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GotFreeFax provides the opportunity to fax a document free of charge. You can just get on their website, plug in the sender information, receiver information, and the fax content and send it across the country free of charge, in some conditions.  

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The Good

  • Free pages
  • Broadcast faxing
  • No contract

With GotFreeFax you can send up to three pages to anywhere in the United States and Canada with no cost. They earn money through advertisements. These advertisements will not be on the items that you fax so they are advertisement free. To fax an additional ten pages it is just 98 cents.

GotFreeFax allows you to broadcast fax - so you can send the same fax to a mass amount of people instead of sending it to individual different people. The online address book helps keep track of who you have sent faxes to and holds it in a contacts format.

There are also no contracts that you need to worry about. You can use it once and then never again with no penalties or you can continually use the free faxing with no worry about when your next payment is due.

The Bad

  • Convenience
  • Storage
  • Transparency

This faxing company is not as convenient as others. They do not have the mobile functionalities that other companies do so you must be at a computer while sending off your fax. They are also limited with with the format documents they can send. They can only send: PDF, Microsoft Word, OpenDocument Text, Rich Text, and JPEG.

GotFreeFax only stores your faxes up to five days. Some faxing companies have storage space that is so large that it seems like it never can be filled, unlike GotFreeFax who can hold your document for just five days.

It is very difficult to find any other extra information on the company other than their own website which is not very detailed. It is hard to see when the business was started, what other people say about the company, and other details that are no where on their official website.

The Bottom Line

You get what you pay for, right? GotFreeFax is a free, in some circumstances, faxing company. You can send up to three pages, twice a day, to anywhere in the United States and Canada free of charge.
You could always try it out and see how it works - good luck!

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July 20th, 2016 Des Plaines, IL

I only need to fax once in a while. The free version of GotFreeFax is excellent for that. 3 1/2 years ago I needed to send a bunch of documents, so I sprung for $9.95 to allow me to send 100 faxes. As I said, it's been 3 1/2 years, and I still have 20 pages remaining of the original 100 pages. They don't expire. I don't consider the DOC, PDF, JPG limitation a limitation, since everything I send is in one of those formats. And scanning in docs, I just save them as PDF or JPG. Once you fax, it sends you to a page where you can monitor your fax until it's completed. They also send an automated email telling you that the fax is in process, and another email upon completion.