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LAST UPDATED: December 20th, 2019

Mobicip is pronounced mo-be-sip and is named after CIPA — The Children's Internet Protection Act enacted by Congress in 2000. Today, kids get their first mobile and connected device at an average age of 10 years old. Mobicip ensures that kids can browse the internet safely and aims to provide a productive online environment.

Mobicip's filters work on several internet browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and more. Additionally, Mobicip's internet filter scans websites in real-time, blocks adult websites, and only allows age-appropriate content for each child. Plus, parents can block specific apps, limit screen time, and enable a location tracker.

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The Good

  • The #1 Rated Parental Control App for iPhone
  • Two Main Plans
  • Location Tracker

The #1 Rated Parental Control App for iPhone

It's simple to download, sign up, and customize settings on Mobicip for the iPhone. Mobicip has a smart internet filter that sorts through explicit content, forces YouTube restricted mode through a browser, and allows for safe search to be locked on Safari, Chrome, and other website browsers. If necessary, parents can block individual websites and content categories — such as gambling, violence, adult content, and more.

Additionally, parents can set time control blocks on internet browsers and apps, allowing parents to enforce homework time, dinner time, bedtime, and even family time. Parents can set recurring daily/weekly screen time schedules and instantly lock all family devices.

Two Main Plans

Mobicip offers two plans: The Standard and The Enterprise.

  • The Standard plan protects five devices and comes with a free 7-day free trial. The trial allows parents to test out all the premium features within the app. Users can upgrade their free trial; the Standard plan costs $49.99 per year. If a user upgraded to the Standard plan via in-app purchase on an iOS device, they will be billed monthly through their iTunes account. If a plan was purchased online, the credit card used during the initial purchase would be charged.
  • The Enterprise plan protects more than 20 devices, making it an excellent option for a school or business. However, there is no pricing information for the plan. Users will have to request a quote from Mobicip.

Location Tracker

For parents who are tired of calling to find out where their kids are, Mobicip allows parents to enable a location tracker on their child's mobile device. With just a single tap, parents will be shown their child's last known location. This feature often gives parents peace-of-mind and ensures kids make it to their destination safely. Plus, it can come in handy when finding a lost device.


The Bad

  • Doesn't Send Text Alerts

Doesn't Send Text Alerts

One downside to Mobicip is the fact that it doesn't send text alerts about a child's activity. Parents will have to access the parent portal by going online or opening up their mobile app. Parents can set up email alerts; however, most people are likely to ignore email alerts.


The Bottom Line

Mobicip is an excellent resource for parents with preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school-aged children. The program runs silently on all devices, so kids can't mess with the settings or try to uninstall the program.

Mobicip is easy to set up — no matter which device you're using. And the program allows parents to set specific permissions. Parents can set limits on screen time and internet activity, see their children's texts and view what they're typing into Google, Bing, and other search engines.

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Amy Boren American Fork, UT

Our kids hated it so we loved it.It was great in blocking what we didn't want our kids to access. And if they needed to access a site we could simply go on our app and let them access what they needed. Sometimes the software had updating issues or the app did but it always worked out.

2 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star_border

Don Boren American Fork, UT

Overall a good service. It blocked most harmful content and was pretty easy to set up and monitor.

2 years ago