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LAST UPDATED: February 6th, 2020
HelloFax is a proprietary cloud-based fax solution for individuals with home offices and small businesses. There are multiple pricing tiers, presenting scalable solutions for different individuals and entities. There is even an enterprise-service level that is custom quoted for your monthly faxing needs. JN Projects, Inc. is the company that is doing business as HelloFax, Inc. The company was founded in 2010 and is based out of San Francisco, CA. This technology turns faxes into PDFs and forwards it to your email address. JN Projects, Inc. has at least one patent pending. Recently, the company rolled out a new signing API, making it fairly easy to do document signature. The API is called HelloSign, making document signing super easy.  

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The Good

  • Number of users
  • Savings for paying annually
  • International faxing
  • Powerful app integration
  • Sending and receiving faxes from email
  • Making sure your faxes are safe and secure
  • Take your desired fax number with you
  • Google app
We reviewed HelloFax and were impressed by the wide range of subscription levels and the features. We felt like HelloFax ensures scalability for any type of business. If you want to just send a fax once, it's very easy to get by with the free plan.
Number of Users
With each different payment subscription tier, the number of team members that can use the fax service is scalable. With many other companies in the industry, you could only add five email accounts, limiting your fax access to five users. Here are the number of users available at each payment tier: Free: 1 User, Home Office: 5 Users, Professional: 10 Users, Small Business: 20 Users, Enterprise: Customized. So if you are using the professional edition, your subscription service can be scaled up or down, depending upon your business growth.
Savings for Paying Annually
Do you want to pay for your subscription for one year up front? This is a great way to save up to $79. Rather than make monthly payments, an annual lump payment lets you scale your fax solution for an entire year.
International Faxing
In this industry, we found that some providers only were able to provide fax service within the United States and Canada. There is an entire list of countries for HelloFax. However, in some countries, sending one page will actually count as sending five pages. International Faxing is a feature that is not found with some other Internet faxing providers.
Powerful App Integration
If you don't want to log in to your HelloFax account to get access to faxes, you can sync it with your favorite cloud storage device. We found that the following cloud storage solutions work great with HelloFax:
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • One Drive
  • Evernote
With these cloud storage integrations, you can store, access, and receive your faxes at your leisure.
Sending and Receiving Faxes From Email
One of the standard features with HelloFax that we really liked is sending and receiving faxes via email. This is a powerful feature that lets you not even have to worry about signing into your account. You can simply type the number that you are faxing to in the format of an email address.
Making Sure Your Faxes Are Safe and Secure
Overall, we liked the security offered by HelloFax. HelloFax was one of the few companies in the industry that provided a complete listing of all their data center features. They have a top-of-the-line SAS70 Type II, SSAE 16 facility that has passed ISO 27001 certification. There are also multiple levels of security for your faxes, including bank-level encryption for when you are sending and receiving faxes. The security encryption for your business includes bank-level AES - 256 bit encryption.
Take Your Desired Fax Number With You
With HelloFax, porting your number is also pretty easy and straightforward. We liked the fact that you can take your old number from your previous provider. All you have to do is email the support team and provide your last business receipt. If you have a vanity number, your ability to port your number is going to be very important for your business. Some numbers, however, cannot be ported. You will find out within one business day whether or not HelloFax can easily support your number porting desires.
Google App
While there is not an app for Android, we found out that there was a Google App for your Chrome browser. This is a great tool. You can select files from your cloud storage device, drag and drop files from your desktop, and more. Finally, you simply type in the fax number and the name of the recipient. This makes sending faxes extremely easy, at the click of a button, without having to log into your HelloFax account on the website.

The Bad

  • Mobile
  • International faxes
There were a few things with HelloFax that concerned us. We kind of roll our eyes a bit when we see print that says, "You don't need a mobile app." Instead, HelloFax encourages its subscribers to use their cloud storage app and mobile email device to send faxes. While this is doable, we find that having an actual app to sign your faxes makes sending them much easier. Overall, an app is much more professional. Another thing that we didn't like about HelloFax was how sending international faxes ate up your monthly page quota. Sending a fax to some countries that is one page long will count against 5 pages that are part of your quota.

The Bottom Line

We wholeheartedly recommend HelloFax as an e-fax provider. You can try out the free version and see if you like it. The paid subscriptions then let you scale this app to perfectly fit your business. Overall, we really liked the robustness of this fax service. The only thing that we would change at this time is the lack of a mobile app. Some of the best companies in the industry provided a mobile app to streamline their customer experience with Internet fax.
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Sara Jane Crestwood, KY

I really appreciate the free option. The faxes are clear and the service is fast. I love that it is connected to my google account. Makes life easy.

3 years ago

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benny blaze Charlottesville, VA

You will think you are about to send a fax and then they force you to pay or advertise for them just to send what they told you was free. Not fun at all if you have are looking for ree

2 years ago

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Joe Beverly Hills, CA

Double charged for a fax that was never sent. Reached out twice and no customer service response. Hellofax is a scam.

3 years ago