Keeper was founded in 2008 and strives to prevent password data breaches with high quality password management services available to businesses, individuals, and families. The company offers various plan options including a free plan and a discounted student plan. Keeper also has several additional security products that customers can pay for.

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The Good

  • Several Plan Options
  • Enhanced Protection Add-Ons
  • Helpful Online Resources

Several Plan Options

Keeper has several plan options that customers can choose from. These plans, as stated on the Keeper website, include the following:

Personal Plan Options

  • Free — Costs $0 per month and includes an unlimited amount of password storage, the ability to have passwords filled automatically, unlimited payment information and identity information, fingerprint and face ID login abilities, and access on one device.
  • KeeperChat — Costs $1.67 per month and is billed annually for $19.99. This plan includes unlimited message retraction, unlimited self-destructs, a private media gallery, a large 20 GB secure file storage amount, around-the-clock customer support, and unlimited devices and sync.
  • Keeper — Costs $2.50 per month and is billed annually for $29.99. This plan includes a web application, around-the-clock customer support, unlimited devices and sync, fingerprint and face ID login option, unlimited identity and payment information, an unlimited amount of password storage, secure record sharing, and the ability to have emergency access.
  • Max Bundle — Costs $4.99 per month ($59.97 annually) and includes the Keeper password manager, KeeperChat private messenger services, secure file storage, and dark web monitoring services.

Family Plan Options

  • KeeperChat — Costs $5 per month ($59.99 annually) and includes five private vaults, screenshot control, 50 GB of secure file storage, a private media gallery, and everything from the personal KeeperChat plan.
  • Keeper — Costs $5 per month as well ($59.99 annually) and involves five private vaults, 10 GB of secure file storage, and everything else from the Keeper personal plan.
  • Family Bundle — Costs $9.99 per month ($119.98 annually), and includes the family Keeper pla, KeeperChat plan, and dark web monitoring services.

Business Plan Options

  • Keeper Business — Costs $2.50 per user, per month ($30 annually) and includes two-factor authentication, a security audit, team management, activity reporting, an encrypted vault for each user, and more.
  • Keeper Enterprise — Costs $3.75 per user, per month ($45 annually) and includes everything from the Keeper Business plan along with single sign-on authentication, email auto-provisioning, automated team management, and much more.

To learn more about each plan that Keeper has to offer, potential customers can contact the company directly, visit the company’s website, and read customer reviews.

Enhanced Protection Add-Ons

With each Keeper plan, customers can choose to purchase enhanced protection add-ons. For the personal and family plans, customers can purchase dark web monitoring services and additional secure file storage and sharing. For the business plans, companies can purchase an advanced reporting and alerts module, additional storage and sharing, assistance with on-boarding and training, and secure messaging. Other companies in the password management industry fail to provide as many additional products and services as Keeper.

Online Resources

Keeper provides user guides, an active blog, webinars, and a helpful resource library that includes whitepapers, infographics, case studies, and much more. These online resources are free to use and provide in-depth information regarding password security. Customers can turn to these resources to find answers to their questions before directly contacting the company.


The Bad

  • Lack of Free Trial Options

Lack of Free Trial Options

Keeper only appears to offer a free trial for its business plan. The free trial it does offer is a 14-day free trial which is shorter than what many other companies in the password management industry offer.

The Bottom Line

The number of plan options that Keeper offers is impressive. The company allows customers to choose the plan that best fits their situation and budget. The company charges fairly reasonable prices for its services and offers a free plan option as well as a discounted student option. Keeper provides enhanced security add-ons that customers can purchase and offers helpful online resources that customers can take advantage of.

Keeper does seem to lack in the free trial area, especially since the majority of companies in the password management industry offer multiple free trial options and longer free trials. It is customer reviews before choosing a password management plan option.

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