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LAST UPDATED: October 9th, 2020

GateKeeper's mission is to enhance corporate compliance and cybersecurity through mass automated authentication. According to the website, employees have to memorize and use an average of 20 different websites at work — increasing the likelihood of phishing attacks, internal breaches, and confidential data exposure. Through wireless authentication, GateKeeper protects networks with a proximity-based authentication solution — this includes two-factor authentication (2FA), centralized password management, and comprehensive auditing.

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The Good

  • Touchless Passwords
  • Reduces IT Tickets
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Windows and macOS Compatible

Touchless Passwords

GateKeeper is unique in the fact that it offers a variety of touchless passwords. GateKeeper Enterprise allows employees to log in to their computers and websites without typing passwords. Instead, employees can access one (or multiple) computers automatically with a proximity-based wireless key, Halberd key fob, Smart Badge, or by using their smartphone with the Trident app. 

Reduces IT Tickets

According to GateKeeper, 80 percent of IT support requests are password-related. GateKeeper's services drastically reduce this percentage since employees can simply scan a key fob to automatically login to their workstation. 

HIPAA Compliant

GateKeeper is a fantastic resource for businesses that need to increase their security. With GateKeeper, companies can meet HIPAA compliance requirements. Employees will no longer have to worry about leaving their computer unattended or their passwords being stolen, as GateKeeper offers a variety of security measures such as wireless key entry, biometric authentication, proximity-based lock and unlock functionality, shared credentials identification, 2-factor authentication, and more. 

Windows and macOS Compatible

GateKeeper is compatible with both Windows and macOS. Users can use the software with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 or macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and 10.14 (Mojave).

GateKeeper does warn macOS users not to use the software if they have macOS 10.5 (Catalina). Due to a recent macOS update, the GateKeeper authentication plugin will not work with macOS Catalina. 


The Bad

  • Some Plans More Expensive Than Competitors
  • Limited Free Trials

Some Plans More Expensive Than Competitors 

Gatekeeper’s prices for its less expensive license plans are in line with its competitors. However, its pricing for its plan that includes API access is on the industry high-end. One top competitor offers this feature in a plan that costs $2 less per month per user, and it also offers individuals a completely free plan. Gatekeeper does offer volume pricing which could definitely help with that cost if you are a business looking to provide this service to a large number of employees. 

Overall, in comparison to other companies in the password management industry, GateKeeper does appear to charge slightly more for its higher-end services. However, first-time subscribers can often receive a discount on their subscription if they discuss this with customer service.

Limited Free Trials

Most of Gatekeeper’s competitors offer generous free trial periods so you can test the product to see if it is a good fit for your company. Gatekeeper offers a more limited free trial period for its security products. You can receive a free 15-day trial license if you create an account in its customer portal. You will also be able to use a complimentary trident token along with your internal bluetooth adapter. If you need a longer trial period or would like to try out other features you will likely have to pay. 

It also offers interested customers the option of scheduling a demo with them.


The Bottom Line

GateKeeper is best for businesses in the healthcare, law enforcement, manufacturing, government, and finance industries. The company's touchless password options are great for added security and reducing support costs. GateKeeper keeps all passwords in one place and is only accessible with a key fob, proximity-based wireless key, Smart Badge, or by using the Trident app. 

Customers should be aware that GateKeeper is a bit pricier than others in the industry. However, the services are best suited for industries that are most at risk for cyberattacks, so it might be worth the higher price. We encourage those interested in GateKeeper's services to visit the company's website and read several customer reviews before signing up.

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HL Laurel, MD

Amazing method for logging in and out of PCs with proximity. We never use passwords anymore. Using a keyfob to get in and out of our computers is just like getting in and out of cars - even easier.

1 year ago