Best Company

Our Mission: Conquer Buyer’s Remorse

Best Company emerged from a passion-project of the founders of SkyRocket Media, an award-winning digital marketing firm. In 2011, one of SkyRocket Media’s potential clients lamented about a review site that kept strong-arming them into paying higher fees to keep their #1 position on the site. Appalled, the SkyRocket founders dug into the review site industry. They found this “pay-to-play” practice was the “norm” for review sites. There were many other review sites muscling the top-ranked companies to pay more by threatening to “release” negative reviews or lower the companies’ rankings. Seeing an industry ripe for positive change, the SkyRocket founders launched a truly independent and impartial review site.

Our Process: Get the Unbiased Data From True Experts & Consumer Reviews

Best Company is not made up of experts in every industry. We gather information from experts whose background and experience qualify them to inform our ranking criteria. These criteria are given relative weight based on feedback collected from hundreds of customers. The experts, professionals, and companies we consult are not compensated in any way for their input. We also gather thousands of reviews from real people like you. Unlike other review sites, we do not hide negative reviews or use unpublished reviews as collateral to manipulate top companies into paying more.

Our Score: Transparent Evaluation Process, Always Getting Smarter

The Best Company BestRankingTM system is no secret. We publish our approach to ranking companies so you can see our process for yourself. Using our system, we have evaluated thousands of companies in more than a hundred industries. On the best companies inevitably rise to the top. BestRanking gets smarter over time with feedback from customers and the industries we cover. We are proud of the companies you see on our site in the top positions. They earned their spot by choosing to listen to you, their customers, and by delivering better products and services.

User Score: Truth from the Masses

As if that’s not enough, we also provide customer reviews. Tens of thousands of real people have left reviews. Their contributions help our site visitors make better decisions. We have an extensive and ever-evolving review moderation process that helps us weed out fake reviews to bring the most relevant content to the forefront. Reviews determined to be fabricated or not written by actual people are not published on Having trustworthy content will allow Best Company to become the site of choice for anyone hoping to learn more about any service company with which they are considering doing business. As more people contribute reviews, our ability to provide accurate and helpful data will only increase.

Our Promise: We Cannot Be Bought

We’ve faced criticism from well-meaning business advisors who say we have slowed our growth and are making less money than we could be making. They are right on both counts. But, that’s not a bad thing. We have a bigger vision. When we provide accurate reviews and rankings, both the companies on our site and our site visitors benefit. Companies get happy customers. Their customers have great experiences. We have no contracts that guarantee a ranking for any company. We have been offered seven figures—multiple times—to alter our rankings to unfairly favor one company over another, not based on merit, but to “buy” a top spot. We love when this happens—it gives us an opportunity to share our vision with that company. We get to explain what the company will need to do in order to improve their company and subsequently earn a higher ranking. Best Company never has and never will take payment in exchange for an unmerited rank on That’s our promise. That way, everybody wins.

Our Bottom Line: Better for Everybody

At Best Company, we are committed to arming consumers with the information they need to find companies they can trust. We’ve spent millions of dollars on software, 3rd party expert analyses, and weeding out fake reviews—all to ensure that a truly democratic, free-market system of checks and balances is in place with companies, as well as within Best Company, to prevent the corruption of our ranking system and processes. We want to be around for you and your grandchildren, providing value every time someone visits our site. That won’t happen if we cut corners or make unfair, backdoor deals. Our goal is to make big purchase decisions easier and without regrets—no more buyer’s remorse.