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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Integrated Global Concepts, Inc. is an a company that was founded in 1992. The engineering team at Matshushita Graphic Communications Systems formed ICG, Inc., with an intention on developing an Internet faxing protocol. This team is the leader in fax development and played a major role in building a superior online faxing tool. The company started by developing a large client base of heavy fax users, using services like Fax Broadcasting, Fax on Demand, and Fax Mailbox solutions. The first Internet faxing solutions with MaxEmail debuted in 1998. IGC completed a technology called Jet Fax, something that integrated fax with email. Integrated Global Concepts rolled out its MaxEmail platform in 2001, which is still heavily used by the Internet faxing industry today.  

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The Good

MaxEmail is probably one of the most flexible Internet faxing solution for businesses in terms of pricing and scalability. The prices we saw advertised on their website made it possible for a diverse array of fax users, from the individual wanting to send just a few faxes, to large businesses. We also liked some of the features of their basic Internet/e-Mail faxing solution.
There are several flexible pricing options included with MaxEmail. We found different levels for the individual and small businesses, including:
  • Corporate
    • $104.50/Month
    • Enterprise
    • 2000 incoming fax pages per month.
  •  Plus
    • $9.95/Month + $10 Activation
    • 250 incoming fax pages per month
  • Lite Non-Local
    • $24/Year + $10 Activation
    • 100 incoming fax pagers per month.
Overall, we felt like the Plus and Lite Non-Local plans were pretty straightforward and affordable for businesses and individuals. We liked the fact that your page numbers sent out didn't count against your incoming faxes. The Plus and Lite options, respectively, come with 100 outgoing pages or cost $.10 per page. We also liked that the plus and lite options come with your choice of either a local or toll-free number. With the Corporate pricing tier, the enterprise-level faxing plan, you do have to pay $.05 per 30 seconds of time that it takes to send your fax. If you are sending faxes with the corporate plan, you are probably not going to incur a huge cost.
Mobile Device
Too often in this industry, we reviewed websites that said you can use your "mobile device" to send faxes via email, but no mobile app is actually included. It is better for the mobile user to have the option to send their faxes with a dedicate faxing app from the company. We found this with MaxEmail. Here are some of the benefits of the mobile app, for iPad and iPhone (no Android at this time):
  • You can send a fax by taking pictures of your document.
  • Add photos from your picture files.
  • Attach PDF files directly from your cloud storage account.
  • The ability to e-sign your document from directly within the app.
Overall, we felt that MaxEmail has one of the better mobile apps for Internet faxing out there. This is very important if you are looking for a fast way to send your fax from your mobile device.
Free 30-Day Trial
An important criteria for this industry is a free trial period. Some companies we reviewed only let you try out their service for 14 days. The full 30-day trial period with MaxEmail lets customers get a sense of whether or not the service is a good fit. With the free trial period, you can:
  • Get a free fax number for 30 days.
  • Get 100 pages worth of faxes for free.
  • Send up to three 10-page faxes for no added cost.

The Bad

We did have a couple of concerns with MaxEmail. While the free 30-day trial period and other features of this product are superior, we found some things that the competitors did better.
Cloud Storage Integration
With some of the top providers in the industry, you can easily integrate your Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive accounts. A full integration of cloud storage with an Internet faxing service will natively deliver your faxes to both your email and to your storage account. The only cloud functionality with MaxEmail is found on the iPad and iPhone app. You can download your fax files from the cloud storage you use, but you cannot send and receive faxes natively from your cloud storage account.
Overage is one of the top "hidden" costs in the Internet fax industry. Go over your page allotment for a month, and you get charged a rate per page sent. Here are the overage rates that we found for MaxEmail:
  • Corporate Account: $.01/page after page limit.
  • Other Accounts: $.05 per inbound page.
  • All additional send pages are priced at a $.10 per page limit.
Lack of Support
Some of the major players in the Internet faxing industry also offered support sections, live chat, and other resources on their website. We couldn't find a robust support page with MaxEmail, beyond the basic FAQ, email, and phone call. The problem we had with MaxEmail in terms of support was mostly with their lack of videos and detailed FAQ section. With other Internet fax services, we were able to find an in-depth support network for our needs.

The Bottom Line

We do recommend MaxEmail as a resource for supporting your Internet faxing needs. Overall, we like the mobile app for their iPad and iPhone users. We also like the affordable and scalable prices found with this Internet faxing provider. The most important thing that we would like to see improved is the cloud storage integration. With this company, your faxes will be deleted after 30 days if you have not downloaded them. If you want to keep your faxes for a little bit longer, you will need to download them onto your hard drive or make sure that you mark them in your email account.
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