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FaxZero is an extremely limited faxing solution that is owned by a company called Savetz Publishing. Essentially, Savetz Publishing owns several different web domains out there in cyberspace that provide free solutions for customers. While FaxZero is something that you can use for free, it does have some limitations. Savetz Publishing is BBB accredited. Essentially, FaxZero is a great platform for sending faxes for free.

We noticed that FaxZero has received a significant amount of positive press with Kiplinger, US News and Huffington Post.

The Good

  • Accessibility
  • Support

We felt that FaxZero is a good solution for sending faxes without actually subscribing to a fax number. You simply input your phone number and other contact information and upload up to three files. There isn't an extensive back end to the system and it doesn't have any integrations with devices. Here are the things that we liked about FaxZero:


Essentially, this is just a web-based app. Therefore, the site is extremely accessible. You don't need to worry about logging in, remembering an account number, or your billing information if you are using the free version.

We also like the price. You can't beat free. You can send up to five faxes per day with this great website, including three pages plus the cover page. If you want to use the paid version, you can send faxes that are up to 25 pages.


For being a free product, we really felt like the FAQ was pretty useful. This part of the website answered all of our questions about sending a fax, the confirmation code for when our fax was received, and more.

If your fax doesn't send for any reason, the system will try up to five times to deliver the document before giving up. When your fax does not get delivered, you will get a confirmation email so that you can try again.

One neat feature that we noticed with FaxZero was the ability to fax your Senator or Congressperson on the website.

The Bad

  • Uncertain security
  • FaxZero branding
  • Bare bones features

Would we recommend FaxZero for the small business? Probably not. The system doesn't have a lot of needed features, such as email integration and more. Also, we did have some questions about security, such as what happens to your fax if you leave the browser open.

Uncertain Security

We had some questions about fax security with FaxZero. Generally, there isn't an account creation mechanism. If you send your fax, there isn't necessarily a storage space for it. That made us wonder about the security of your faxes. While faxes send securely with this device there isn't a login window or account creation portal to make sure that your faxes stay private. If you leave your browser open, a web user can generally see the content of the message that you send over fax, but not the documents.

FaxZero Branding

We did have some issues with FaxZero and their branding approach. If you use the free version, you cover letter will have the FaxZero logo on top of it. While we appreciate the free cover letter that does not count against your total number of pages, this can get annoying if you want a clutter-free cover sheet for your fax.

Bare Bones Features

While a free fax service is great, there were some bare bones essentials that we needed with this fax service, such as:

  • The ability to send fax broadcasts to multiple recipients.
  • An easy file uploading process.
  • Fax management resources so that you can manage your previously sent faxes.

The Bottom Line

We do recommend FaxZero as a free faxing service, but at this time, its features are a little bit too limited for a business. If you want to use the "Almost Free" package, you can send a fax with up to 25 pages for $1.99. However, if you frequently fax as part of your business, we recommend a paid subscription and third-party integration found with other online fax providers. Keep in mind as well that it is a service that only allows you to send faxes.

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S Perry

January 31st, 2018 Minneapolis, MN

Testing services to act as a backup for our law firm, we tried the service. We sent a test fax to our own machine. Some 40 minutes after submitting and confirming the test fax, we received "confirmation" email stating the fax had been sent successfully. No fax was received. We tested our machine using another service and found all was working well. FaxZero A true zero. Do not bother with it.



David Young

December 9th, 2017 San Diego, CA DETAILS

Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer Service
Company trustworthiness

I used many fax services including FaxZero. I used both the free and paid service provided by FaxZereo. I also did extensive studies on FaxZero and it's advantages & disadvantages. FaxZero is good for some people and it's not for some other people. I write a review here: https://faxservice.co/faxzero-review/ In my opinion, FaxZero is a good self-serve web-based fax service. It's suitable for volume fax users, who fax occasionally and for personal use. However, FaxZero is expensive for professional users and it lacks advanced features. The support is limited either. For people not suitable for FaxZero, I recommend other fax services such as MetroFax and HelloFax. What I like about FaxZero: - Simple and intuitive interface. - Free tier for low-volume fax requirements. - A unique feature to fax your congressman. What I don't like about FaxZero: - Expensive for professional fax users. - Cannot receive a fax. - No mobile app to use - Support is limited



Carl D. Goldin

October 29th, 2017 Benson, AZ DETAILS

Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer Service
Company trustworthiness

Faxzero used to provide a decent service. But, for the last several months, faxes to congress are not going through. When I reported the problem to Faxzero, their incompetent, rude "support" person (who goes by the name of Connie), kept insisting the fault lies with my computer (singular) --- even though I provided documentation that it occurs with six different computers, five different browsers, five different operating systems, different routers and different ISPs. I've switched to another service permanently. I suggest you do the same.