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LAST UPDATED: June 28th, 2019
RapidFAX is another one of the companies that are owned by j2 Global Solutions. j2 was founded in 2005 and has many different cloud services and products that they market towards businesses. They have a network that spans 49 different countries. In recent years, j2 Global has been a very successful company. At the end of 2013, they reported an unprecedented 18th year of revenue growth. RapidFAX is a “flat-rate” Internet fax provider company. They offer one platform that lets you send and receive a limited number of fax pages per month. Companies that are looking for light faxing support benefit from this one-product approach. With RapidFAX, you get a lot of “basic” features, such as a fax number, a limit of ingoing/outgoing pages per month, and basic storage for up to 30 days.  

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The Good

  • One flat price
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Outlook integration
  • Multiple document support
In the Internet faxing industry, we did have some issues with some of the other products that were offered by j2 Global, such as scalability and mobile apps. However, there were several things about RapidFAX that we did like.
One Flat Price
The $10 per month price is affordable. For this monthly rate, you get access to 300 inbound and outbound pages. If you go over your monthly page limit, you will have to pay an additional rate of $.08 per page. While this is not the lowest in the industry, it is pretty reasonable. The standard price we encountered in the industry for overage was $.10 per page. Another great feature of this product is that there is not a setup fee. For the first month, some competitors charge a setup fee that is equal to the monthly flat rate.
Free 30-Day Trial
We like the benefit of a free 30-day trial period with RapidFAX. One of the benefits of this is the ability to try out the service for a time before making a long-term commitment. Over the 30-day trial period, the customer gets access to all the features of a paid subscription. With some competitors, we only found a 14-day trial period. Another added feature of this free 30-day trial is that it is not a "freemium" or the free subscription version, which gives the customer only the basic features. Essentially, the free 30-day trial period with RapidFAX is a free month if you decide that you like the service.
Outlook Integration
We liked the fact that Outlook integrates with RapidFAX pretty easily. If you download a basic script from the RapidFAX website, you're able to send an Internet or email fax from your copy of Microsoft Outlook. We weren't able to find this feature with a lot of the other j2 Global faxing products, so if you choose one of their Internet faxing services, we highly recommend RapidFAX. To send a fax with Internet or over email, you find this version under the "File" menu.
Multiple Document Support
With some of the basic Internet faxing providers in the industry, we worry about what types of documents you can send. With RapidFAX, we found that you can provide document support for the following formats:
  • Adobe PDF
  • Microsoft Office Documents
  • HTML and Plain Text
  • RTF
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • SNP files

The Bad

  • Lack of support
  • Lack of integration and cloud storage
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Lack of mobile app
As with the line of faxing products available from j2 Global, we did find a lot of the same issues that raised some worry. On these websites, a lot of the information has not been updated for quite some time. With Outlook integration, we often only found Outlook 7 as being the highest version supported. Also, these services don't offer a lot of flexibility in terms of cloud storage integration, letting you store your documents for only 30 days.
Lack of Support
On the website for RapidFAX, there is not a lot of support for customers who are migrating to this product. There are some basic pages for how to integrate RapidFAX with your copy of outlook, but there is not the option to see how the service looks from within the web browser. This is a feature of the service that we would like to see enhanced as a future improvement. Essentially, there is no support for showing you how to send a fax from within your browser.
Lack of Integration and Cloud Storage
Once again, there isn't much support for integration with RapidFAX. We want to see cloud integration with Dropbox and other services to store your faxes for longer than 30 days. We found something in the TOS that also concerned us. If you leave your faxes on their storage site for longer than 30 days, you incur a $.05 per fax per month charge. This can equate to a larger bill at the end of the month if you forget to delete your faxes.
Microsoft Outlook Integration
While we liked the Outlook integration with this product, we had a hard time with how to get the integration installed. You have to download a script from the RapidFAX website and install it. While this is a pretty easy process, the outdatedness of the website concerned us. When was the last time this script was updated? Also, will it work on the latest editions of Outlook, as well as Windows 7 and Windows 8, which have been the newest operating systems in recent years?
Lack of a Mobile App
You can use this product with your mobile device email client and browser, but it's time for businesses in the Internet faxing industry to design an app that fully supports mobile faxing.

The Bottom Line

We do recommend RapidFAX as a faxing solution if your business is looking for a basic Internet faxing service. We do like the low price. Also, of the products offered by j2 Global, it is probably the best for Internet faxing.
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DO NOT SIGN UP for this service!! After the 30 day trial, they start charging and it is IMPOSSIBLE to cancel. You cannot cancel online or any other way. I talked to people and I chatted online but it was impossible. I cancelled my credit card and still it was charged to my new card. (My credit card company said that if they have the 3 digit code on the back, they can push it through.) Now I've filed a dispute with my credit card company and I hope that will work.

4 years ago