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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Send2Fax is an online fax machine; its platform was developed by pioneers of the Internet fax industry who developed one of the first Internet-based fax platforms in 1994. Send2Fax, Inc. provides fax solutions for individuals and businesses through the seamless integration of facsimile technology and Internet technology. 

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The Good

  • First month free
  • Plans
When you sign up for Send2Fax you get the whole first month free of cost. Really free, there is no set-up or activation fee that you must buy in order to get started. There is no big, bulky fax machine required, just your PC and the internet. You receive your personal fax number with no cost for that first month. For your convenience, Send 2 Fax offers two different plans. The plans are:
Home Office
  • Price: $8.95/Month
  • 150 Pages In/Out
  • Free One Month Trial
Small Business
  • Price: $12.95
  • 350 Pages In/Out
  • Free One Month Trial.
It is not difficult to get out of the plans if they do not work for you. You can simply cancel it and there are no fees for cancelling a plan.

The Bad

  • Hidden storage fee
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Page allotment
There is also a somewhat hidden storage fee. Send2Fax will store your sent and received faxes up to thirty days with no charge, but if you do not delete them by the time the thirty days rolls in there is a fee. Digging through website the knowledge that there is a fee was found, but the actual cost is not even disclosed on the website. Most online faxing companies now have complete mobile functionality capabilities, but that is not one of Send2Fax's capabilities. This makes sending and receiving faxes much less convenient because you need a PC. The highest allotment of pages per month is 350 pages in and out. A business could easily go over that amount in a month which would then result in a cost of 12 cents per page you send or receive. You must ensure that you are not going to go over the amount each month so that you do not have to pay for each page that comes in or goes out.

The Bottom Line

You can have a whole month free trial to determine if Send2Fax works for you. They offer features that help the faxing process move more efficiently, but they do not offer all the features that other companies offer, like the mobile functionality. It is a little worrisome that it is difficult to find their storage fee because it makes you wonder if there are other fees, but maybe try it for a month to decide if Send2Fax works for you.
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Miki Miette Los Angeles, CA

They are BEYOND horrible. I used this fax service for about 18 months. While using it, it worked fine, although their interface was very antiquated, it served its purpose. My true dissatisfaction came when I started getting spam faxes sent to my fax number. They were of no help in having these stopped, even after calling 2x. Several months later, I decided to cancel my account, it was a 3 month ordeal that FINALLY ended today (hopefully) after literally raising my voice at the customer service rep (who sounded either high or asleep in India). When you call their customer service, they either don't pick up at all (i.e. ringing for 20/+ min), or if they do, they tell you they can't complete the cancellation because their system is down. That's a complete lie - and after I raised my voice at the rep for 3 minutes, he finally moved forward with the cancellation. I have yet to receive the cancellation confirmation email that he swore he sent... hopefully I won't see their charge again next month so I don't need to go through with calling them again.

3 years ago

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Kirsten Johnsen Walnut Creek, CA

Called twice to cancel service and even after cancellation, continued to charge me. Their customer service is awful. There were multiple instances whereby faxes were not received into my email and were hung up in their system. Also, I received many faxes over the years that were not meant for me so the security of their system is also very questionable.

4 years ago

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Frances Bock Houston, TX

Half of the time outgoing faxes did not go through (no problem with other fax machines or software). Customer service is almost non-existence and incompetent when finally reached. They billed my credit card while suspended my account and when confronted, they said the contract said they can bill even if they product no or sub-par service. I cancelled my account and still they are billing my credit card.

5 years ago

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This company has deceitful practice. They make it REALLY DIFFICULT to cancel your account. They make it appear like you can do it online by creating a service request. Then you don't hear from them and they keep billing your credit card. The only way to cancel is by calling customer service so if you are traveling overseas good luck to you. And when you finally get a hold of customer service they will keep you on the phone too long offering all sorts of products. Very annoying and zero customer service.

5 years ago

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Jim Nordhaus Spring, TX

I have had Send 2 Fax for years and never had a problem until I tried to cancel. No prorate, can't talk with a supervisor. Did offer to cut the price to $2.95/month but I am so frustrated I am going to contact my credit card company and reverse their charge. Use the service with the full understanding that they will not make it easy to cancel.

6 years ago

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