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LAST UPDATED: February 16th, 2021 aims to provide not only online therapy sessions, but also the complete tools to help customers improve mental health. The primary methodology is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (commonly known as CBT), a form of psychiatric treatment that helps patients identify and change negative or destructive thinking patterns and behaviors.

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The Good

  • Transparency
  • Thorough Approach
  • Accountability

Transparency has a list of the psychologists, therapists, and licensed counselors along with biographies of each professional available on its website. Customers can review these profiles before signing up. The company also outlines the “How It Works” process in detail, so customers can confirm the provider's approach matches their expectations and goals. 

Thorough Approach 

The company utilizes Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT), but the approach isn’t just a weekly appointment with a psychologist or counselor. The site also has a chat function so customers can reach out to the therapist at any time, as well as audio, video, and visual resources to review each week and worksheets to get tips and have hands-on tools. There is also a journal to write down thoughts and keep track of goals, and online yoga classes available on the company’s website.

This is an extremely thorough approach and definitely sets it apart from other platforms like TalkSpace, Regain and BetterHelp, where the focus is mainly on one-on-one therapy.


Another key differentiator, is the company’s focus on accountability. Clients have an Activity Plan section to schedule items, enter a to-do list, and keep track of areas to work on and improve. The therapist checks in and reviews this with the client as well as comments on worksheets and other materials submitted. The goal of CBT is to help clients “become their own therapist,” or at least get to a point where it is easier to identify and regulate negative thoughts.


The Bad

  • No Mobile App Available 
  • No Weekend Appointments
  • High Pricing

No Mobile App Available 

While the company has a very comprehensive website, there is no mobile app which could make communication and access to courses and worksheets easier. This is a serious gap compared to other comparable platforms, where apps are widely available.

No Weekend Appointments 

The therapists only have weekday appointments available, so customers working full-time or otherwise occupied and only available on weekends, will not be able to participate. The chat option is supposed to be 24/7, but responses are often delayed on weekends, which defeats the purpose.

High Pricing 

The company has three plans available.

The basic plan doesn’t include a therapy session — just access to all the courses, worksheets and journal with daily feedback from a therapist for $39.95 per week.

The standard plan is $59.95 per week  and includes everything from the basic plan as well as a 30-minute video session with a therapist and messaging at any time.

The premium package is $79.95 per week and includes everything in the other plans as well as an additional 30-minute video therapy session each week and express replies from a therapist. All in all, it is a pretty robust offering but the pricing reflects this.


The Bottom Line is a great solution for clients struggling with negative or self-destructive thought patterns that need a CBT-based approach. For just under $320 per month, clients receive an hour weekly of live one-on-one video therapy, guided learning via worksheets and exercises targeted to improve problem areas, and access to chat.

Other platforms are in a similar price range but only offer chat and live therapy, which makes this a clear winner if CBT is the right approach. For clients with deeper needs, or managing combined medication and therapy treatment plans where access to a psychiatrist is needed, this may not be the best option.

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