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LAST UPDATED: November 20th, 2019
TrustFax is a product that was originally developed by Data On Call. In 2005, j2 Global acquired all of Data On Call’s cloud communication and business outsource processing holdings.  

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The Good

TrustFax is another faxing service that is offered by j2 Global. In comparison with the other products, TrustFax offers several of the following benefits:
  • Plans that start at $9 per month.
  • You don't require a fax machine or phone line.
  • No activation or setup fees.
  • You can select your own toll-free, local, or vanity fax number.
The company also offers a free 30-day trial period. One of the other benefits of using TrustFax is that they also offer two payment plans. With TrustFax, you can either select to pay $9 per month. In addition, you can also pay annually. $89.50 per year is the going annual plan, which works out to $7.46 per month. Overall, we liked the pricing with TrustFax. TrustFax, as mentioned above, lets you pick from two different plans, one that is billed monthly and the other that is billed annually. You do get a free 30-day trial period, which helps you give the product a test drive.
All the Standard Features
The plan with TrustFax is pretty basic and has all of the standard features in the industry. For this service, we found:
  • A local, toll-free, or vanity fax number.
  • The ability to send and receive 250 pages per month.
  • Free account setup, with no extra charge.
  • Faxes that are sent directly to your email.
  • Digitized signatures tool.
  • Secure online fax storage for 30 days.
  • International faxing.
International Faxing
With some of the faxing companies in the industry, we found that you could either only send faxes within the USA or it counted substantially against your overall monthly page allotment. We found that with TrustFax, you were charged a per-minute rate, which was pretty reasonable.
Email Faxing
With Rapid Fax, a product from j2 Global's faxing services, you had to download a script from their website, which might deter the non-savvy computer user. With TrustFax, it is very easy to send a fax from your email. You simply type in the fax number of your recipient in an email address format and send.
Signature Tool
Many of j2 Global's faxing services did not have a built-in signature tool. You simply have to place your signature as an image on the document that you are going to be sending. However, with TrustFax, their online solution does come with a one-click solution. You can click on the image of the signature that you wish to use and easily add it to the document.

The Bad

As with j2 Global's other Internet faxing products, we did have some basic concerns with outdated website content, not a lot of information on the product, and a lack of demonstrations. We also noticed that TrustFax does not contain a mobile app for the iPhone or Android phone.
Lack of Mobile Apps
In the industry, the best Internet fax providers had a mobile app for customers to use. We would like to see a mobile app for TrustFax. With TrustFax, you can theoretically send a fax from your smartphone email app or use the web portal on your mobile browser. However, the mobile app would help TrustFax easily select their documents, sign, and send a fax.
Lack of Cloud Storage Integration
While TrustFax is web-based, we wanted to see some better cloud storage integration with the leading providers, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. With some providers in the industry, we were able to get faxes sent as a file DIRECTLY to the cloud storage service. With TrustFax, you can only get your faxes stored for 30 days. We couldn't find out whether or not you had to pay to recover old fax documents or pay for each fax that was stored on their servers after 30 days.
Page Allottment
While you get 250 pages of inbound/outbound faxes, we found that the $.10 per page price was a little bit steep in the industry. With other faxing solutions, we found that the overuse price ranged anywhere from $.08 to $.12 per page. Also, there is not any scalability built into TrustFax. For larger power fax users, we would like to see different plans to help fax users send without having to pay an overuse fee based on the number of pages sent.
Lack of Demonstrations
While the features page and support areas of the website were a lot better than other competitors and j2 Global faxing products, we only saw one demonstration that showed how to e-sign faxes and a screenshot of how to send a fax from your email address. Before picking a product, we would like to see how the web interface works. While the e-sign feature looks pretty easy to use, we have no idea how the web portal actually works. This is important for understanding key features, like uploading files, deleting faxes, etc.

The Bottom Line

At this time, we do recommend TrustFax for the small business that will not send/receive more than 250 faxed pages per month. The only thing that really swayed our opinion with this product was TrustFax's e-sign feature. This ensures that you will only have to add your signature to the web app once, eliminating the need to affix your signature as an image in the fax document before you turn it into a PDF. We do like the annual payment option, which makes it a lot easier to save a little bit of money. The overall savings with using the annual subscription is about $1 per month. Essentially, the free 30-day trial is a month's worth of free faxing.
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