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Qustodio is a parental control app available on Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, and Kindle devices. Qustodio’s two main emphases are ease of use and information management. The company knows parents don’t have the time to monitor everything their children do on their devices, so Qustodio wants to provide parents with simple tools to summarize device usage and note concerning areas.

With the Qustodio app, you can block inappropriate content with smart filters, balance screen time by setting time limits, and control games and apps by setting limits and blocking the games and apps you don’t want running at all.

Qustodio also allows parents to monitor social networks as well as calls and text messages. Lastly, the mobile app gives you location tracking of your child’s device and enables kids to trigger panic alerts in the case of an emergency.

Qustodio features vary by selected plan. Qustodio package options are as follows:

  • Small Plan — Up to 5 devices ($5.41 per month)
  • Medium Plan — Up to 10 devices ($9.58 per month)
  • Large Plan — Up to 15 devices ($13.66 per month)

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BoopBoop Delahey, VIC

Qustodio is absolutely terrible. Thank God it was easy for my children to delete. I originally kept reinstalling it, it was buggy, and it was laggy. Then Qustodio started deleting my son's music! By the time my son had deleted it, it was too late. 5 years' worth of music down the drain. And it also made it impossible for my son to delete apps off his iPad. And guess what? Customer service doesn't care! I would not recommend to anyone (except the bin, that's where it belongs)

1 year ago

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Kate Gregory Pleasant Grove, UT

We had several problems with Qustodio but the final straw was when we found out that my son had learned how to access websites in the small window of time before Qustodio started up. I brought this to their attention, but they sent me an email thanking me for my patronage. Nothing else. We canceled our account. A parental control app that doesn't work is worthless.

1 year ago

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Rushie Gregory Pleasant Grove, UT

As a minor, I was never fond of the idea of my parents being able to monitor my every move on my phone, but I can see the wisdom in it. They were able to see my text messages, pictures, and monitor the apps I was downloading. Although, the settings were nearly impossible to change after they were set.

1 year ago

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