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We reviewed and found out that this product provides a hassle-free approach to sending faxes. There is only one pricing plan, which is $10 per month. With this plan, you get 300 incoming/outgoing pages. is a leader in e-faxing, and is a subsidiary of a company called Data on Call, Inc. Since 1996, Data on Call works to provide small businesses with effective communications technology. However, we found that in 2005, j2 Global purchased Data on Call, and also picked up as a proprietary product.

While is now owned by j2 Global, we found this to be one of the better companies in this company’s Internet faxing portfolio.

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The Good

  • One-plan approach
  • Features
  • Faxing options
  • Demo library

We appreciated the one-plan approach offered by With this service, you get 300 pages of outgoing/incoming fax traffic per month, all for $9.99. While there are some pricing considerations that we did not care for, discussed later in this review, we liked the one-plan approach.

Here are the outstanding features that we found included with

  • 300 inbound/outbound pages per month.
  • A local or toll-free number. If you have a particular vanity number in mind, we found out that you can get one.
  • Mobile e-faxing options.
  • Get your Internet faxes via email.
  • Extensive file sharing.
  • Powerful custom features.

For us, a toll-free or local number is an important feature for your business. Local fax numbers are great if you are just sending documents locally. However, you might want a toll-free number for your customers who are going to be faxing you from outside of your locale. During our phone-in, we asked about generating vanity numbers, and we were told that this was possible.

The company doesn't offer a mobile app for its customers at this time. However, it is possible to log in from your mobile device's browser and send a fax. This isn't the best option, but it does give a subscriber the ability to fax over their mobile device.

The faxing options are also pretty powerful, in terms of documents that you can add. These include:

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Group 3 TIF Images
  • Microsoft Office
  • HTML
  • GIF
  • RTF files
  • Plain text files.
  • PNG
  • Access Snapshots.

We were impressed with the demo library that we found. The demos showed a user doing faxing in both the Internet browser and with Outlook integration. With, we saw videos for how to send a fax via email, in addition to doing various things in the browser. Here is what we liked about the user interface:

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Folders for fax management.
  • The ability to send faxes from the app to email.

The demos show how easy it is to organize your faxes into different folders, too. With SFax, another company that showed a video demo, we really didn't like the user interface all that much. makes it easy to organize your faxes with very little worry.

The Bad

  • Hidden fees
  • Mobile
  • Limited storage
  • Additional fax numbers

We were a little bit concerned with some of the "hidden" fees associated with One of the hidden fees we read about was a $10 setup fee. So, for your first month of service, you are paying around $20. There is also an overage penalty of $.12 per page. This is one of the highest fees in the industry. We also feel that this fee is a little bit inappropriate because there is not a lot of scalability in the subscriptions. The only way to "scale" is to cancel your subscription and go with another Internet faxing provider.

On the website, this is the quote that describes the "mobile" function of the service: "Use a laptop or handheld to fax anywhere you can get online; the office, your home, the airport or coffeehouse." We looked all over the website and we checked both the Apple and Android store. We couldn't find an app, so the mobile functionality of the service...does this mean that you have to log in from the mobile browser? The best eFax resources in the industry had apps that let you sign your fax with your touchscreen and finger or stylus.

We also felt that the storage of this service was extremely limited. With, you only get 30 days of storage. You can forward your faxes to your email, but this takes time. After 30 days, your faxes are deleted for good. If you need to resend something after 30 days, you won't be able to find the original files on the cloud.

Another thing that we noticed with is that there is not really the ability to add an additional fax number. You simply get another account. While your page count goes up, you ultimately pay more. For more than two numbers, we suggest going to a different provider, too.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we had a hard time with this eFax service. We feel like, while affordable, is not very scalable. If you go over your 300 pages per month limit, this service can start costing considerably more, at $.12 per page. Also, we would like to see some better functionality built into this service. From what we can tell, there is no mobile app. Also, how are you supposed to save your faxes if you're too busy to forward them to your email?

If your business needs an affordable faxing service, we do recommend However, you might want to pick a different provider if you are going to be sending and receiving a ton of faxes.


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