Only Service
  • No Free Service

Business-Only Service

OneLogin does not provide services that are tailored for families and individuals. Instead, the company only offers services to businesses and organizations. Meanwhile, the majority of password management companies provide multiple service options for individuals, families, and businesses. Although OneLogin does not provide services to families or individuals, the company’s business package options offer significantly more than the business options offered by other companies in the password management industry.

No Free Service

Unlike some other companies in the password management industry, OneLogin does not appear to offer a free service package. Those interested in trying out the company’s services can do so through the free 30-day trial.

The Bottom Line

OneLogin has much to offer when it comes to password management solutions for businesses and organizations. The company has four package options including a potential custom solutions option. OneLogin appears to offer solutions for small businesses and organizations to large corporations and enterprises. Additionally, the company provides helpful online resources and several advanced features like VPN integration, multi-factor authentication, SIEM integrations and more.

However, OneLogin does not appear to provide services to individuals and families and does not have a free service option that customers can take advantage of. Those interested in OneLogin’s services should visit the company’s main website, directly contact the company, and read several OneLogin customer reviews to get a better grasp of what the company has to offer in regards to password management and protection services.

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