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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
SFax is an online faxing product that is owned by a company called Scrypt. We found that this is a great company for HIPAA-compliant industries, including most healthcare professions. We feel like SFax could also benefit other privacy-required industries, such as higher education and finance also. SFax is basically a cloud faxing solution. This faxing platform is HIPAA-compliant that works via web browser, on Mac and Windows computers, and on your mobile device. We found that SFax has one of the best API's in the industry, making it very easy to integrate your custom business apps, as well as set parameters and passwords for every user. SFax offers a lot of physical and virtual security for its users. The authentication portal requires both a password and a PIN. The servers at their data centers are also highly secure, ensured by state-of-the-art SSAE 16 Type II secured facilities with redundant power and tons of Internet connectivity. Some of the companies that use SFax include: Enclarity, Council on Foundations, CareCloud, ResCare, and Central Michigan University.

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The Good

  • HIPPA compliance
  • Contact and workflow management
  • Mobile app
  • Development portal
We felt like SFax is a great product for HIPAA-compliance requirements. With SFax, it is easy to organize your faxes. On the browser, it is easy to place your faxes into folders, making it easier to work. With SFax, there are multiple tiers of security and redundancy. We felt that the two-tiered login made using SFax safe and secure. With SFax, it is easy to manage your contacts. The contacts folder has several different features, including:
  • Manage your contacts and share them across your organization.
  • Easy broadcast of faxes.
  • Import and export your contact lists to other applications easily.
The workflow is also very easy to manage. You can easily store multiple documents that you will want to use later. You can easily search old faxes, change certain information on them, and send them out with the fast search and contact features. We also started checking out the mobile apps on their SFax's YouTube channel. While we didn't get a lot of functionality demonstrated in the video, we saw that it is very easy to send a fax. You simply type in the desired fax number, search the documents that you want to send, and then send your fax. We watched an older webinar and saw how the service works a little bit better. The fax service can be easily accessed via a browser. There is an easy-to-navigate contacts bar on the left and you can add documents easily to the document that you are setting. Here are some of the features that we saw demonstrated in the webinars and technique videos:
  • The ability to add custom names to different account logins in your business (i.e., "sales," "customer service," etc).
  • The ability to integrate with Box and other cloud technologies. The API, based on RESTful, makes this app scalable for other integrations, such as CRMs.
  • The ability to annotate faxes.
  • A powerful contacts list, that lets you create different broadcast groups for your faxing needs.
The number of users is an important feature with this platform. Every member in your organization, with an e-mail address, can use the service with a two-tiered login, using a PIN and password to log in. Also, there is the ability to generate system cover pages. Another important feature that we should mention is the development portal for SFax. The Scrypt code is available in PHP, C#, and Java. The API development possibilities include:
  • The ability to set up easy outbound and inbound faxing.
  • Parsing of faxes to the appropriate user within your organization.

The Bad

  • Demos
  • Website
  • Pricing
  • Page allotment
Frankly, we think that SFax is working hard to provide the healthcare industry, as well as other security-compliant industries, with the best-fit faxing solution. There were a few things that we felt were missing on the website. When we called in we had questions about the RESTful API solution and some of the integrations that this faxing platform promises for business. Here are some of the information that we didn't get from our phone-in or on the website:
  • SFax does not do a very good job of demonstrating the functionality of their product. In a 30-minute demo that we saw on YouTube, we didn't get any instruction on how to send a fax.
  • We did see that there is some third-party integration, as we saw Box demonstrated on SFax's YouTube channel. There is a short video that demonstrates how to send a fax in about sixty seconds.
  • How scalable is SFax? We saw a downloadable app and web browser use of SFax demonstrated, but didn't see how this platform works for different users in your company.
Overall, the website is in need of an overhaul. We would like to see more detailed features and explanations, as well as screenshots of the service at work. Did we really like the pricing? Not so much. We found the following prices and page limits:
  • $9, 100 pages per month.
  • $15, 175 pages per month.
  • $29, 350 pages per month.
  • $49, 700 pages per month.
  • $99, 1,500 pages per month.
  • $159, 2,500 pages per month.
You don't really get a lot of pages per month, sending and receiving, with SFax. Some competitors in the industry might not offer as secure a platform, but they let you send and receive more pages. Also, the $.10 per page price overage is a little bit ridiculous.

The Bottom Line

We recommend SFax for the security-compliance industries of education, health, and finance. While we didn't get a thorough picture of the full functionality of SFax, we think that its API integrations can fit most business back-end systems. Theoretically, it could be matched to a CRM or other business platform.
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