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LAST UPDATED: April 13th, 2021
MetroFax is a company that was founded in 1997. The platform was designed on the idea that businesses need flexible and scalable faxing solutions. The company was initially branded as a wired and wireless Internet communications company. Eventually, the business expanded to develop an online faxing solution for customers. MetroFax was recently bought my j2 Global. This is a company that owns many different online faxing platforms in the industry. We had looked for information about how MetroFax was bought out, but we couldn’t find any financial information about the purchase. MetroFax was bought out by j2 in 2013. MetroFax, however, has been an exclusive faxing platform since 2005.  

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The Good

  • Get a number or bring your own
  • Powerful user interface
  • Use MetroFax to send a fax or do it by email
  • 100% uptime anywhere
  • Affordable overage
MetroFax is one of the better platforms from j2 Global for sending online faxes. We liked the scalable, affordable platform for business. We also felt like the overall prices are pretty fair. Prices start at $8 per month with a combination of 500 ingoing and outgoing pages.
Get a Number or Bring Your Own
With MetroFax, you get a free fax number. If you want a local or a toll-free number this is not a problem. If you want to port your number, this is pretty easy. We felt like the number portability with MetroFax was pretty easy, compared to the rest of the industry. We would like to see a number finding tool on the website to help you find an available number. Number porting is a great feature because if you have a vanity number, you can take it with you.
Powerful User Interface
There is a really intuitive dashboard available with MetroFax. You have access to a meter that keeps track of your page count. The dashboard lets you see your inbox, outbox, contact list, and more. We would like to see a demonstration of how you can manage your contacts, but overall, the dashboard is a great user interface.
Use MetroFax to Send a Fax or Do It By Email
One of the neat features of this platform is the ability to do fax from virtually anywhere. With an Android or iOS device, you will be able to send faxes easily. You also can attach up to five emails to your MetroFax account, letting different users in your company securely access appropriate faxes.
100% Uptime Anywhere
One of the important things that we look for in a fax provider is security and reliability. With MetroFax, multiple servers ensure near-100% uptime, making sure that your faxes make it to important customers. We found that the security with MetroFax is pretty standard across the board, whether you are using a web browser interface or sending a fax from your phone. We also like the ability to screen your MetroFax number for junk fax. You can block certain numbers very easily, meaning that junk faxes will not count against your monthly page total.
Affordable Overage
With other online fax providers, strangely including some owned by j2 Global, we saw an expensive $.10 per page price. With MetroFax, the high number of pages provided with a subscription ensures that you won't go over very often. However, if you do, you only pay $.03 per page.

The Bad

  • Integrations
  • Mobile app
  • Problems with j2 Global
  • No preview
We had questions about the integration features of MetroFax. The website says that you can integrate the application with your CRM system, databases, and other line of business APIs. What about other important applications, such as Dropbox or Google Drive? Also, which versions of Outlook does MetroFax work with? These are things that we would like to see on the website.
Mobile App
The only information that we found out about the mobile app with MetroFax was that there is a mobile app. We wanted to see some screenshots and demonstrations of how the mobile app works. Can you e-sign with your finger easily like you can with other online faxing mobile apps? Is it easy to manage, edit, and attach documents to your faxes? There needs to be a robust video demonstration describing how the mobile app works.
Problems with j2 Global
During our review of this industry, we discovered that j2 Global owns many of the different online faxing platforms that are out there. Ultimately, many of these faxing platforms have gone downhill, in terms of support and feedback, after their acquisition by j2 Global.
No Preview
We didn't see a fax previewer demonstrated on MetroFax's support videos. From what we understand of MetroFax, you can't see your fax before you send or open it. This makes proofing your fax a little bit complicated.

The Bottom Line

We recommend MetroFax as an online fax provider. While MetroFax is the "least sketchy" j2 Global's faxing services, we do feel that the customer service isn't all that great. We were also concerned by the lack of support resources on the website.
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mfscpa Austell, GA

If I could give zero stars I would, on customer service, or lack thereof. I signed up and unfortunately did not realize I signed up for a monthly plan (my fault, I know), but after two months, I saw I was being charged (I hadn't used it once) and and asked for a refund of $19. After a few weeks, they wrote back to tell me "finance had declined my refund request." Wow. $19. I will never go back and I surely won't recommend them. Very very petty IMO. I am using faxplus. It's a million times better and free if you don't fax often.

7 months ago

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Scott J Lachine, QC

MetroFax's 14-day free trial is a complete scam. They don't let you cancel your subscription, it's that simple. And they keep billing you each month (or trying to) no matter how many times you tell them you don't want their service. Fortunately I only gave them my prepaid Visa with a buck left on it. I feel bad for anyone who gives them a usable credit card number because you're in for problems. They have a series of excuses set up, e.g.: "Your account will NOT be cancelled until you verify the security or your account with the last 4 digits of your credit card on file." I verified that in my next e-mail and they still don't close the account. Countless e-mails telling them to close the account. And their chat doesn't work, I assume that's intentional too. This really looks like an intentional scam, just hoping that a certain number of people will not dispute the charge on their credit card. Send me e-mail if you want more details, I will provide all the communications with MetroFax which prove what I have written here. Presumably their other plans and services are equally dishonest and corrupt. Consider yourself informed.

1 year ago

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BAD Shepherdsville, KY

First off, actual service is fine...I was able to send and receive faxes just fine. When I set up my account, they gave me $4/mo plan since I rarely use faxes. I prepaid the account since I didnt want to deal with a monthly bill of such a small amount. No one advised me that any prepaid amount is non refundable. Fast forward a year, they sent me an email that my price is gonna double. They refuse to refund MY credit balance or honor the $4/mo price until my balance is used. I have no problem with a company wanting to charge more since I can choose to pay more or leave, however they never told me the $4/mo plan was only for the first year and never told me any credit balance is not refundable. They are owned by EFAX, just a cheaper alternative they can throw a customer to if they refuse to pay EFAX's high prices. I will stay with them until my credit balance is gone and then I am going to

1 year ago

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Glitten Pasadena, CA

minus 5 stars, Ripoff. Renews without notifying; undisclosed you have 1 week to cancel; can't cancel, reach a person, reach a manager.

2 years ago