Popfax.com is a leading global provider of internet fax services. It allows end-users to send and receive internet fax using the web interface, an e-mail client or other productivity fax tools. Popfax.com is an internet fax solution for both individual professionals (SMEs and SoHos) and for corporate customers who meet their faxing needs by our outsourced solutions. Benefit from a 24/7 highly redundant internet fax service.  

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The Good

  • Unlimited fax reception
  • Online address book
  • Smartphone feature

One of the major reasons businesses are switching over to fax by Internet is cost efficiency. You can send a fax worldwide with PopFax for just 6 cents. This fax company comes with unlimited fax reception. This reception, paired with the varied devices that PopFax can send and receive faxes through, enables you to send/receive a fax just about anywhere at any time. It is extremely helpful if you are in a crunch for time and need the documents quickly because it is always on and accessible.

To make sending a fax to people more efficient PopFax has an address book online so you can easily find the person's fax number to quickly send your fax. You can group the people together that you want to send the fax to so you just need to send it once and multiple people can see it. Also, the company will store all the faxes that you send up to 1GB so if you need to send it to another person or to have easy access back to the documents that you have sent or received.

PopFax has a feature that enables you to scan and fax documents by just using your camera on your smartphone - how convenient. They have a send and receive package, a send only, a fax mailing, fax software, and a free trial that are all open for you to research and determine which is best for you.

The Bad

  • Transparency

The packages that PopFax are much more difficult to find on their website compared to other companies. This makes it a little harder to decide which site has the best deal for you.

The Bottom Line

PopFax offers a wide range of features for the consumers who fax through their company. The features are not always straight forward which makes it a bit confusing what you are purchasing. They do make sending and receiving faxes easy and convenient.

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